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 Adam Taylor
Joined: 5/11/2006
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Nice guy's don't finish last. Doormats do.
The nice guy isn't spineless. He won't let you walk all over him. But he'll respect you always, and make you feel wonderful with everything that he does.

And enough people have spotted me as a nice guy. So, maybe you should just use me as a template? LOL!
Joined: 2/12/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/7/2006 5:13:24 PM
Okay Okay ! Stop talking about me would yeah !!
Dam you make me look like santa clause or something !
So I am a nice guy and I don't have a Girlfreind!
And stop peeking at me your gonna give me a bad boy complex or something !!
Joined: 11/23/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/7/2006 5:24:02 PM

....they've got a boyfriend. LMAO

I was going to say they have a girlfriend
Joined: 9/25/2005
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/7/2006 7:02:19 PM
A nice guy will buy you a hot chocolate on your first date at Timmies after you've already had 3 coffees and are getting the jitters, just to prolong the date...

A nice guy will cook you dinner now and then just so you can take a break from cooking. If you are lucky, he will even make something new so you are not always the one hunting for a new recipe. And before I get bashed, even a simple spaghetti counts as cooking dinner! LOL

A nice guy makes an effort to get the bathroom "girl clean" before you visit his home for the first time.
Joined: 9/11/2005
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/7/2006 7:52:41 PM
wow some great answers guys and yeah i think that I am a nice guy lol

Dont have much more to add but speaking of nice guys proving just that here on POF this is what i suggest:

stress the posirives in your profile and show confidence there.

also nice guys for the most part contrubute posts to put smiles on peoples faces and to make them laugh I think I do that well.

Didnt like my avatar I had before this as a smile will get people to view your profile
Joined: 9/11/2005
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/7/2006 8:35:15 PM
JJ coming from a nice guy here that just wasnt very nice

Saturday baby we rumble lol
Joined: 7/9/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/7/2006 10:31:58 PM
you are all heart MI...

another fixture in the bathroom for HER to clean....thanx
 Adam Taylor
Joined: 5/11/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/7/2006 10:45:30 PM
I try to help everyone. Always do what I can to make others happy.
Joined: 2/16/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/8/2006 8:47:28 AM
what difference does it make?

i see nice guys and bad guys ... and i would not want to be on either end of the spectrum ..

i have an issue with this whole thing about "when he says he'll call he calls"
doesn't memory and a schedule have something to do with that?

from experience ... i never said i'd call and if i did i think i used to call .. but then this one woman wouldn't let me get off the phone till i said i'd call back .. and then i got busy and now i find i'm saying that often .. 'i'll call you back' and well .. then sh!t happens and i get caught up in what i'm doing i forget to call .. ok enough said on this

what makes me laugh is how women think pulling out or pushing in a chair is something you get from a nice guy .. that's like saying a nice gal is one that cooks ...

back in the days ... things were 'expected' of both genders .. and that is how things were done ..

i would give anyone a HELLping hand .. and HELL even my shirt off my back if i felt they needed it ..

people are so consumed about what they can get that they will do things that aren't really who they are ... it only lasts so long ... and true colours ALWAYS shine through

and nice guys DO finish last .. women dont want a 'nice guy' .. they dont give them the time of the day .. when's the last time any of you have said .. you know he's a really nice guy .. and then ask him out on a date ... nice guys are for friends .. and they will try setting up their friends with the nice guy

nice gals are for controlling ... so i seen .. i've watched nice gals get controlled by guys who seem to be nice ... cuz they are afraid of losing them

nice guy/gal is one that comprimises and understands ... and if you can do those two things .. you will do almsot anything for anyone .. and not just for the one you are involved with ..

to spot a nice guy ... look at his friends .. well look at the women .. they will always go up to a nice guy and say hi to him .. they actually make it a point to go to them ... otherwise they would walk the other way
 One tall mama*
Joined: 11/25/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/8/2006 9:08:06 AM
Haha... I'm waiting for one of them nice guys to shovel my drive way and wipe the snow off my car and get it all warmed up for me to get out and go shopping.... So I can spend all his money!!!

I honestly think it works both ways..... you be nice and your partner will be nice... It's all about respecting each other... and YES.... it mean going out of your way at time!!
Joined: 10/23/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/8/2006 9:50:44 AM
Just like "beauty" ... "nice" is in the eye of the beholder .
Joined: 2/12/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/8/2006 5:57:02 PM
Hoey that wasn't lint you just picked off her dress that was a snap holding her dress together!!
Now what you gonna say when her dress drops to her Feet.!!
Awmmmmm ! Sorry lady I thought it was lint ,But you sure looking perrrrrrrrdy good in them black lace panties !!!
Joined: 9/11/2005
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/8/2006 6:26:08 PM
well id like to change my answer to this question as I am not a nice guy at all....I am a TERRIFIC GUY!!

there is a difference there so dont settle for "just nice guys" go for something even greater if you can spot it
Joined: 12/4/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/9/2006 9:53:01 AM
The nice guy is also...
The guy with a track record...

Of staying with and looking after...
An ailing S/O...

Of helping friends without being asked...

Of being considered dull and predictable...
Because of these traits...

Of not looking for short term gratification...


Of being used...
Not because he is a doormat, or spineless jellyfish, or a wuss...
But because he chooses to see the best in peeps...
Regardless of their history...
Joined: 2/12/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/10/2006 12:46:45 PM
Im looking for a REAL man - one who doesnt lie, has manners and knows how to use them and is an all round human being - someone I can tolerate willingly for life.

As for manners even some women could use some manners as well.

So if your looking for a nice guy then look for one and don't show your nasty side ladies.
As first thing a nice looks for besides your looks is your personality .
Yes please reread some of the posts by some of these women and what their saying won't catch them a nice guy & if it does it probbly won't last too long .

And stop judging people you have never met or dated as thats the worst way of loosing out on a nice guy ladies !!
Joined: 2/12/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/10/2006 4:43:26 PM
Well then darn well SMILE THEN Retrogirl!!LMAO
So what your actually sayin there sweets is your meeting the wrong guys and that is a probblem right !!
Well not much I can do about whom you decide to meet or date but maybe if you relaxed a wee bit you'd see why you meet the wrong guys okay.
Yep I know alot think I am one crazy bugger and I just heard all of them say what who us !LMAO
Joined: 9/21/2004
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/10/2006 8:43:05 PM
Not to be an a$$hole here but I don't think you can simply spot a nice guy or a nice person for that matter. They have to be revealed (out of lack of a better word) to you with consistent actions (ex:. like that person who's always been there for you when you needed them).
Joined: 5/16/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/10/2006 8:58:38 PM
a nice guy wouldnt judge u... so now where are all the nice guys
i have an idea ..... chasing unrealistic Ladies that will walk all over them

now i am on top ... wow

VVVVVVVVVV i for one never judge a person for their looks most do
Joined: 3/13/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/11/2006 4:36:12 AM
Nice guys don't get "spotted" (i.e. at least, rarely "at first glance") - you have to look carefully.
You "recognise" us by our actions (which speak louder than words):
We abhor bullies, don't kick people when they're down, give a helping hand (not the back of one), don't say anything if we don't have anything nice to say, we're there when we're needed (and always have a shoulder for you to cry on), and can be found in all shapes and sizes.

Those who thus appreciate true valour should, in their daily intercourse, set gentleness first and aim to win the esteem of others. If you affect valour and act with violence, the world will in the end detest you and look upon you as wild beasts. Of this you should take heed.
-Emperor Meiji

"A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others."
-- Ben, from the movie "Barnyard"
Joined: 12/12/2005
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/11/2006 10:17:48 AM

If nice guys are what women really want, then why is it that most nice guys are single? Why is it that we constantly hear stories about women dating big jerks that took them for a ride --literally?

The fact is that women generally don't want nice guys, or maybe they're too busy chasing after jerks to realize that they do. Why? Because women act on impulse and emotion rather than fact. Who do you suppose brings out these same irrepressible emotions in women? The jerks, of course.

Contrary to what most women think, men are interested in successful relationships. Most men will never pass up the chance to date the woman of their dreams. In fact, when a man does encounter this rarity of a woman, his passion gets the better of him. The thoughts that race through his mind are something along the lines of, "This woman is a keeper. I'm going to treat her right and do all I can to make her happy."

The only problem with being the nice guy is that you also become the boring, predictable guy. The excitement of the seduction process begins to fade for the woman because she has what she wants and doesn't have to do any chasing. Eventually the woman starts losing interest and before you know it, her eyes start to wander.

In the end, she'll look for a new man who will bring excitement back into her life by being the "new and improved" challenge. Pursuit and excitement usually stem from selfish attitudes, much like the bad boy who doesn't care about anyone but himself. The nice guy will be left heartbroken and will start wondering what in the world he did wrong. It's at this point that men begin to realize that most women generally don't know what they want from us.

Amen to this. Amen amen amen. how to spot a nice guy?

1. He's the one who goes home alone at the end of the evening.

2. He's the one who is told that 'I'm not ready to date anyone right now' only to see the same woman with some guy a month or 2 later.

3. He's the one who has a multitude of female friends, all of whom tell him how great he is, but none of whom would even come close to dating him lmao

4. He's the one who is available for those late night phone calls when the jerk off she is dating hurts her.

5. He's the one that doesn't get emails responded to when he sees a profile he thinks is cool and actually READS it instead of typing, "hey baby, you are hot."

As for the door opening, gentleman behavior. I hate to burst your bubbles but if a guy is a really suave player, he knows how to do all this stuff. It's part of the allure. not to say that you ladies haven't met nice guys, but many times the player acts int he same manner.
Joined: 10/17/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/17/2006 4:04:33 PM
Bah Humbug........Nice guys if a chic can't reconize someone with intelligence and etiquette and respect.............( as mentioned in this thread ) THan ya know what........................She needs to get some personal education , pick a book up, open your eyes.......

The best kinda man is plentyful and everywhere........

He is somewhere between Sickeining nice and total Azzhole..... He's a Son, brother, best friend and lover.......

he has balls enough to say No & stick to his word and thoughts, yet sweet enough to kiss you anywhere & bring you lil' surprises just because. He's tough enough and true enough to be realistic & keep his friends and not forget them because of you.... & he accepts ppl for who they are!

He accepts his friends and you for being themselves....just as the best woman will accept him for who he is.

P.S Define unrealistic Ladies?????? Please humor me
Joined: 12/12/2005
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/17/2006 4:56:14 PM
Mirage, how do you spot a nice guy versus the player if the players have learned how to play the game?

Easy. The player does the big things well. He opens the doors, takes a woman to the fancy restaurant, seduces you with charm and talks a big game.

The nice guy does the LITTLE things. He calls you instead of you having to call him. He is the one who will hold your hand or meet you for a coffee if you are down. The player will be there and then try something with you. When the player gets what he wants from a woman he disappears. the nice guy won't just disappear.

So look at the little things a man does. The little things that show true kindness. See how he treats kids and animals. Talk about serious things. Current events or emotional inner stuff and look for cliche's in the conversation. the player will have pre selected answers, the nice guy will show genuine compassion and emotion in his response.
Joined: 12/12/2005
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/17/2006 5:03:03 PM
Oh yes,

I don't claiim to be a nice guy. I'm a prick actually lmao
Joined: 3/4/2005
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/19/2006 10:39:09 AM
Finding a nice guy is simple!
The problem is women are not trying to find a nice guy.
They're trying to find a nice guy who is single, looks gorgeous, a great job, nice car, with no baggage. there a little trickier to find.

the nice guy is the guy who sat beside you and patiently listened while you spilled your heart out about how hard it is to find a nice guy!
Joined: 9/1/2006
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how to spot a nice guy!
Posted: 12/19/2006 11:23:34 AM
In all honesty - I don't care what car they drive or how much money they make! I don't want them to open my doors or stand when I walk into a room. I want nice as in faithful, honest, respecatable - pleasant with my family, good to my kids and friendly to my friends.

I don't want to be pampered or adored - that would sicken me and get old quickly! I don't even want a nice guy - I want the PERFECT BLEND - Always nice IS boring just like always bad IS yucky! I know I'm not always nice for damn sure I could probably turn any nice guy into a prick lmao!!!
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