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Hello Sushi Lovers,
Im glad you found this thread as I'm looking for your findings and suggestions for the best sushi spots in Las Vegas area. I just moved back out here from Southern California and have visited a few places in Northern California which have some great sushi to die for. However I moved here, this is my new home and I have to believe there are some great whole in the wall sushi places out here also.

Im looking for the traditional sushi places in Las vegas. I've been to the big casino places, im not interested in those anymore.

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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 3/27/2007 1:00:28 PM
My favourite local places:

Tokyo Rose, Sahara Commercial Center. Wonderful - very good service too. Try the scallop handroll. To die for! A favourite of the local Asian community; many non-Asians don't even know it exists.

Yokohama Kaigenro at Harmon and Paradise - Across from Hard Rock. Classic, really good sushi. Not expensive either. Also recommend the noodles. Really, really good.

There's another place across the way from Hard Rock on Paradise (in the same strip mall as CVS, Johnny Rockets, etc.) that I haven't tried yet, but it has gotten stellar reviews.

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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 4/6/2007 4:40:50 PM
The absolute best place that I have had sushi is at "I love Sushi"! It's in henderson . I've gone to MANY sushi places and none compare! I most definitely recommend it!!!
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 6/17/2007 5:04:59 PM
Best Sushi-

I go for the entire dining experience. Not just good sushi, but good location, ambience, etc.

Sapporo- Ft Apache and Flamingo- excellent sushi, ambience, and right near my house
Lil Buddah- The Palms- FABULOUS
Social House- TI- Fabulous
Hamada- Good
Kona Grill- Good
Osaka- Pretty Good
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 6/27/2007 6:26:58 PM
I like RA and Naboo
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 7/21/2007 11:28:15 PM
Sushi House Manda - in Doc Holliday's off west Tropicana and 215 Beltway. They used to be on Sahara just west of Strip - awesome. All you can eat lunch and dinner and straight menu as well. Been a fan for years!
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 7/26/2007 12:38:01 PM
Since my last post I have come to a new favorite. The place is called En, it is a sushi and robata grill.

2540 Anthem Village Dr. Suite 120
Henderson, NV. 89052
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 7/28/2007 10:05:51 PM
i like sushi factory on tropicana they have the best all you can eat. non all you can eat i would have to say sushi ko 95 and craig
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 8/15/2007 8:42:49 PM
Try La Hiena Grill on Grand Canyon between Flamingo and Tropicana, its really good. Also, a friend swears by Sushi Fever on Sahara
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 8/28/2007 6:40:01 PM
I really liked La Haina, not too far from Sapporo
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 9/2/2007 11:33:48 PM
Amen on that Manda with Yum Yum sauce.. the best in the world

I see from their website they have closed again, looking for a new location.
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 12/1/2008 7:27:06 AM
The best sushi place in Las Vegas has to be Makino's on Flamingo and Decatur, a wonderful selection of sushi served buffet style, cost is around $20,
Second place is -Sushi Hana - 5255 S Decatur Blvd # 119, just south of Tropicana on the west side, they have an you can eat lunch for about $18. Both places are very good.
If you are in Henderson on Eastern, Asia Buffet is real good - their sushi selection is very small, but good and they have other items served buffet style, cost is about reasonable, about $15-20 Hope this helps.
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 12/10/2008 5:13:40 AM
My favorite is Sushi in Summerlin on Cheyenne.
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 12/11/2008 10:15:17 AM
If you want the absolute best sushi where money is of no consequence, then go to Marsa at the Loew's hotel at Lake Las Vegas. It isn't the best sushi value (expect to pay some serious big bucks) but if you are looking for the absolute best sushi it is there.
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 12/17/2008 11:42:40 PM
I totally agree. I love this place. Sushi in Summerlin is awsome and it's a good price. And second is Osaka's.....Japanese Lasagna YUM!!!!!!!!
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 12/27/2008 5:17:41 PM
One of my favorite "hole in the wall" places is Naked Fish on Durango and Twain... just south of Twain. They have an excellent lunch special too! Yama Sushi is on Maryland and Flamingo and they have a great all you can eat special... around $20 for lunch.
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 1/4/2009 10:49:56 AM
There is a place on Centennial and Aliante/Simmons called Sushi Tachi. Its in North Las Vegas but I've never had a bad meal there yet. As a bonus, there is a wine shop right next door called Bella Vino that has wine tasting on Thursdays so go taste a few wines and grab some sushi afterwards. Real nice place.
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 1/4/2009 5:54:19 PM
Sushi Fever: 702-838-2927 at West Sahara just past Buffalo
*Spicy Garlic Tuna sashimi
*Salmon skin Hand roll
*Soft shell crab ala carte
*Sweet Shrimp

Sapporo is beautiful but for great quality sushi, stick to Sushi Fever!
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 3/15/2009 1:49:07 AM
I love Hamada; the best crab roll ever...
they had a teriyaki sea bass, but i think it was off the menu the last time i was there (4 months ago?)
and Sushi Factory on jones/trop and they have one east side somewhere
I think i heard Saporro was good but god awful service
i heard I Love Sushi was good too
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 4/6/2009 12:35:34 AM
Yes, Sapporo did close. A good alternative is Sushi Avenue which is about 100 yards west of where Sapporo used to be. IMHO it's way better sushi. Try the Monkey Roll; it's delicious there.
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 6/21/2009 10:51:45 AM
NObu and kona grill
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 6/24/2009 11:52:45 AM
Someone else posted it, and Sushi Fever is my favorite. I also like Sushi in Summerlin (also mentioned). I don't think its as good taste-wise as some of the others, and I think that value for the dollar is great.
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 7/2/2009 7:59:26 PM
I agree with SinfulLuxury...

Naked Fish is awesome...not one of those "all you can eat" places with 100 California rolls made different ways.
Still have some traditional dishes like raw octopus salad. Great Saki selection.
Awesome 1st date place....I guess...if I had a 1st date. :p
 gravel guy
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 1/12/2010 5:08:06 PM
I'll have to try some of these to find a date to take.
 gravel guy
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Best Sushi in Las Vegas
Posted: 1/14/2010 2:37:34 PM
Will be in town this weekend. Hate to eat alone.
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