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 Double Cabin
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Liberals to hold top leadership posts in Democrat-run US Congress Page 1 of 1    
The pendulum of sanity hurts when you have it coming to you doesn't it OP?
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Liberals to hold top leadership posts in Democrat-run US Congress
Posted: 9/11/2006 4:01:02 PM
It is so obvious that you joined this site to be a neo-con counterblogger, OP. It's quite humorous. It's good to know we have so much influence here that the Republidrones find it necessary to send in the peanut gallery.....

The House Government Reform Committee gavel would be wielded by Henry Waxman, a progressive gadfly who has launched investigations of Big Tobacco, the Iraq war, and Enron, among other targets.

Gadfly........I love it! LOLOLOLOLOL

It's funny how a representative who has launched dozens of investigations into corruption and cheating of the American consumer/taxpayer can be limply portrayed as some kind of subversive.....hahahahhaha. Getting lamer all the time, guy.....;-)

BTW, Waxman was the man who launched an amendment, H1101, earlier this year which would have established severe penalties for corporations found guilty of bilking taxpayers out of BILLIONS of dollars through fraud, overcharging, and charging the gov't for services and goods not provided.

Of course, that bill was voted down by 211 of 223 Republicans in the House. Big surprise, eh?
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Liberals to hold top leadership posts in Democrat-run US Congress
Posted: 9/11/2006 8:05:11 PM
We can exchange one set of idealogues for another, unless my party (the Dems) make some changes.

Somewhere along the line, Democrats made the terrible mistake of thinking that the way to be progressive was to have their party cater to every “victim’s group” that came down the pike. We now carry the banners for special interest groups who supposedly represent women, senior citizens, the racially oppressed, the physically or mentally challenged, those who bemoan the loss of every tree or insect, and so on, ad nauseum.

Just because I have some kind of misfortune or some non-profit “cause”, does that really mean my desires should always be made a national priority?

Why SHOULD a disabled person receive an outright preference in government hiring, putting their application above everyone else’s? Does being disabled make them more qualified or somehow more deserving? Equal treatment? Yes, absolutely! Preference? No.

Why SHOULD women and minorities have a clear-cut preference in obtaining loans from the Small Business Administration? Are their business ideas somehow more viable? Are they somehow “better” than other people? Equal treatment? Yes. Preference? No.

Why SHOULD a 65-year-old wealthy person get a bigger tax exemption just because he is 65? Does that make his money somehow different from that of a younger person? Equal treatment? Yes. Preference? No.

Why SHOULD an existing restaurant owner have to redesign his restaurant’s walkways, aisles, doors, restrooms, and elevators so that huge electric wheelchairs can go anywhere in his facility? Why not let the disabled patrons just penalize that owner by taking their business and their money elsewhere, instead of forcing him to raise his prices for everybody just to accommodate a few? After all, it is that owner’s private property, not a government building such as a library, school, or courthouse. Is that restaurant’s access really a matter of federal jurisdiction at all?

And what about people who insist it is their right to have as many children as they want, but then want tax deductions for all of them and want government assistance for all that healthcare – Medi-Cal, TANF, WIC and so on? Why SHOULD they have only reproductive rights, without any fiscal responsibilities?

When did it become more politically desirable to be a victim than to be a working person “pulling their own weight”? I am not sure exactly when that happened, but when it did and the Democrats became identified with it, they became thought of as the “whiner” party and that alienated a lot of Americans who prefer people to at least TRY to be somewhat self-reliant. Benjamin Franklin was a great liberal, and known as a generous and charitable man, but he also displayed his belief in hard work, responsibility, and initiative when he wrote that, “God helps those who help themselves.”

Of course, Democrats won't have to worry about winning if they keep letting the Republicans present themselves as the only guys with morals. I'm a Democrat and I have planty of morals!

 Allowing Medicare (and all other government programs) to negotiate group rates for lower drug prices for our citizens IS the moral thing to do. The REpublicans made that illegal and Medicare Part D is a joke!

 Asking all classes of society, including the wealthy, to share in the burdens of war and economic hard times, IS the moral thing to do. Instead, they keeping getting more tax cuts, while poor and middle-class kids join the military and actually do the fighting! Whose war is it anyway?

 Balancing the budget, so our children and grandchildren are not saddled with crippling debt from out-of-control deficit spending IS the moral thing to do.

 Start calling the current GOP leadership the “spend now, let our kids pay later” Republicans, because telling the truth IS the moral thing to do.

 Paying overtime rates for work over 40 hours a week IS the moral thing to do.

 Keeping student loans at fixed rates, so more people can wind up with good jobs and responsible positions in our society, IS the moral thing to do.

 Link corporate tax cuts and outsourcing with increased hiring here in the US, instead of just encouraging job flight overseas. That IS the moral thing to do.

 Preserving our national parks and the rest of our environment, as conservators for our children and grandchildren, IS the moral thing to do.

 Jailing white-collar criminals who manipulate US energy markets to create artificial shortages of necessary utilities IS the moral thing to do.

 Preserving a person’s right to legal counsel and trial by jury, regardless of their religion or politics or what they are accused of (even accused terrorists) IS the moral thing to do.

 Enforcing the “equal time” laws for political coverage on TV and radio stations, and enforcing a clear separation between “reporting” and “editorializing” IS the moral thing to do.

 Health care for everyone in need IS the moral thing to do, but so is being responsible enough to pay for it!

 Banning assault weapons, used by gangs and drug dealers to gun down children, IS the moral thing to do.

 Always insisting on national criminal record checks and psychiatric admission checks before the sale of any gun, at a shop or a gun show, IS the moral thing to do.

 Fixing Social Security without raising tax rates, without privatizing, and without cutting benefits is the moral thing to do. It is doable, too. Remove the income cap. No matter how much money you earn, you will always pay Social Security tax on it, whether you make $30,000 or $30 million a year. Keep the inheritance tax. Make it a flat 10%, and put every penny into Social Security. Start requiring employers to withhold Social Security taxes on all workers, even so-called individual “contractors”. In some industries (like construction), over half of this “casual labor” force is composed of illegal immigrants who will never voluntarily pay taxes because they are technically fugitives from the law.

 Last, but not least, the Democrats need to drop the position of allowing abortion anywhere, anytime in the first six months of pregnancy, for any woman who demands it, no questions asked. That is not what mainstream America wants, and the Democrats are completely out of touch on this issue. The majority of American women consistently do believe in a Constitutional right to privacy and they do support a woman’s right to choose abortion, in poll after poll, year after year. However, when they are asked about particulars, they do not support the use of later-term abortions for birth control reasons (poverty, absent father, etc.). Banning abortions in the second and third trimester, except where the mother’s physical health is in grave danger, would be the moral thing to do, and it is a more mainstream position. Fetuses are viable even before 6 months now, unlike when Roe vs. Wade was handed down. Female humans should not have blanket legal authority to kill their viable offspring. The government has a vital interest in protecting innocent life, and that interest must be balanced against the individual’s rights to privacy and control of their own body. Protecting viable, second and third-trimester babies IS CERTAINLY a moral thing to do, and the average person knows it, even if the more radical and shrill elements of the feminist movement seem not to.

I think Americans care a lot more about these issues than about whether Gay Joe marries Gay Gerald.
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Liberals to hold top leadership posts in Democrat-run US Congress
Posted: 9/12/2006 3:39:12 PM
The idea is that vacation pay is a part of a benefits package offered to an employee upon hire. It varies widely from industry to industry and company to company. Many companies even negotiate vacation pay individually with new hires who have experience and are accustomed to a certain amount from their old job.

My point is, the issue of vacation pay is not an issue for most US workers because everyone offers it to their full-time employees. If they didn't, they wouldn't have employees for very long. It's not going to be a "disappearing benefit" anytime in our lifetimes, that's for sure.
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