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I agree with Uniquelady,

knock this one on the head.
The bloke clearly has a complex and a big personal insecurity problem, which could lead to worse things like him becoming very possessive and jealous or worse, ballocks to that carry on..

Nothing she can say will be able to put these feeling he has to rest he has to come to terms withit himself and until he does he's bad news.

sorry to be so harsh.

all the best anyway.
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whats his problem?
Posted: 1/28/2008 8:56:47 AM
I haven't read all the posts but out of interest....and this may seem a strange question.... however as I noticed all the first few posts are knocking the guy and nobody seemed to be going this way with thing that springs to mind is that maybe your mate isn't noticeably appreciative during the act? I mean, not every woman squirms like a bag of eels and moans like 'ho' to coin a phrase lol is it possible he was used to a bit more life in his previous partners and felt he had to ask because from the way she was in the act he had no idea whether she liked it or not? A non-responsive partner can be very disconcerting doncha know.....

aaah! scrolls back a few posts someone else did ask the same kinda thing lol
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