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Joined: 6/13/2005
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I'd consider one if it was $299 - $399. I cant justify anything more than that right now. But it certainly looks quite nice. I am wondering about its durability though... A big ass screen like that will bust quite easily by wearing it on your hip and then bumping into a countertop corner.... EEK! What about how thin it is, and the possibility of flexing that massive screen. OOOOOH and imagine how scratched this thing will get! How to protect it? You can't exactly shroud it in a case or transparent sleeve, the touchscreen wouldnt work right then!

Still, I dig this thing. I want one! :)
Joined: 1/16/2005
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Apple iPhone
Posted: 1/9/2007 11:23:16 PM
how many people actually surf the net on their current cell phones? Probably not as many as they'd like us to believe. It's just another cell phone/mp3 player that can surf the net, whoopty do.No thanks
Joined: 5/6/2006
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Apple iPhone
Posted: 1/10/2007 10:05:43 AM
As far as providers, don't be surprised if Apple acquires T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom.

As far as the phone itself, unless the phone is purchased from a particuliar cell phone carrier, the phone itself will be "unlocked". Cell phone companies like having phones sold through their service "locked" as most consumers do not know they can be "unlocked" for use with another provider.

.... and unlike M$ products, the ipod will work with both Windows and the Mac. Now that is feature many will enjoy.

Its interesting to mention the original reason for "locking" a phone was to lock its use for a particuliar world region. Not all cell phone companies operate on the same frequency or network protocol. It was never the intention to lock a phone to a particuliar carrier. Funny how greed makes companies work.

If the FCC was our friend, they would initiate a ruling requiring cell phone cpmpanies to unlock their service free for any a consumer wishing to change providers, lets say a Motorola V360 from T-Mobile to AT&T. Otherwise, the consumer has to acquire a new phone. That practice is absurb and prevents true open competition. However, that is not going to happen any time soon although the iphone may push new rulings.

In short, the iphone is revolutionary and just the start of what is hoing to happen during the next five years which will unbelieveably exceed what has happened during the past thirty. Our US government is going to be in a frenzy as they want to regulate EVERYTHING!

Regardless, wait until hair for graphic 3D images is perfected, human movie stars could become a thing of the past. There will be no more multi-million dollar contracts for Tom Cruise. When it comes to someone like and Cameron Diaz, no one will want to look at her imperfections on HDTV but a created 3D image will be perfect and flawless.

Additional info:

Jobs launches long-awaited iPhone
7 minutes 30 seconds Jan 9, 2007 1200 PM

Jobs demos new iPhone apps
7 minutes 16 seconds Jan 9, 2007 3:08:00 PM
Joined: 12/18/2006
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Apple iPhone
Posted: 5/4/2007 11:12:49 AM
Someone in Ventura quoted
and unlike M$ products, the ipod will work with both Windows

and then said, probably sarcastically

Yah I forgot Microsoft Office doesn't work on the mac.

Office is about the only thing that microcrap makes that works well on a Mac. Accessing the microsoft web site with anything but explorer, on a mac, is fine. But use internet explorer by microsoft? Its a joke.

The few products you cannot use on a mac compared to a windows machine are not worth giving up the many advantages of a non crashing, not always preening itself, virus free, and easy to use system. And I'm talking about my old G4, not the new one that boots both ways.

I just bought a new phone a week before the announcement. I would not have waited but I would have bought cheaper.

Maybe when they come to Canada they will have a G3 version?
Joined: 3/14/2006
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Apple iPhone
Posted: 5/6/2007 10:45:08 PM
I am not a business person, so I don't need a portable computer on my phone. And I am not a teenager, so I don't need the newest coolest thing when it comes out. I doubt I would get one.

Hell, I dropped my last cell phone in the toilet. I can only imagine how I would screw up the iPhone.
Joined: 6/20/2007
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Apple iPhone
Posted: 7/2/2007 8:01:03 PM
My brother purchased one the other day.

If you take in to consideration the actual cost of cell phone, the price is not that far fetched.

The retail price of sony ericsson MP3 phone is 450$ and it does not hold that many songs or have as much useability as the iphone. Now if you sign a contract for the phone you get it at a reduced price, if you cancel your contract you have to pay it out.

When you pruchase a phone from a company 90% of the time they come locked to a provider so even if yu sign a contract or not you are locked to a provider. IF you unlock a phone while still in warrenty, you void your warrenty. If you have problems with it you are screwed. so now you buy a new phone (ok where was I going with this)

Value wise the iphine is 600$ average phone price is retail $400+ 8 gig ipod is 239$ the ability to carry one item the best.

I can't wait til I gat my hands on one. They are not expected to come to Canada for at least a year to a year and a half and they can'y be unlocked becasue it has a built in sim card which sucks. Until then I drool on my brothers
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Apple iPhone
Posted: 7/2/2007 10:50:18 PM
Apple is already working on iPhone V2 that will be out this time next year. Which will drive the iPhone V1 prices way down right before V2 comes out.
Joined: 3/1/2008
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Apple iPhone
Posted: 7/12/2008 1:25:33 PM
Well, Rogers Wireless brought the iPhone 3G to Canada yesterday and, as expected, many people waited outside Rogers outlets (like cattle at a slaughterhouse) across the country to snag one of these devices. What's with this herd mentality anyway?? One such sheep (interviewed for a media story) said he was angry that he wanted a 16 GB model ... but had to settle for an 8 GB version due to demand. Like boo (fukking) hoo!! There's people in the world with no shoes much less a 16 GB iPhone with Internet access. People jump on this stuff like vultures on a carcass ... not realizing that next year, a cheaper iPhone may yet be released. Just last year, the iPhone was released in the US to the tune of $600. Now, the 3G model is half the price. Suckers.

Rogers was said to have bowed to public pressure to reduce its data rate plans from $100 per month to $30 per month for a limited time. Uhmm?? Bowing to pressure or simply a marketing ploy to generate hype for the iPhone??

I received an email from Apple ... marketing the iPhone on the same day. They claim the device is 2.4x faster than EDGE (reducing a 48 sec download to 20 sec). Rogers is said to be running HSDPA over their 3G network, but the numbers just don't add up since neither Apple nor Rogers supplied any hard numbers for Internet throughput.

According to Wiki anyway:

Current HSDPA deployments support down-link speeds of 1.8, 3.6, 7.2 and 14.4 Mbit/s.

EDGE can carry data speeds up to 236.8 kbit/s for 4 timeslots (theoretical maximum is 473.6 kbit/s for 8 timeslots) in packet mode.

2.4x a theoretical maximum EDGE speed of 473.6 Kbps = 1.136 Mbps ... less the minimum downlink speed of 1.8 Mbps for current HSDPA deployments.
Joined: 8/11/2006
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Apple iPhone
Posted: 7/13/2008 2:53:06 AM
Hell no never will I buy an iBrick.
Apple is the new Microsoft it seems.
Instead going to research the best choice in a Blackberry for what I need. Or maybe Palm Treo or Samsung.
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