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Joined: 9/28/2006
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how do you make a good omelet....i have tried to make an omelet but it just doesnt seem to go falls my omelet is pretty much scrambled eggs with stuff in it lol... i have had some really good omelets but to try and make them is a different anyone with some secrets to making them
 Molly Maude
Joined: 9/11/2008
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Posted: 8/16/2011 2:58:56 PM
I've been experimenting with omelets ... I've been beating the eggs for about 1.5 minutes with a little salt then pouring into the skillet which has been pre-heated with a little bacon fat ...

I cook until fairly set on the bottom ... but the top is really still raw ... so I've been lifting the edges of the omelet a little and letting the raw egg portion pour under the omelet ... when it appears done enough for my taste, I've been adding the veggies or whatever ... folding it in half and serving ...

is that basically "IT" ???

is there some specific flaw to my method? I just haven't gotten them to come out consistently ... maybe I'm using TOO MUCH egg per serving ... I've been using 2 eggs per serving ...

any suggestions will be appreciated ...

 Lint Spotter
Joined: 8/27/2009
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Posted: 8/16/2011 3:24:23 PM

any suggestions will be appreciated ...
I use a DeLonghi pan (rounded edges, not straight up), butter and three eggs to make my omelets. The filling varies with what I have on hand at any time.

Melt butter in the pan on a medium low heat, whisk the eggs with a spash of milk (adds to the fluffiness) and then pour into the pan. Let cook until the bottom is solidly cooked but the top is still somewhat runny.

Sprinkle the fillings as you like, with the cheese as the last item to be put on the omelet.

Transfer the entire pan to the oven and broil for two to three minutes or until the eggs are fully cooked for the omelet.

If done correctly, the omelet should slide off the pan and you fold it onto the serving plate.

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Posted: 8/23/2011 6:28:43 PM

First of all use a good non stick pan, second make sure egg mixture is beaten well, third to make a fluffy omlette add a bit of water to the eggs but not too much that it gets watery, 4th be sure to preheat your pan but then cook the omlette on a medium low heat, 5th cook your omlette with a cover to cook evenly, 6th saute any hard veggies first so you dont end up with undercooked veggies or over cooked eggs, finally dont over do your cheese remember when you fold over your omlette there will be 2x the amount

Sounds to me like the original poster is not using a lid to cover the omelette, as suggested above. The top of the omelette will stay soft & soupy, whilst the underside burns. I like to use a small skillet(8") and use a lid that is a bit smaller than the skillet. That way the lid sits closer to the egg which keeps the trapped heat closer to the omelette surface, and also keeps the lid from making an airtight fit....that way moisture can escape which will make for a firmer omelette. A glass se--thru lid will let you see what is happening. Resist the urge to lift a metal lid every 30 seconds to take a look - this defeats the purpose of the lid!

Another tip I use is putting whatever ingredients you are going to use in your omelette in the pan & saute them UNCOVERED first with a bit of oil, butter, etc BEFORE adding the egg mixture. Cook the mix just a few minutes in order to soften them up, then pour the beaten egg mixture on top, and cover it. This will also 'cook' out any unwanted excess moisture that would otherwise cause a runny omelette.
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