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Joined: 3/1/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.Page 1 of 2    (1, 2)
I dated a woman who was using an IUD and when we had sex sometimes it kind of hurt because I could feel it scratching the head of my penis when I thrust deep, is this an issue for other men or have any women found this problem from their partners?

advise please,
I am planning on suggesting an IUD for my fiance, but am concerned.
Joined: 10/17/2005
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/6/2006 7:43:48 PM
ok.......I'm not a doctor........but from what I know about IUD' shouldn't have been able to feel it. IF you could, it likely had fallen out of position and might've been causing damage to the woman you were dating.
I would suggest you and your fiance talking to your family doctor (or her gynocologist) about this together.

IMO. Good luck.
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/6/2006 7:46:44 PM
If you can feel the string, the string can be trimmed shorter.

They can be a very good bc choice.
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/6/2006 7:59:59 PM
It was probably the strings. Tell her to feel inside for it and push the strings up around her cervix. They're a very thin wire and will stay in place if pushed in that way. Then they wont poke you :)

This may not make sense to you, but she'll know what to do.
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/6/2006 8:16:22 PM
Nah dude, all these people are wrong, its probably cause your****is so big that you knocked the bottom out, then the IUD came loose! LOL!

Ever think of working part time at Roto-Rooter?

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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/6/2006 9:20:44 PM
Do some research on IUDs before suggesting your girlfriend try one. The incidences of hemmorhaging, infection, and even deaths make this NOT a good birth control method. Not to mention the hundreds (thoudsands?) of women who got the damned things embedded in their uterine walls, where they could not be removed.
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/6/2006 9:25:09 PM
Not sure you can suggest anything to your fiance until you change your profile from looking for

There are many different IUD devises out there to consider. This is something you and your fiance should speak with the doctor about and tell him/her of your concerns.
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/6/2006 10:13:00 PM
Single with a fiancee.... again.... never understand...

But to topic... the IUD was in wrong or had come down... she needed to have it checked...
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/6/2006 10:52:54 PM
Thundersalmon - this is something you and your fiance needs to discuss with her doctor. There are factors to consider, her internal size, your equipment size and the positioning and type of IUD to be used, if that is decided to be the route to go. I dated one man and our combined dimensions did not make it safe for me to have an IUD so talking to the doctor is important.

I have used IUD's for a very long time over 20 yrs and only had 1 problem in all that time. It occurred, when the Copper T became detatched on one of the T ends. In additon to having one inserted, the woman must check regularily to feel if things are ok. I was in the habit of checking every morning while having a shower and that was when I discovered that the end had come detatched as I could feel the bottom of the T. I called the doctor and went in that day and she replaced the IUD and there were no problem.

The problems experience by women who have had them pushed and embedded in tissue had that happen because they werent checking them. As the first sign of a problem is being able to feel the IUD and if you are feeling the cord regularily - you will know the difference immediately. Its all about looking after yourself and an IUD is not an "insert and forget" appliance.

Good luck and Congratulations to you and your fiance.

I agree with the other post about the cord (which is like fishing line) could be what you felt while having sex.
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/6/2006 11:31:12 PM
why not do some research and check out other less invassive birth control options, it should be HER choice what kind of birth control method she would like to use.
Joined: 5/21/2005
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/7/2006 3:06:51 AM
Yes, it has been a problem not just with one, but with many women with whom I had sex and who wore an IUD. It definitely was a much worse problem for them than it was for me.

I have to disagree with those who suggest the IUD had to be improperly placed. It may be the most common reason, but there are most definitely other possible causal factors.
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/7/2006 6:32:46 AM
Many years ago I had an IUD. My god the harm it did to me. I had infections, the was taken to the hospital for hemmohaging. Had it removed. I was married at the time, we had 1 son tried to have another child, 2 miscarriages, then finally was able to have my second son.

There are much more advanced forms of bc now, most dr don't suggest IUDS. I know I worked for an ob-gyn dr for several years. There's the nova ring which has proven to be very effective without problems to the woman. She needs to check HER options to find whats right for HER. Do you have a problem with condoms? Or do you leave the bc only up to her?
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/7/2006 6:36:06 AM
My sister had a son who came out with the IUD ring in his hand!

True story, she got pregnant with the IUD.
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/8/2006 3:20:25 PM
The IUD is not for everyone, and it is invasive and has it's risks. However... I wanted to show the other side. I have the mirena which is much easier on the body than the older forms (copper T, etc) and I LOVE it. No periods, no hassles. Check it everyday in the shower and I am all set.

Insertion wasnt bad at all, and I've had no problems with it otherwise. Just wanted to point out that some people use it and love it. Seemed like the thread became a little slanted against em... they can work out quite well too!

for Mirena!!
Joined: 11/28/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/8/2006 4:14:59 PM
I have recently chosen a Mirena IUD as well. No problems so far.

I can't say insertion didn't hurt though, it was quite uncomfortable, and it felt as if the cyst on my ovary bust, made me neauseated and sweat, blah, I sure know where that cyst is now, let me tell you. Any thing needs adjusting and I'm taking a valluum before hand. . . lol.

IUD's have changed for the better over the last few years and Minera is a good choice for women over 35 who can't use a high dose synthetic hormones or don't want to use synthetics (I'm not exactly keen on the idea myself but opted for Minera becuase it's low dose) becuase of other risk factors etc, and get tired of using a barrier method. Synthetic hormones are a whole other story ... FMI

There are pro's and cons to all methods of b/c. It is always good advice to discuss this together with your partner and your partner's obgyn before making a final decision.

As far as any troulbes with feeling the string, well, none so far, but I'll let ya know if I run into anything :-)
Joined: 6/17/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/8/2006 9:30:22 PM
Oh, I get it. You have a big penis.

Just another self promotion thread.
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/9/2006 8:46:46 PM
I have a copper-T iud and it had been a problem for my partner - poking and once or twice scratched him. I saw my gyn recently and he shortened the string and looped it up into the cervix opening. With a little teasing the string will come back out again but until then I don't need to worry about it.
I really like this option because I don't have to be on hormones, but the insertion hurt like hell. If your gf goes for this one make sure she has a heating pad, ibuprofen and a very grateful and attentive you for after.
Joined: 9/27/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/10/2006 9:46:12 AM
Thundersalmon - you have seen on this thread positive and negative responses. I still think you both should speak to her doctor and try and see what works the best. Like many other couples, this will be a trial and error kind of thing with what appliance works the best if that is the case. There isnt one answer - there is only the answer that works best for you and your gf.

When your gf is arranging the appointment, have her tell the person she speaks with that it is an informational meeting and both of you will be there to ask quesions and get answers on birth control and the doctor will be better prepared and you can have an appropriate time block reserved for your needs.

Use the internet and be informed before you visit the doctor and bring printed info with you for discussion. Hilight your questions/concerns on the material you bring to the appointmen. Doctors are good but are not encyclopedias - they do not have all the info in their heads or can access it in an instant. You and your gf must be the informed consumers to best look after yourselves.

Good luck.
Joined: 11/25/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/10/2006 8:47:39 PM
what you're feeling is the string--it's copper. (atleast the one I have is, so maybe it's the same type--there are 2)
Joined: 11/24/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/10/2006 10:17:16 PM
An IUD is placed inside the uterus, and should not be felt at all. The only thing in the vagina is the strings, which are about 2 inches long, and feel like nylon thread. If you are feeling ANYTHING, she need to go to the gynecologist, and have a check up. Something is wrong, and could get infected, and if it is out of place, it is NOT working.
Joined: 12/26/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/31/2006 12:22:08 AM
This is not a self promotion thread. I had the same experience 30 years ago and never said anything to anyone. Every time I pumped into her, I had a sting right into the head of my penis. Believe me, that distracts a man from the business at hand. I'm not inordinately long, about 7.5 inches, but it HURT. I now have a vasectomy, so it is nothing one way or the other, but I feel the only solution is to have the damned thing removed.
Joined: 12/9/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/31/2006 7:56:44 AM
A thin copper string touching the head of your penis...OUCH!!
Dang, what happened to BC pills, the 3 month shots, or the tiny sticks inserted into the arm? The IUD seems a bit too risky and possibly painful....OUCH just thinking about it.
Joined: 11/6/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/31/2006 8:55:37 AM
Okay - I manage an OB/Gyn office so here is some info - an IUD is a great device for birth control. Normally, you should not be able to feel it when having intercourse because it is inserted into the uterus. If you feel it - odds are it has fallen and may not be working! Time for her to see her gynecologist. It could have been the string - as others has posted - this is something that can be taken care of also - can be cut shorter, etc.

Strongblackloving - I believe they stopped the sticks in the arm - to many problems with that.

OP - there many kind of birthcontrol products now. There are all kind of pills- ones that she would have a period once every three months, etc... and then there is the shot.... the nuvaring - a small plastic ring inserted into the vagina -that releases the same hormones as pills - she needs to talk to her gyne and see what is best - may not be the IUD.

 This is Now
Joined: 12/4/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/31/2006 10:02:00 AM
Yeah, it happens for both partners. There was another thread about 'ouch' and the reasons for it and that was one of the first things I could think of.
Joined: 4/29/2006
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IUD's uncomfortable for men, sometimes.
Posted: 12/31/2006 11:14:38 AM

Apparently the OP fooled most of the posters in this thread...

He was trying to BRAG about how BIG and LONG he is.....

Personally, I have never bumped into this problem. I date women, not children.

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