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I think that is a good question because I find that non-artist do not appreciate the things that I do. I think artistic people help challenge other artistic people to do better work. I don't use that info. to find a mate.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/10/2007 3:58:39 PM

Artistic people:
Do you intentionally seek out other artistic/creative people?

Yeah... I generally think so. I know when I see a woman who can draw, paint, write, etc it flips that "Ooooh, that's hot" switch inside me.

Have you had relationships with artistic and/or non-artisic people? and did you notice a difference in compatability between the two?

Having probably had a varying number of both I'd have to say that while the artistic minded girls that I've dated seemed to have a 'view' of the universe that is similar to my own and could 'get me' better, it isn't ALWAYS that way. I also found that those without any creativity don't seem to have the imagination to be as interesting as I'd like. Of course, this isn't ALWAYS true either, but generally speaking that's been my experience.

I don't want to say non artistic people are boring to me, but creative girls with imagination seem to have more spark and cosmic awareness than those without. Those seem to hold a very black and white view of the world and get 'set in their ways' very early on in life and its very difficult to get them to expand their worldview and experience new and different ways of thinking. They sort of have a drone way of thinking, rely heavily on religion for their void fulfillment and don't seem to ask the same questions of the universe I ask.

Of course these are all just broad generalizations and observations of my own experiences. There has always been and always will be exceptions. One of the girls I loved a great deal.. probably the 'love of my life' didn't have any creative talents.. I always thought she did though because she had a lot of imagination. Makes me wonder if she could have done more with it. And I've seen artistic girls who are just flighty and dull.. but those have been the exceptions.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/10/2007 5:40:22 PM
Creativity drips from my pores. I have no idea why I did not pursue some type of art/design/creative vocation.

I did design all three of the houses I have owned.

My first gf was an artist type but I’ve never been involved with another creative person since.

Anyone that really understands motorcycles/art could take one look at my motorcycle and understand just how creative I am. Almost everything I do shows it - from computer software/houses/cars/motorcycle it shows everywhere.

Actually I have never thought about it but ... this is a good question. It could very well be that I would really mesh with another creative person.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/10/2007 6:14:32 PM
everyone has creativity in them. they may paint or draw or do any of the acceptable 'artsy' sorts of things.

however, some people create and express themselves outside the realm of 'art.' i have amazingly creative friends who are chefs, builders, landscapers and engineers. their ability to push the limits of their chosen area makes them artists.

i've worked with paints, poetry and choreography. i can almost always find the creative space in another person and encourage them to cultivate it. i do prefer other artists, but, like i said, anyone can create art, once we broaden our definition of 'art.'
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/10/2007 7:26:02 PM
Artistic types are usually sensitive as well. Art is emotion expressed in a communicative form. ( yes, even sex) everyone has a talent, it may not have been expressed yet in their lives. Many people feel intimidated by "artists" , I think that is a learned thing.
Example : Mom says .. You can't do __________ blah !! So you can't or don't try.
and what is this " I can't draw a straight line " Not many artists draw lines and when they do ?? They use a straight edge. hellooooooooooooooo. LOL.. Art is expression in any area of life that moves you.

As an artist a value all input, I don't judge by artistic ability .. We all feel and react. Which is the thing I am after.
blessed be
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/10/2007 10:13:37 PM
This is one of the most interesting posts I’ve seen here for quite some time. Thank you for the question. I’m a sculptor. I primarily work with steel and clay. The love of my life was a painter and she was a VERY gifted artist. I personally find that I am definitely more drawn to a woman who is an artist herself only because she understands the way only a fellow artist can, how driven we can be. Because an artist doesn’t paint, draw, or sculpt for the money they do it because they have to. The images inside our heads have to be turned into reality somehow.

Having said that though I wouldn’t rule out having a relationship with a non-artist as long as she understood why I do what I do. And that she would be supportive of what I do. In retrospect I feel that was a main factor in the demise of my last marriage. My ex never supported my work and I don’t mean monetarily. She was never there emotionally to support it. So for a relationship to blossom with a non-artist, there would have to be many other layers of the relationship in which to explore besides that one. Which after thinking about it that would also have to apply to a relationship with an artist also because I believe for ANY relationship to grow it has to be multifaceted.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/11/2007 12:42:45 AM
It doesn't really matter if they're artistic or not, but it's just a nice bonus if they are. What really matters is mutual attraction, passive compatibility, and availability.
 makin memories
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/11/2007 5:57:38 AM
My son is a gifted Artist/Musician and as parents it has taken us a lot of understanding to understand how he looks at life.In his mind creativity is front row centre and sometimes is ability to paint and write and play music is baffling...We are truely blessed as every day is a new day and a new song or picture.
As for relationships he finds it hard to be with girls that ar not driven in their lives...He finds he is never alone as long as he is fulfilling his passion..
 The Black Knight
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/11/2007 8:15:38 AM
I believe everyone is artistic if they just tap into that side. Some can sing, some can build, some can decorate, some can write, some can draw, and some can play an instrument. I personally like poetry and to draw but that doesn't decide who i can best relate to...its just one of many interests I have.....I love sports and more of a jock than an artist. I'd say I am most attracted to people who are goal oriented, optimistic, wise, energetic, adventurous and who use their minds to their fullest potential.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/11/2007 3:27:11 PM

Do you intentionally seek out other artistic/creative people?

I don't, but I think we often end up in the same places, drawn by our interests. For instance, I go to a lot of first-Friday events. Generally, it's only the artistic tytpes that go to those things.

Have you had relationships with artistic and/or non-artisic people? and did you notice a difference in compatability between the two?

Yup, my ex-wife is a software engineer and I have dated a lot of artsy types of chicks. No, I didn't notice much of a difference in compatibility. In a lot of ways, my ex brought out the best in me. We complemented each other quite well and introduced each other to a lot of experiences we would have never otherwise sought on our own. At the same time, when you're with someone who has a lot of the same interests, it gets boring. Maybe it's just me. I like challenges, therefore I like women who are a challenge.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/11/2007 3:28:09 PM
I honestly don't know, I've spent most of my life around people who didn't really seem to express creative interests. My mother was very creative, but that was about it. I tend to write, work on music, play instruments, sing, -- I'm not creative in as many areas as I would like, but I explore as much as I possibly can.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/11/2007 7:23:56 PM
That is an interesting question.
I've always been puzzled by this. I am very creative. I have entered music competitions for many years, for classical guitar scores. I did very well, my wall adorned with various accomplishments.
I never sought out women who were creative as I, perhaps seeking a counterbalance instead....I tend to think too hard, and have little abiltiy to just relax in front of the tv sometimes.
But what comes with that is (as I experienced anyhow) is someone who doesn't understand the creative process, nor see the need for it at all. The mother of my children would watch me play the same score for 4 hrs in a row, preparing for competition, and she would say something to the effect of..."you know you can play, why isn't that good enough? Why go to compete with it?" On top of that, I would be reminded that I had children and that the guitar should take a back seat. I left her eventually, but for other reasons as well.
I wonder if someone who is equally creatrive as I would be a help or a hinderance...I like the spotlight. I like to think I am unique and though not better than someone else, I want my artistic statements heard. I think that a partner who wanted the same things may just
be too close for comfort. Who knows? In the perfect world all might be different. In the perfect world Sonny met Cher, Ozzy met Sharon, etc etc. Just my take.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/11/2007 7:29:53 PM
If I may violate the rules of Forum for a brief moment, I agree with your mind set.
Many great moments in history, in the world of art and music came from great minds. We should never downplay the neccessity for creartivity in life. Some will turn gears in factories and raise families, and be ok with that, and that is ok. I wish I were more content with the everyday hum drum. But those of us who need to create, to express, I believe, were given that task for a reason, and we hold equal weight on the map of life.
Oh, and I am a chef as well. That IS is a spontaneaous creative excercise. I wish I could be paid as much for my classical scores, but nonetheless, I would never go to work for a mundane, "push the buttons", 9-5 sort of outfit. I appreciate your thread very much.
Keep sharing! I would love for you to review some of my personal efforts at fiction.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/12/2007 10:14:33 AM
Once again I have to say this is one of the best threads on POF I’ve read in some time. There have been many intelligent, provocative, and insightful comments made about the “creative vs. non-creative” psyche. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but it seems the general consensus is that the creative individual tends to be more socially “evolved” and accepting. As in most theories there always seems to be an exception. I will cite an example.

I live in a rather small town in Northern Colorado. I was accepted in a museum exhibition juried by a former assistant director of the Guggenheim. Needles to say, I was bouncing off the walls with excitement. The night of the opening reception I tried to join several conversations with some of the other local artists that were in the exhibition. Everything was VERY civilized but I could tell right away I wasn’t part of their “click.” It seemed SOOOOO… high school to me. Up until that moment I mistakenly thought fellow artists were above that sort of thing. I guess what I’m saying is that artists can have the same foibles as anyone else. Has anyone else run into this sort of thing?
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/12/2007 11:13:31 AM
Has with anything in life it is in striking a balance with the forces around us that allow us to thrive in our environment. I feel that everyone has a creative force inside of them, but not all of us were encouraged or is some cases even allowed to follow that path in our life’s.

Most artists, except for those of you here, naturally, are a little bit out there to begin with. Artists tend to have an inflated sense of their own worth in the universe and so do not feel as constrained by the rules that govern the rest of us mere mortals. It is when they fall into their own trappings of self righteousness, the 'cliché' mentality, that you soon realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side, and that they are just as shallow as the rest of us.

As a group, Artists are generally moody, self centered, domineering and prone to bouts of hysterical egotistical fanaticism.

On an individual basis, they are some of the most beautiful people I have ever met.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/12/2007 12:02:30 PM
VERY perceptive views “Wicked” and “Truth.” I wasn’t necessarily commenting on the other artists as potential mates just in the seemingly immature attitudes of accepting a fellow artist in their “Inner Circle” so to speak. As I mentioned in my original post I as very much in love with a painter. One of the most wonderful things about the relationship was the mutual understanding each of us had regarding why we did what we did. As far as the competition/skill level thing goes that’s a hard one. If each person worked in the same medium I could see where that might happen. But then again, if I were involved with a fellow sculptor I would nurture my significant other’s career as much as I could. Sculpture is no different in my opinion than any other medium. Each artist has their own voice and uses her/his medium to communicate in their own way. So I guess I don’t see where the competition would take place.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/12/2007 6:16:31 PM
I am an artistic person as a published poet and aspiring novelist (which I plan to write when I grow up). I am a pianist/organist and I write songs which are performed by the youth choir I direct.

I never had a significant relationship with another artistic person in the past. I would not say that it was a particular problem, although general lack of long-term compatibility certainly was.

My current partner is an avid reader, like myself. He has excellent writing skills, and has plans to write a book himself. I have never had a partner so able to express himself in writing, and our emails back and forth inspire us both (we have a LDR and only see each other weekends, so staying in contact by email is one way we stay connected).

My partner was never into poetry, and he had certainly never written a poem----until last week, when he sent me a love poem via email.

Well, just guess how that was received by me...........

My partner is a creative person with a deep intellect, where he thinks "outside the box". This is vitally important to me, and one thing that sets him widely apart from any previous partner. We are intellectual kindred spirits, and this is one thing that makes for the most exquisitely satisfying relationship either of us has ever experienced.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/14/2007 8:27:59 AM
I think everyone has an art, a gift if you will. Mine is caring for the elderly. Caring is my art. It will also be my history. One day, when I have those that have cared for me in this life gathered around to say their Goodbyes, my epitaph will be, I believe, "She cared"
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 2/25/2007 7:13:22 PM
I've been with many uncreative women and my thinking is that they just don't understand me so I stick to women that are more creatively talented .
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 3/2/2007 12:17:02 PM

Did you feel that you were able to rlate to them?

I'm not going to say if I'm artistic or not...I know what I like and what I enjoy and what I find artistic.

I saw this thread and remembered a girl I dated in college. She was a Psych major and I was an Engineering major.

She had plenty of free time and I didn't. I encouraged her to go out and have fun with her friends while my head was in a book.

She used to get upset that I was spending so much time studying.

The point:

I think it is important for people to have some understanding of the effort and work that there S.O. puts into their life, whether it's art, music, writing, profession, study...etc

Usually when I date a woman who is either in school or starting her career, I'll at least look and learn a little bit about what field she's interested in. It's usually enough so that when they start talking about it, I can at least keep up with the conversation or ask better questions. At the very least I'll learn something more than a guess.

If she has a hobby, I'll learn about that too. It makes gift giving less of a headache and I have a pretty good idea what to get her on those occassions. So far I haven't gotten any complaints yet.

So far, the women have always been thankful and grateful that I've taken an interest in what they are dedicating their time to...but it's usually been a one way street...oh well...I know what I put my time into is probably pretty boring...or it could be that I'm not a big fan of talking about work/career/plans until things are in motion or are completed.

I don't want to come off as an "I'm gonna" type person and would rather be an "I've done it" type of person
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 3/2/2007 2:38:40 PM
As a theatrical actor, I always find it much easier to get along with creative types: there's much more to talk about, much more we agree on, and it's a very comfortable relationship. Non-creative types are not necessarily too different from me, but different from me in such a way that it often makes it hard to even put up with their idiosyncrases, let alone try and love them.

I don't rule out the possibility of a non-creative person, (opposites attract?) but I'm pretty sure an artist would be a better choice for me.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 3/3/2007 7:37:28 AM
The best relationship I was ever in was with an "artistic" person. The worst one was with someone who thought "Art" was just a guys name.....

I'm not implying anyone has to start cutting off an ear to date me, but it's certainly something that has a certain relevance to being happy together. Creative people, in whatever domain they enjoy, are just passionate about seeing things in new ways. That's never a bad thing, in my opinion.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 3/4/2007 1:43:11 AM
It isn't something I look for first in a relationship, but I do find talent attractive. It doesn't have to be what other's would consider a creative talent, one of my guys was super brilliant with numbers and since I'm number-challenged, I found that facinating. Everyone is creative in some way.

Some of the artists I've been with either overwhelm me with their talent, or with their ego. The ones I can co-create with, that is magic. Serious magic! And if it's with a guy who I happen to be attracted to otherwise, hot d*mn! Fond memories of an otherwise not-so wonderful relationship. There is a serious bonding there, and if it's someone you can be romantically involved with it's a total experience.

Sadly, in my youth I have been known to fall for guys with talent and not much else. It can be kind of dazzling, that's why singers have groupies.
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 3/6/2007 3:28:27 PM
I've found artistic/creative people to have be higher maintenance emotionally. You know, the stereotypical neurotic-creative artiste. Generalization of course, and not always a bad thing if your personality can balance it out. But just my experience.

Of course, that wasn't really the question was it?
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artistic/creative people and relationships
Posted: 3/6/2007 3:45:44 PM
I'm very artistic and creative and i think i feel more comfortable with another that is artistic and creative. but it dosent mean i couldent date or marry a non artistic or creative person.. I have dated them before and really i think it depends on the person. its a person by person thing.
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