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Please note that this forum isn't a chat room - use POF eMail for this)

Threads must have valid topics for discussion.

All redundant/off-topic to the forum threads will be moved/deleted

The subject criteria for this forum is "Over 30" issues, not a chat room for +30's to "hang out", the forum is open to any age group to participate.
- it's the forum's subjects that are "Over 30" topics and issues.

Not for: - Chat = address the thread topic, not the other posters.
(If you want to address another poster? use IM/POFmail. If they have restrictions? This does not mean you
use a post to try to contact them/chat with them.

Forum Posting Guidelines **Read this BEFORE posting**

Not for: - Duplication of topics being discussed on other forums
( ALL topics must be specific to 30+ issues - ONLY -
(note: this does not mean just adding "...for those over 30" to an existing thread topic on the global forums)
Posts not specifically concerning Over 30 issues = post to the appropriate forum[s]

Not for: - Surveys, lists, Blog posts, "About me" posts, word games, advice requests, etc.
(not valid discussion/debate topics - ALL THREADS must have a valid topic concerning "Over 30" issues/topics.

Not for: - For playing to "the crowd" = if this is the only forum you post on, you're probably part
of the problem.
(If this is the case, you WILL have text limits placed on your posting privileges. Note: bypassing text limits
by padding or editing posts will draw a forum suspension)

All new invalid threads will be deleted, all bumped invalid threads will be deleted.


Forum Posting Guidelines **Read this BEFORE posting**


Forum Rules - Specific

Forum Rule Violations - Report Thread

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