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Joined: 9/24/2004
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I'm sort of like a fish, really. Well no...not really. I'm more like a dolphin, since I tend to think of fish as a source of nutrition. So I eat them.

Wow...I was really off with that whole "fish" thing, then. I'm sort of like this dolphin that eats fish. I spend hours swimming around the freezer in my basement looking for fish.

Well no, not really. There's no water in my freezer. I mean, there is, but it's gotten sort of stiff over the years, so I guess it would be kinda hard to swim around in then, huh.

I like potatoes. I know because I've eaten them before. Potatoes grow in the ground, actually. Now that's odd, because I can't really remember ever beaching myself in order to go on a potato raid. Seems silly, really...a dolphin jumping out of the ocean and bellying up to the nearest garden in order to dig up your potatoes.

Just doesn't seem to be a common occurrence now, does it.

So I must be a dolphin that swims around in freezers looking for fish, occasionally mugging the local Amish for their potato booty.

I'll bet Zachariah will forever be shunned by the Church for saying a dolphin slapped him across his face with a swift fluke and made off with his potatoes while making strange clicking sounds. That sort of thing is likely to ruin his courtship with Sarah.

I suppose I could visit the Church and say something on Zach's behalf, but hey...I'm a dolphin. At best, I could be expected to flop up the aisle and click in a most helpless way, therefore placing all the blame on Zach.

Sorry, dude.

So anyway. I've been on this website since 2004. C'mon. "Plenty of Fish"?


Date! Hello!

Click click click

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