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OP " My son calls him on a regular basis, and always asks when does he get to go for a weekend? Always excuses. I have no idea where the ex is living. "

"Maintenance is looking for him. He owes a lot of money."

Then, ask the son where his father lives, look at your phone bill, or get Call Management Service to track incoming calls.

Yes, you're overdue to refine the custody arrangements, if only for your peace of mind. Payment is not in return for custody, but a bad payment history does reflect on how suitable the other parent is, to safely handle the kids during his turn.
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stomping on the ex
Posted: 1/25/2007 2:08:19 PM

My son gets off the phone crying all the time after he talks to his dad. He always asks why his dad doesn't take him, and he doesn't understand.

Would it be fair to your son to revoke visitation altogether? He wants to see his dad.
 Fort Garry Dark
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stomping on the ex
Posted: 2/5/2007 9:22:23 PM
I feel sorry for you Smartie,

Understand this - greed drives the divorce industry.

I was also looking at the integrity and ethics page of the Manitoba Bar Society recently. They seem to think that it is okay to run a brothel if you are a lawyer. (

The legal profession in Manitoba isn't looking for justice, just money.
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