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I suggest a "candle" of a different type: a brass/glass marine oil lantern

They're classy, masculine, eternal (just refill the oil), give off romantic light, and go with most decor. Use pure paraffin oil and there won't be any smell or smoke. You can find them at most marine stores. They're a little more pricey than a wax candle, but they make a statement.

Congrats and have fun!!
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Opinions needed
Posted: 9/2/2006 1:26:50 AM
Get to know him more and don't just go by looks and all. But I would take things clowly and just be realisitic about things and make sure you know the guy well!!

Don't judge a person based on their material abundance or looks, like I said get to know them and understand that the character and personality have to be your primary focus whein imparking into ANY relationship, if they are not, it WILL NOT work.

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Opinions needed
Posted: 9/2/2006 6:21:08 PM
As a house warming?
And possibly something a bit personal, you can NOT go wrong with aromatherapy.
Candles are always nice because they are the mildest in scent, where burning oils, or incense, really are strong and do need to be personal..

Contrary to hype, men do love to be pampered. And MOST enjoy dessert almost as much us women.
Go to a nice Bakery, and pick up 3 or 4 different servings of sweets. A White or Milk chocolate torte, a light Chiffon cake, Caramel cheesecake or maybe some Tiramisu, though the last two, you'll need to make sure to have no more than 20 minutes outside of refrigeration.

And do go with more masculine scented candles. Avoid Vanilla, berry or fruity smells. Stick to nice earth scents like Sandalwood, Musk, or Frankincense..

You'll dwell in his home long after you go home.. *smile*

~M.N. (opting for the Nag Champa)
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