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Joined: 7/19/2006
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Missing my friend, Darren
With whom I enjoyed a lot
We talked about everything
And anything
I really liked so much

Missing my friend, Darren
Is something that I have been thinking of
Bec of the things we did
He never treated me like I am different
And I love his company one bit

Missing my friend, Darren
Would be a hard thing to do
Bec for once I relate to someone
That thinks the way i do

Missing my friend, Darren
Is something tough for me to do
Bec i have been getting sick
Of wondering how I would handle
Not talking and seeing
Of him as much
Bec as of Monday he belongs to someone new

Missing my friend, Darren
I dont know what to say
I took it day to day
But I am so lost without

Missing my friend, Darren
I dont know what it was
All I know i like him a lot
And that is something I cant live without....
Joined: 8/20/2006
Msg: 109
whysprs poems
Posted: 11/6/2006 6:58:35 PM
I’m glad that blood stayed
where it belongs, from ventricle
to ventricle warming your extremities
and instead of exiting your vein
still delivers oxygen to your lively brain.
Joined: 8/29/2006
Msg: 186
whysprs poems
Posted: 12/18/2006 12:40:04 AM
Whyspr...Wow girl...great story...sounds like a modern holacaust..or the governments failed attemps at annililating the native aboriginals...or the slaughter in may sound far fetched to some...but THE GOVERNMENT IS TRICKY...lambs being led to slaughter...its not so far fetched...there is no place to run....
Joined: 7/19/2006
Msg: 286
I love you, AL
Posted: 3/16/2007 9:00:12 PM

I love you
For all the right reasons

I love you
For who u are
And for being there for me

I love you
Because you mean what u say
You mean what u do

I love you
For making me
Have Butterflies
In my stomach
When You are close to me
I love you
For having the same things
Like I am
Same interests
Same feelings
Same values
Same hopes for the future

I love you
For making me feel
Great inside

I love you
For my life
Without you
Wouldnt be complete

I love you
For you
Have made me
Happier than I ever did before

I love you
For what u are
And loving you
Is the biggest thing
That I ever did
In a very long time....

Joined: 3/8/2007
Msg: 328
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Posted: 4/4/2007 7:35:10 PM
You stand so tall
so handsome and all
sensation of your touch
sweet kisses and such
holding me tight
through the long night
with heavy heart, I wake
could this be a mistake
you are the man of my dreams
my dreams are just seems
In my dreams
my naked soul...
for all to see
I scream
as I hide
In my dreams
my naked soul...
everyone is
following me
In my dreams
my naked soul...
leaves me
Joined: 2/23/2007
Msg: 401
my poems
Posted: 5/8/2007 8:43:54 PM
wow, whspr, you got talent. you should make a book.
Joined: 2/23/2007
Msg: 406
whyspr'd words
Posted: 5/13/2007 10:23:54 AM
I wish I could be tickled by her. She look like sugar and taste so sweet. Am I the only one that wants to eat?
Joined: 2/11/2007
Msg: 422
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a poem of mine, i hope you enjoy it
Posted: 5/26/2007 8:17:46 PM
What great stuff....there are so many talented people in this world. It's really encouraging to see that so many of them are very in tune with thier souls and can express themselves in their own unique ways.
Joined: 2/23/2007
Msg: 435
a poem of mine, i hope you enjoy it
Posted: 5/30/2007 5:13:10 AM
Whyspr is a friend I met on a thing we call the net. I think she is my best friend yet. Someday I'l see her by those pearly gates. And as we start to run, our hearts they will race. And if its possible to embrace in that heavenly place, I'l hug her throughout all time and space. With tears rolling down our cheeks, at last I will touch her sweet angelic face.
Joined: 2/23/2007
Msg: 437
a poem of mine, i hope you enjoy it
Posted: 5/30/2007 3:02:36 PM
Faith is enough to get you through all the tough stuff.
Joined: 2/23/2007
Msg: 545
A friend.
Posted: 9/9/2007 7:01:00 AM
A friend is someone whos there for you. In your highs and lows, and ups and downs. In the valley of trouble friends come running on the double. And though whyspr your not here, let me make this clear. Your a friend to me my dear. So heres to you and all that you do. God bless us all.
Joined: 7/24/2007
Msg: 569
Whysprs World and Friends Forum
Posted: 9/29/2007 7:14:56 PM
Beautiful Prose whyspr ... and great forum.

Candlelight Glows

The glowing light of a candle
Shining on waxen tears
Showing both past and future
As well as hopes and fears

It shows us warmth and beauty
Of love that will never die
Sharing our realities
in laughing tears we cry

It teaches us to stand alone
And unite with one who is near
It teaches one is wonderful
And exceptionally so a pair

Now as our night meets the dawn
The flame flickers and dies
While we bid fond farewells
The flame of love still in our eyes.

As the days flow gently by
In our time spent apart
Hold fast to all those dreams
And keep my love in your heart.

JWR 1999
Joined: 11/6/2007
Msg: 623
Whyspr'd words
Posted: 11/12/2007 5:20:28 PM
Allow one born from ashes
out from fire transcend this charade
this unforgiven soul
misgivings and mistakes raw
as wounds seldom heal
and stab at darkness, slash at shadows
and render useless this heart of mine
for the fire hath consumed the beating
and the ashes dance with starlight and moonbeams.
The dragon of desire slept within my soul
now soulless this carapace lingers still
a shell and hollow echoes
yet wings gracefully unfold
take to somber skies
and shine brighter than the blazing sun
Fire Fire burning brightly
cannot find forgiveness
when no rains fall to cleanse the earth
In realms far from the fingers
of dreamers and those who wish on stars
I know you seek answers
and I have but questions lingering still
I seek to exstinguish the burnt remains
of my polaroid memories
once was never will be
what of tomorrows
with no guarentee...
Perhaps the dragon will soar with me
and we shall reach the heavens
and burn it to hell
where good and evil will finally wage unholy war
and the fires of reality and dreaming
will burn cold as ice
and I shall find peace...
Comfort in the skeleton
of a slumbering behemoth
an ancient monstrosity
twisted reality
love lost and faded
and never finding solace
with folded wing.
Joined: 11/6/2007
Msg: 629
Whyspr'd words
Posted: 11/13/2007 7:55:26 PM
The bell tolls
dingbats screech giving new life to
memories of you
on spider webs and leathery wing
and lacey longerie
where juices crust like white bread
and vipers make their homes.
Joined: 11/6/2007
Msg: 632
Whyspr'd words
Posted: 11/16/2007 8:38:14 AM
Something Nothing
it's all relative now
stiletto sex
stressed to kill
caressing my legs
hugging me close
clutching my heart
with icy fingertips
this thing called love
must be more
than words
Liquid and twisted
like molten metal
but nothing now
and something then
and never knowing
whats to come
your eyes burn holes
streight through my mask
and see the real me behind
but turn away
avert your glare
and find solace
Hollow echoes
and broken hearts
fill my dreams of you
while you walk away
another game
it ends the same
your rules change too oft
the cost too great
too much to lose
Muscles ache
tears fall
puddling like oceans
that know no sandy shore
stretch on forever
and never always wins
Roll the dice
do not pass go
draw a card
do not collect 200 dollars
Stiletto sex
no comfort this night
glasses clink
another touchdown
memories dance
with carcinogens
divorcees and drunks
with nothing to lose
my friends
while you find her arms
and hold her tight
it could have been me
in your dreams
but only nightmares loom
to remind
nothing something everything
comes with a cost
and my team lost
but I can't remember
who was playing.
Joined: 11/6/2007
Msg: 634
Whyspr'd words
Posted: 11/16/2007 6:52:22 PM
Thank you sweet Whyspr... you're ever so sweet. My words never seem to be enough to fortify this tower of powerful emotion billowing in me... but words have to suffice in this virtual world of stationary sentiment on a computer screen. Random strangers connected by wires and words, a world, a society so content with distant connection yet strangely cannot overcome intimate connectivity with another soul, another warm body far more than simple muscle and bone. Eh, thus is life and life begets guessing far into what is, what was and what will be and devoid of a guarentee, taking every step is a constant risk but ne worth taking for the sake of ellusive love. I appreciate that my words are not like falling rain that will grace the ground and disappear with the morning sun. At the very least for one moment they made a heart feel. The beauty within me shines in the darkness, dances with the shadows, stokes a fire that will never burn away the remains of reality left to be lived. This is my life. My vision. My perception of the fluid movement of poetry contrived of more than simple words. And I'm really craving a grilled cheese sammich right now so the hunger I have fuels my ferocious appetite for the nuances of uncertainty in the only language I know, which is passion for all that is life.
Allow one more, devoted to you.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stolen Momento~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today I cried again
my friend
they're puddled at my feet
Today I cursed the heavens
my friend
I wonder can you see?

The questions we all ask our selves
The answers that you stole from us
The photographs up on the shelf
of you never tasting dust...

Why why why is going through my head
memories that never hint at unhappiness
the monochromatic reality that the past is dead
and now my whole reality is a mess...

I know we will meet again in heaven or hell
Only time will tell...
Joined: 11/6/2007
Msg: 644
Whyspr'd words
Posted: 11/19/2007 9:10:33 PM

No ringing phone
for I won't call
No emails or messages
for my words have no meaning
No hugs or "Don't let me go"s
because my arms are too weak to hold you
No kisses softly lingering
for my lips are cracked and bleeding
No smiles or laughter
as my head spins out of control
No more guarentees
because I know how it's going to be
Another yesterday full of pain
another tomorrow of cracked glass
shattered mirrors
reflecting my horrors inward
reminding me always
of what I have wrought
yet tomorrow one last moment...
will she remember "Mother"
Will she know I love her now
and will be watching over my beautiful girl
Will you tell her mother was beautiful
yet her pain destroyed her mind
until her body failed her?
These hands... this heart...
my mind reels at the thought
that tomorrow is the final chance
to form memories
of happier times
when Mother lived in peace
love is fleeting
remember my heart
remember my smile
remember these happy tears
as I let go of a past
that cannot hurt me now
and embrace eternity
knowing what I leave behind
will flourish and find happiness
in life and love and when I am long gone
when my tears are dry and turn to dust
I can only hope she doesnt remember
the failure... Mother.
Joined: 10/31/2005
Msg: 655
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Poetry of a younger man
Posted: 12/22/2007 11:47:47 AM
When I was a younger man I was given a gift to handle all the pain and lonliness. Here is a poem I wrote when I was just a younger man. "SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE AWAY, BUT THERE NO ONE TO TAKE IT , WHAT AN AWFUL PRICE FOR MY HEART TO PAY, SOMETIME I WONDER IF IT ALL WORTH IT, "I LOVE YOU" WOULD LOVE TO HEAR A LADY SAY, WITHOUT FAKING IT, SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE AWAY"
Joined: 2/23/2007
Msg: 722
whyspr'd words
Posted: 5/11/2008 2:11:26 PM
Whyspr is a special girl. She writes poetry with such ease and grace. And she has a pretty face.
Joined: 7/19/2006
Msg: 781
Second chances
Posted: 7/29/2008 12:01:12 AM
-A poem I wrote for my friend, Todd
i have found MR RIGHT & my ideal Mate... in the form of you.
I am too afraid to open my heart and realize that its not empty anymore bec of you.
I know that now, bec after you left I felt that if you walk away
I let the best thing happen to me slipped away.

For quite sometime, of us talking
I enjoy every minute, every moment of you.
Looking forward to your touch, your kiss
and everything melts me all over.

Now I don't know if you would ever forgive me
I was a fool to see
with your true heart and emotion towards me
with your kiss that sets me a drift

I come to realize that you are the ONE
the one I ever wanted
the one I wish to find
the one who came @ my lap

I do care for you a great deal
its hard for you to believe me
I was miserable, hurt
Crying of losing you
I was a fool to realize it
it was too late

I want to make it up to you
To prove to you my love
that I am worth your love
and happiness
being we are Two peas in a pod

I want another chance, Todd
To go and see where it leads us
Last night we went off on the wrong foot
instead of enjoying each other's touch
And feeling each other's heart beat

For all its worth
I am sorry for what i have said or do
I am sorry for i don't want to lose
what we shared and moments
Oh so true

Todd, please give me another chance
i want you back in my life
i want to feel you close to me
To kiss you and feel your skin next to mine
Please forgive me & let's start a new.
Joined: 3/18/2008
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Whyspr'd words
Posted: 8/28/2008 7:21:28 AM
just peeking in - thanks for the smile! love the idea of wearing the wrong shoes - as many of mine are re-cycled, better be careful in who's I am walking!
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