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HPV and/or HSV 1/2Page 1 of 1    
Also note that the virus is transmittable even with the use of condoms, which is how I contracted type 2.
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HPV and/or HSV 1/2
Posted: 6/14/2012 4:45:31 PM
Being careful is the #1 way of protecting the healthy partner. There are many couples that (the infected partner) take a few simple measures and NEVER pass it to the other person.
There have been some studies done in recent years that show there is considerable less risk of passing it on by simply taking Valtrex on a daily basis. I believe what I read was that by using a condom, taking Valtrex (and obviously avoiding sex during outbreaks) there is only about a 2% chance that it might be passed on.

My sister has has never created any issue for her. If anyone needs to talk message me...I have done a lot of reading about this stuff.
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HPV and/or HSV 1/2
Posted: 6/18/2012 3:15:33 PM
being recently tested and finding out I have tested pos. for HSV 1 was not fun ....I may have contracted from a woman I am seeing...being some what uneducated on the subject I found out the hard way ...not that I didn't know about HSV ...

I was kinda mislead stating she was clean (even though she knew she got cold sores and knew she had HSV1) is tested every 3 months and also right after leaving a partner if they where no longer together...

She has HSV 1 and thought it could only be transmitted via mouth to mouth contact and not transmitted to genital area ...well we where wrong!!!
as you may know HVS 1 can be transmited during oral to genital area but this usually only occures in 1/3 of the people who carry or are exposed and visa versa same with HVS2 .... so now I have HSV1 in my Genital area and she to has contracted there to as well as orally.
she was lead to beleave HSV1 only could produce in the mouth and HSV2 could only produce in the genital area and that the deseases could not live in the other area due to medical reasons

At first I was kinda bitter finding out that I had it since I only had 4 sexual relationships in my life and most of my life was with my ex-wife before I found she cheated on me...It was going to be hard telling potential dates of this infection what made it harder now is what I found out that since the CCD indicates any infectious deseases (like HSV /Aids, ect that can't be cured) must be revealed to a partner or you could face criminal charges and civil litigation if found you had knowledge and failed to disclose the information and /or did not take proper procutions to protect that person from exposure. so this makes thing even more difficault in a way ....not sure since its only been about 2 months now ...yea I am still seeing tha woman but it has put a strain on the relationship...but I can not say for sure she gave me this and I blame myself for not being better educated and carfule in the first place.

Now not saying I would have ran cause I was even talking to a woman that I was looking to date who had hepitites (from a blood transfusion from when she was young) and she was up front and spoke about how it could be transmited and precautions we would have to take if we got involved and that she had 3 kids non of which had it and a ex husband of 22yrs who also did not contract it.

I know there are things out there that can effect people and the way they date ....but many people seem to run when they hear you have something rather then educateing themselves and useing the proper precutions to ensure better protection.
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