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Good answer.

It seems to me that women frequently wonder if it is okay to ask this question or that question, etc.

My answer is this: if you can't even ask a man a simple direct question, then THAT is a problem. Men (at least we honest ones) are pretty straightforward creatures, with a minimum of nuance and shading, not much beating around the bush. In fact, a lot of us stink at subtlety, so you are better off spelling things out for us very clearly. It's okay, really.

We understand directness just fine, as long as it is not delivered in a whiny or acccusatory tone. The old saying "not just what you say, but how you say it"...

You want to know whether he is ready to date you exclusively? Just ask.

THEN, after that, you may discuss the issue of whether you both should take down your profiles, etc.
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Dating Advice
Posted: 11/19/2006 10:39:31 AM
Well you did state that you both have only been on a few dates. I would take that as maybe 3 dates !!?? And since you also stated that the topic of being exclusive with each other never came up and has not been discussed then at this point you really cannot call him on it.

Heating up ? Meaning ? Emotionally or physically ? Since heating up is relative and can mean different things to different people, I would perceive it as physically you both are getting real close to doing the deed.

Unless you want to I would suggest keeping your pants on until you both figure out what each of your intentions are going to be.

In my humble opinion and others may disagree, I would hold off sleeping with someone until you KNOW where the relationship stands and I would also suggest not sleeping with someone whose profile is still up AND active unless of course you are in it for the fun which I do not think you are.

Bottom line: Talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words. Cool heads prevail. Proceed with caution. Communication is key.

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