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Joined: 10/11/2006
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ive just signed up to be a sexline operator wouldnt mind trying it out. Just had to leave a voice recording saying something was kinda funny. has anyone ever done this before? or maybe you've felt the urge to call up one of these lines, if so how was it for you and how long did you stay on the line much did it cost and did you think it was money well spent.

Im not attracting attention to myself just really curious about peoples opinions on this matter
 vin fourstar
Joined: 8/27/2006
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Posted: 12/22/2006 3:19:08 PM
Does this mean you are taking phone calls from men and talking dirty to them?

If so, I have no problem with that. No-one forces them to dial your number.

I have never called one of these lines. Being a Yorkshireman, I'm always careful how I spend my money, and I've found loads of free sites on the web go quite well with a box of Kleenex.
Joined: 7/23/2006
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Posted: 12/22/2006 3:27:33 PM
hey, you go for it, easy money as far as im concerned lol
Joined: 12/19/2005
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Posted: 12/22/2006 3:33:43 PM
No, I've never done it before, nor will I ever have to because I haven't made life choices that could make me so broke I would have to do so. Not "there for the grace of God", but there for my self respect. Each to their own though, & as you've said in other posts, as long as you live by what the bible says everything is fine...I guess this is a bit of a grey area considering phones weren't invented then. Sure Jesus would be OK with with sex-workers however, as he loved Mary Magdalene. so, quoting you from another thread, when you teach your child being gay is a disorder and sick, you'll tell them phone prostitution is fine, yes?
 vin fourstar
Joined: 8/27/2006
Msg: 5
Posted: 12/22/2006 3:36:00 PM
MSG 5 Phone prostitution? I've never heard it called that, before.

Surely, there is nothing whorish about talking dirty to a stranger over the phone?

MSG 7 PLEASE tell me that your post wasn't aimed at mine!!!
Joined: 10/11/2006
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Posted: 12/22/2006 3:42:03 PM
you should try it sometimes might take that chip of your shoulder^^^ i dont need to be doing this coz of the money although the money is more than youd make frying chippies as you do.

this job is not for everyone only those that have a sense of humour and are willing to go deeper into it..for those stonecold grannies id give it a miss if i were you..gettin ur leg over is prostitutional yea not havin a bit of fun over the fone....

oh and btw mary magdalene was jesus wife not a prostitute.... HA!

obviously not vin
Joined: 9/24/2006
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Posted: 12/22/2006 3:49:50 PM
I once watched a programme on sex chat operators & it was full of grannies doing their knitting smoking like a good un' to enhance the sexy voice....

Set the scene..." oh baby I am so hot, pant pant...ffs, while grannie irons grandads socks!!!

If people are prepared to pay then let them be...

I for one would not sell my voice to give some blokes wanky banky a buzz....

I have enough chat on the phone to all my builder guys whose liabilities I cover thankyou very much I love you guys

edit- missy...exfookinsactly.....all a fekin con
Joined: 8/6/2006
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Posted: 12/22/2006 3:55:15 PM
I know someone who worked on the chatlines, and she was a rather large lady, who on the phone said she was a slim, blonde bird wearing crotchless knickers.

She would talk dirty and when she was telling them she was fingering herself. She was sliding her fingers in and out of a pot of jelly.

It's just another scam to get money out of willing guys. If they really believe they are getting a hotty like they show on TV adverts, they are sadly wrong lol.

One guy who was a transvestite, had a very feminine voice, use to talk to men who thought he was a woman.
Joined: 3/4/2006
Msg: 9
Posted: 12/22/2006 3:59:07 PM
It'll be interesting to hear how you feel about it when you've dealt with a few calls. I was in the Samaritans for a while and you have no idea how BORING it is listening to men masturbating at the other end of the phone. And it feels sort of cheap too - but then I was a volunteer and they were blocking the lines for people with more serious problems. At least you'll be getting paid. I haven't seen your other posts but I hope you wouldn't condemn other people for alternative views on sex if you are willing to make money this way.

Personally I think it's a rip-off but if people are willing to pay, I guess you might as well take their money. Don't be surprised if it affects you more than you expect, though. I find it pretty distasteful but that's simply my opinion. You can make a case for or against most things I think.

There are other jobs around so if you realise you don't like it, just get out and do something else...
Joined: 5/20/2006
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Posted: 12/22/2006 4:05:57 PM
oh my god! good luck to you, one of my friends is into that sort of business, she makes a killing....but blows it all on the snort...hmmmm


well done, round of applause
Joined: 8/16/2006
Msg: 11
Posted: 12/22/2006 4:26:14 PM

exactly its a scam and like most scams you are gaining money by telling lies...

if you want to do that become an estate agent...


I don't see anything wrong with it

Good luck to ya

Joined: 12/19/2005
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Posted: 12/22/2006 4:26:33 PM
"Quote" you should try it sometimes might take that chip of your shoulder...

The chip as you call it, happens to be what I call self respect.

If you don't want to hear peoples opinions if they are not of your approval, why start a thread on a discussion forum?

"Quote" i dont need to be doing this coz of the money

Didn't you start a thread stating the opposite?

"Quote"> the money is more than youd make frying chippies as you do.

Do barbers fry chips where you live? Interesting diversity to the usual.

"Quote" this job is not for everyone only those that have a sense of humour and are willing to go deeper into it

You need to enable men to masturabate to delve deeper into your sense of your humour? I do find that funny, but I don't empathize. There seems to be a tinge of depravation, IMO of course.

Dictionary definition of prostitute: "a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment". That is, what you do isn't it?

I'm merely amused at your piousness. I must have a sense of humour after all.
Joined: 7/23/2006
Msg: 13
Posted: 12/22/2006 4:37:18 PM
last time i laughed with someone having phone sex is when i saw mo in eastenders doing it pmsl

hey op you go for it.. never mind what other people say... and you know something,, if i had the time id do it myself for the laugh, and get paid for it...

and merry.. chill will ya.. your just jealous.. cos you just cant think of anything to say on a sex line.. prude!!!
 sonny blue
Joined: 10/29/2006
Msg: 14
Posted: 12/22/2006 4:39:59 PM
i tell you what..i wouldnt mind having a go of it myself...talkin dirty to some old perv on the blower and getting paid for would be a cracker put a sqeaky type marilyn monroe voice on .mixed with my scouse will sound real for old rope...
Joined: 7/23/2006
Msg: 15
Posted: 12/22/2006 4:44:02 PM
pmsl at blue..

oh and merry.. just thought i would add.. prostitution is the oldest profession in the book...

so tell me.. what you think about the five murders on prostitutes recently... ???

and i just may add.. phone sex isnt prositution, so where did that come from????
 vin fourstar
Joined: 8/27/2006
Msg: 16
Posted: 12/22/2006 5:06:57 PM
MSG 5 There is no link between phone sex, and telling your kids that gay sex is a disorder and that it is sick.

If the OP wishes to sell phone sex, and tell her kids her thoughts on gay sex, that's fine with me.
Joined: 6/23/2006
Msg: 17
Posted: 12/22/2006 5:10:57 PM
Never called this sort of number,no need!
Joined: 7/23/2006
Msg: 18
Posted: 12/22/2006 5:20:02 PM
misty.. she isnt calling.. she is receiving the calls.... and... getting paid for it... which i dont think there is anything wrong with to earn a fast buck...

someone give message five a rampant rabbit ffs
Joined: 6/23/2006
Msg: 19
Posted: 12/22/2006 5:22:20 PM

misty.. she isnt calling.. she is receiving the calls.... and... getting paid for it... which i dont think there is anything wrong with to earn a fast buck...

Never said she was I said i HAVE NEVR CALLED THIS SERVICE....
Joined: 12/19/2005
Msg: 20
Posted: 12/22/2006 5:26:16 PM
Have I said I disapproved? You may want to go back, & instead of reading the the words & jumping to conclusions, hear what I'm saying.

If OP can get off benefits, contribute to the country by paying tax, bravo. Jolly good.

As for me being a prude, again, your missing my point, I'm just querying double standards. OP believes gays are depraved, I believe if you need to get your laughs from telling people your a young blonde bint that's into faux animal skin whilst they pleasure themselves, there's depravation the follies a deux. I'm presuming OP is honest, and I also have my educated opinion. Not chip. Fact.

Dare I judge? I earnt my money for many years on phonelines. Sexual too.

I worked for the Sexual health & National AIDS helpline.

Message 17:

"so tell me.. what you think about the five murders on prostitutes recently... ???"

I think that your out of order for calling them prostitutes. There work was prostitution, but first & foremost they were women, daughters, mothers, sisters, neices.

Get my point? Smashing if you do, but it's not reciprocal, OK?
 vin fourstar
Joined: 8/27/2006
Msg: 21
Posted: 12/22/2006 5:29:32 PM
MSG 22 Even if the OP believes that gays are depraved, it has nothing to do with her earning a crust taking these phone calls. It's not as thought any gays will call her, anyway.

MSG 22 Now I'm really mentioned sex workers in an earlier post, with regard to this sex phone lark, and now you are stating that the five murdered women in Ipswich weren't actually prostitutes.

I think you have to make your mind up about your terminology before you slag the OP off again.
Joined: 7/23/2006
Msg: 22
Posted: 12/22/2006 5:32:56 PM
msg 22 do you spend your entire time on here copying and pasting other peoples posts or what....

my oh my... here why dont you get her number, give her a call, you might like it...

and bravo for the national aids helpline!!
Joined: 10/11/2006
Msg: 23
Posted: 12/22/2006 5:33:42 PM
she deffos needs a rabbit ..i think you seriously need to back off love as youve written your opinions on this thread three times now. i would think once is enough..the majority have all been grown up about it you seem to be the only one that has huge issues with me not the thread. your always going on about how educated you my experience hair dressers barbers chip friers have all been the result of poor exam results
Joined: 7/5/2006
Msg: 24
Posted: 12/22/2006 5:34:46 PM
The most important question has yet to be asked by all you people:

How much is the charge and what is the number?

Also.....what time do you start?

Joined: 10/20/2006
Msg: 25
Posted: 12/22/2006 6:01:07 PM
Im not attracting attention to myself just really curious about peoples opinions on this matter

I beg to differ, by the innate nature of your message you are, if you were not, you would have left the explanation that you had just signed up out of the equation.

No I have not done this before, I have felt no urge to call.

In my opinion as you have asked for it.................

Sexline operators are entering into the pornography industry, pornogrpahy can be defined as the verbal or visual representation of sexual acts and is a portrayal of people as sexual objects for the pleasure of others.

Sexline operators are providing a verbal representation of themself, albeit, perhaps not truthfully but still as a sexual object and certainly for the pleasure of others.

One definition of prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in sex acts for hire, this to me is exactly what a sex line operator is providing.

Every one has a different standard of morality.

MSG 11

Samaritans and masturbation brings back memories..... that useful phrase, "I think you are abusing me now and I am ending this call"

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