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I am originally of East Indian deccent but have been here in the United States all my life and am completely Americanized in every single way.

What do most women here feel about dating a guy of East Indian heritage? Are they somewhat reluctant because we are not one of the major minority races - - i.e. Hispanic, Black and Asian?
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 11/1/2006 3:07:02 PM
Below are my responses:

1)Since you were raised within the American culture, would it be difficult for you to date someone that was born and raised in India?

ANSWER - Yes it definately would be. I have actually dated someone who was born and brought up in India and it just did not work out due to too many differences in values.

2)Would there be a culture clash?

ANSWER - Well that depends on how westernized the other person is. I am very liberal minded and I often clash with even my own parents in this regard.

3)Do East Indian men treat women differently than the Indian men that grew up in the states?

ANSWER - Yes they do. East Indian men who were born and brought up in India have a very different attitude towards women than someone like myself. Unfortunately that attitude is not at all good.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 11/1/2006 3:12:45 PM
Snow Bear - I am not quite sure I understand what you are saying here? Please explain. Thanks.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 11/1/2006 3:25:31 PM
I haven't really thought about it before as I haven't really meant many men of East Indian heritage, and the few I have, have been married.

I guess it would just depend on how traditional he was. I don't think I could date one that was very traditional.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 11/1/2006 3:29:15 PM
I don't limit myself to any race but I've got a weak spot when it comes to East Indian women.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 11/28/2006 11:34:40 AM
For some reason East Indian Woman are highly desired by White men - - I have seen this through out college as well as my workplace. But that is not at all the case with East Indian men - - i.e. white women don't seem to respond to East Indian men in the same way white men respond to east indian women.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 11/28/2006 11:51:20 AM
ECLEO - You are probably one of a kind and I really wish we lived closer to each other

Da Hitman - yes you are correct some east indian men don't really respect women that much but usually they are the ones who were brought up in India/Pakistan and then came here at a later age. But those us (like myself) who have pretty been here all of our lives - - tend to be just as americanized as and have western values as any other white american make would.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 11/28/2006 7:15:01 PM
who are you fooling?sri lankans,hindus,etc are the most major ethnic group in north america?show me you stats that say otherwise...........
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 12/5/2006 12:08:37 PM
I guess my question is more directed towards the online medium. I myself being a person of Indian heritage have never had much problem meeting and dating women outside of the online medium but just feel that women are more hesitant over here and don't really respond that much to a person of Indian Heritage.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 12/21/2006 11:20:14 AM
It's nothing wrong dating a East Indian Heritage! Well if a girl can except you because you are East Indian, then she isn't worth it! Forget her! There are white girls out there that like East Indians, or other races of girls! Me to be honest I think East Indian men are hot! Most of them are good looking. I think it's nice dating a guy of East Indian Heritage! I wouldn't mind dating an East Indian guy!
 Pink Rose Lady
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 12/21/2006 11:44:37 AM
I don't think about a man's nationality when talking to him, what I do look for is someone with similar values, customs, lifestyles and interests. Culture in India is very different than it is in Canada, and women are generally treated with very little respect.

The media focuses on the poor living conditions in India, the horrendous violence women are subjected to and the old traditions of arranged marriages. That would discourage a lot of women here from having anything to do with any East Indian man, regardless of where he was raised. It's the perception of culture clash perhaps? Just my opinion, but I am sure there are plenty of women who would like to get to know you, so don't give up.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/12/2007 9:52:10 AM
I love Indian men...their accent, their dark skin...

Just love it all! Turns me ON!!
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/12/2007 10:05:26 AM
why do most east indian men think so low about them selves that no other races likes them, again another of this east indian cry me threads but have more confidence in yourself on who will love you not date you because you are an indian.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/16/2007 4:00:05 PM
To all of you: Thank you very much for the thoughtful and useful responses.

I have certainly had a good deal of success in dating women of other races (i.e. Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic) but that is in a real life type scenario. It is just that I feel that when it comes to "online dating," East Indian men are not as easily accepted.

As mentioned by some of you above - - there is this taboo with East Indian men that they are narrow minded or that their views towards women are not in par with Western/American standards. I think that this is completely unfair because for those of us (like myself) who have lived here for the most part of our lives, our views are very open minded (perhaps even more open minded than most Caucasian or African American men).
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/16/2007 7:35:59 PM
OP " I am originally of East Indian deccent but have been here in the United States all my life "

1. Were you born in the U.S.? And, not left the country to return to India?
((earlier you said "those of us (like myself) who have lived here for the most part of our lives,")) -- there's a strong element of 'wishful thinking' in your posts, imo

2. Your parents are East Indian, and they raised you to follow their values, correct?

3. Have you left home / how long have you been living on your own?

While you say you're completely Americanized, I'd be a bit skeptical and so would women who'd date you about your self-opinion on this particular aspect of your perspective.

They're going to be figuring there's some carry over of your parents' viewpoints that you absorbed in the 18+ years they raised you. And perhaps some residual heritage issues reaching further back than merely your parents, but well into your grandparents and great-grandparents ancestry.

You'll need to behave consistently along the lines of the image you're wishing to project to such women, as they'll be very alert to even the smallest aspect of that heritage peeking through your veneer, and most likely to be revealed during stressful moments.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/18/2007 6:54:35 AM
First off all where I'm from Indian is one of the major minorities.

I'm half east indian born in Canada why would girls have a problem dating you or boys dating me?
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/18/2007 9:17:24 AM
wtf i take offense to you saying they are muslum............way across on the other side of the world towards egypt people are more so muslum. India people are hindu or seek, I know nothing about India but I know that! Who the heck looks at people and says no cause they think they know a religion.....people don't really do that do they????
Joined: 10/8/2005
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/18/2007 9:54:10 AM

sorry.but u do know that india's main religion is hinduism lol.out of the billion indians,800,000,000 are hindu, and around 125,000,000 are i think you need to
get your facts right,before you make statements.

there are lots of ignorant people out there; they see a brown-skinned person and ASSUME they are muslim. read what you are responding to, i'll show it again: "It is quite possible women don't want to date you becuase you MAY BE muslem".
Joined: 10/7/2006
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/18/2007 2:24:09 PM
I date guys of all heritages. I find guys from every single heritage to be goodlooking. So, why the hell not?!? (...Just as long as they're not a jerk/pervert. Let's get that straight. For, appearance doesn't mean much in the long run...)

However, my family is a bunch of racists... (Well, not my dad, but he's passed away. RIP. He was my example of how to be a good human being. ANYWAY...) So, because of my family's ignorant & **stard views on race/ethnicity, needless to say, there've been problems. =/
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/19/2007 9:55:54 AM
This is in response to ThyckNBangin:

Based on what you are saying about Muslim men in general, I could easily say the following about other races.

NOTE - the generalizations below are NOT in anyway my personal opinion of these races but a list of common stereo types associated with other races. Just like ThyckNBangin has generalized about Muslims, someone else could also generalize about other races. I think this is wrong and should not have any impact on an individual's personality.

1) Black people are the most prone to crime
2) Hispanic women's butts get bigger after 30
3) Asian guys have small Di^ks
4) Black guys have large Di^ks
5) Jewish people are cheap
6) Asian Kids are much smarter than White kids
7) All Irish people are drunks
8) All Italians belong to the Mafia
9) All Muslims are fanatics and terrorists
10) All Gay guys have better taste than straight guys

The list above can go on forever..but my point is that the generalizations above don't in anyway represent the attributes and personality of a particular individual and these silly stereo types should not be held against them.
Joined: 7/13/2006
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/20/2007 5:41:48 PM
i luv the mindset of east indian men, seems to me they show more respect... besides i like to dominated from time to time..... the only problem i have is most of them are shorter than me.
and i like taller men. other than that i would say lets go!
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/22/2007 9:33:11 AM
I can totally understand that no matter what we may desire to be - - i.e. open minded andaccepting of other cultures - - Our inner selves are often times most comfortable and happy when we are with our own kind. I know a lot of you may not agree with this but I think it is something innate about a human being.

In my case, I have been in the U.S. for so long and my interactions with my own kind (i.e. East Indians) has been so limited that I often falsely start to actually believe that Caucasians are my own kind. No offense to any other races but almost all my life I have mostly been around White/Caucasians than any other race.
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 1/24/2007 6:47:22 AM
Bombayboy - I completely agree with you on the fact that these women should very clearly state in their profile that they will not date outside their race or for that matter should state what races there are interested in dating.

But you see the problem with that is then these women might be perceived to be racist or narrow minded by men of their own race and they would not be interested in these women. Thus, this sort of women want to hide their narrow mindedness and show to the whole world what an "accepting" sort of person they are when truly they are far from it. As a result what they do is simply delete or ignore messages from the person of a race they do not want to date.
Joined: 1/23/2007
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 2/15/2007 1:09:04 PM
well said heidi! i love ure attitude!
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Dating East Indian Men
Posted: 2/16/2007 8:50:39 AM
debrownguy - You have raised some excellent points in your last message and I completely agree with you. Women over here do tend blame their unwillingness to date an East Indian guy because of so called reasons such as our so called bad attitude towards women, or that we want to just f u c k white women but marry our own kind etc etc...when in reality the unwillingness comes completely because of the way we look and/or our cultural heritage.

Basically they disguise their true reason by using big phrases like "mistreating women" "abusive to women" etc etc. When in reality I too have seen so many white women jump at the first chance to get into bed with a white guy even though that white guy is known to be a complete a s s h o l e and masoginist. You see it is "Cool" to date a black or Hispanic guy these days but for some reason dating an East Indian or Asian guy is some what tabboo. Okay I am certainly not saying that all white women are like that because I have certainly dated a good amount of really nice and great white women but I must say that there are lot of those who are completely racist towards East Indian guys but cleverly disguise it with foolish double standards.
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