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Joined: 5/4/2006
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Speed camaras !!!!Page 1 of 1    
On my way home today I noticed a new crop of speed camaras have sprung up around the M25/A2 junction (J2) on both roads.(these are the avarage speed type that mesure your speed over a set distance for anyone like myself who uses the roads regularly)

So are speed camaras nothing but a cash machine for the authorities or are they a vital tool in keeping the accident rate down and inforcing the law?

Do they deter speeding or just make people slow down for a short distance?

What is the worst sighted camara you know of ? There is one near me that is hidden behind a railway bridge (purley A22) and one on calidonian road nr kings cross that shortly after it was installed the council planted a tree in front of it! coincidence??

My opinion is they should be sighted to deter speeding not to trap people.Places like near schools,shops,residental areas ect.are the right places as are accident black spots,but multi lane roads like the north circula in london alot of which was designed as a motorway and built to that standard but has been given a 40 mph limit are not!
Joined: 8/12/2006
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Speed camaras !!!!
Posted: 9/3/2006 11:51:58 AM
Msg 5 that wouldnt be the one in the Old Rochester Way would it as that does flash at 32 miles an hour

I have mixed feelings on this , if its an accident blackspot then its warranted.

On the Southern Section of the M25 most days you are lucky to average 50 let alone anything higher so being located at that junction surprises me.
Joined: 8/22/2006
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Speed camaras !!!!
Posted: 9/4/2006 11:43:09 AM
i read some years ago that the cameras were set to the speed limit + 10% because most cars speedos are out that much at least, so in theory you could get away with doing 33mph in a 30 zone, 77 in a 70 zone etc..and when a freind of mine got stopped for speeding with a radar gun (47 in a 40 zone) the cop said if she had been doingt 44-45 then he would have just cautioned her, but she was just a tad over the top so got a ticket and the 7 day wonder..
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