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Awwww apply your magic touch to the words, and turn them into wonderful pieces of art. I will add something later. Nice thread for sure.
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 3/31/2007 12:53:22 PM

I remember that moment,
That very first day,
When she caught me looking,
And glancing her way.

I was just nine,
With blond curly hair,
She was brunette,
and so very fair.

My heart began pounding,
My palms how they sweat,
I picked up her book,
And then our eyes met.

I studdered and stammered,
And tried hard to speak,
But all I could muster,
Was just a little squeak.

We went to a movie,
The very next night,
I reached out for her hand,
They joined and held tight.

I walked her home,
Both arm in arm,
We reached her front door,
I turned on the charm.

Under the moonlight,
A moment of bliss,
Our heads both leaned in,
As we shared our first kiss.

We went on together,
Three years and a day,
Before the military,
Moved her away!
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 3/31/2007 2:50:54 PM
Memories are,
just that,
just memories.,
neither good or bad,
just part of me, yet to be,

Memories are,
Pleasure and pain,
Snow and rain,
Laughter and tears,
Doubts and fears,
Throughout the years.

Memories are,
Shaping and forging,
Creating and evolving,
Making me who I am,
And yet to become.

Holding the pain,
Makes me vain,
Forgetting the pleasure,
Takes from the measure,
Of who I am.

When finally,
I grasp,
All that they are,
Embrace them,
As part of me,
Then I will be,
Forever free!
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 3/31/2007 3:28:47 PM
Pain harbor,
Toxic waters,
prisoners cove,
locked within,

Acceptance gained,
Current tamed,
Toxic filters
Wisdom gained,
Free at last.
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 3/31/2007 4:11:43 PM
Chip off the young block?
Hurry, hurry, I'm on the clock!
oh dear...I'm late, I'm late!
I really must run,
and have some fun.

The queen of Jules,
Has made some tarts,
While playing darts,
So I must get back,
To have a snack.
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 3/31/2007 4:30:01 PM
Julesy, Julesy, burning bright,
Like a queen in the night,
Casting spells upon the men,
Leading them in to her den!

Dressed in transparent lace
Her den she did grace,
Feeding her grapes and cheese,
The slaves just wanting to please.

Into the pool she did undress,
all the slaves in birthday best,
Let the orgy begin,
In this den of sin!
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/1/2007 6:34:46 AM
My next two, I wrote for another thread, so I will place them here.

Even though my grandma is dead,
I still remember the smell of fresh bread,
Then came the rolls, and then apple pie,
My heart did a flip flop, and a heavenly sigh.

All the scents of a home, filled with love,
My granny, my angel, sent from above.
I remember the time, she taught me to knit,
Or, at least she tried, just not the right fit.

Never give a jock, needles or thread,
Give him a hockey stick, or football instead,
But she never gave up, and finally one morn,
A warm, fuzzy PINK?? sweater was born!!
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/1/2007 6:39:31 AM
I remember the first catch,
When I was barely six,
A very long hike,
Down through the sticks.

Through thickets and woodlands,
And bugs that all bite,
I looked back to see,
The road out of sight.

We arrived at the river,
And hardly to wait,
I loaded my rod,
My hook I did bait.

I ran to the water,
And cast out my line,
Those times with my father,
Fond memories of mine.
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/1/2007 8:47:15 AM
The sweater of pink?
More burgundy I think,
My allergies flare,
When wool I am near,
So sis wore the sweater instead.

I continued to knit,
Whenever we'd sit,
And listen to stories galore,
The ones granny told,
About days of old,
I always came back for more.
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/9/2007 1:57:49 AM
Previous write.... this thread hit that same place so ...........................................

This Love -
This ghost with a thousand
how they lie in wait
cut and sear
everywhere.... everywhere

Everywhere in another's laugh
curve of neck
fall of hair, scent, stare
smile, hands, style
wit and wile

in song... our songs
in films, places, phrases
that were you
that will always be you

Long now I sleep stay dream
where too, I
can be ghost

and again we can dance
chest to breast

and I can feel, touch
your soul again
and for a time

where mine bleeds no more
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/11/2007 2:27:50 AM
Jules, TY... and TY to all other writers.... joy to read.....

lesson learned on memories..... To my Aunt

the call came - 'you'd better come down now'
I knew why
just not how

how will I do this - this ending
even today must I keep pretending

that you know - somewhere, remember
the times of our lives that define
and render
our latter days ambrosia - memories

racing-in mind-in car, I remember
how right he was
the man..... new job... orientation day

"after all's been eaten, drank and monies spent
memories are really why they came this way"

All we
for..........become memories

when gone... gone too is all............ I remember

remember disease
a merciless thief....
that took you piece by piece
and how poorly I handled
your unbidden retreat

I pray you knew it was I holding your hand
that last breath.............. longer

I love you Tia Leo
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/18/2007 1:07:35 PM
Unaddressed turmoil….

In retrospect
Drew was a gentle soul

In pain we embraced
Finding refuge from the hate
The hate within ourselves

She loved territorially
Needing a friend
A lover
A man
My heart

We loved
‘Till the break of heaven
When reality came rushing home
‘Till refuge
was nolonger sufficient!
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/30/2007 12:04:52 PM
The sacred wind
carries the whisper of hope,
that all creatures,
great and small,
short and tall,
can live in harmony,
together, to share,
the land and sea.

But man is frail,
sometimes must learn,
to say I'm sorry!

Jules...I am sorry! I never stopped caring, and thank you for sharing.
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/30/2007 12:51:02 PM
I am strong because of my hardships,
My life is quite simple and free,
But I have paid my dues,
To achieve harmony.

Finding myself was quite a chore,
Took years of work and more!
Being honest with myself
was the hardest part.

Good luck on your journey wherever it takes you.
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/30/2007 1:18:14 PM
Ahhh yes...leaving the nest,
one is gone and the other at best,
maybe a year or two,
school she'll be through
and then I will be .....ME!!.........woohoo!!

Yes, I will miss her
like I do her sister,
but my time to stay out late,
and not have to worry
bout getting home, in a hurry.

Just me! woopee!! Back to the woods I go!
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 4/30/2007 1:36:16 PM
Of course you will miss him,
and he will miss you,
the novelty wears off,
never to scoff,
at what a mother can do.

you are a mother, it's different,
the nurturer and one to provide,
but he can no longer hide,
behind your apron
as they say!

one must have a life,
separate from the kids,
or you wind up alone,
just sitting at home,
with nothing but sadness,
little or no gladness.

but this is up to you!
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Mothers Day kisses!
Posted: 5/13/2007 7:38:11 PM
Happy Mommy's Day Jules
The last few posts have brought tears to my eyes...
Joined: 4/30/2007
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 5/21/2007 6:49:42 PM
There was a day once that smiled
none deserved yet mine
I knew you for your love
but then grew in your denial
finding love was passion
knowing love that heals
finding you was perfect
then fate stepped in to steal
Missing you is harder than dying many painful times.
Joined: 9/3/2007
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Memories last.....................................
Posted: 9/19/2007 12:49:26 PM
As October approaches
And I breath in the crisp cool air
I see the leaves gently fallen
Oh ...what a sight to see

The squirrels gathering nuts
From the old oak tree
To store for their young
Through the long winter months

Children getting ready
For that real scary night
With spooky cut out pumpkins
And scary goblins in the night

Thru my window near my desk,
calls a remembered rhyme,
across the scattered leaves
fall memories lost in time.

White clouds billowing
in the sunlit sky,
winds remember
your voice and your sighs.

Currents lift and raise
the fallen leaves,
I watch them
silently fall to earth
as I wonder
was our love all that it was worth?

Blue grey evening sky slips
and breaks the suns golden glow;
Loving you makes me smile
as i turn away
into my current world,
quietly I go.
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Infinite Memories...........................
Posted: 10/6/2007 9:48:01 AM
Yes you'll be in absolute bliss with someone new. I wish people we're more honest in who they are nowadays. Nevertheless keep truckin trooper you won't find love till you kissed a few frogs :P
Joined: 6/12/2005
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Infinite Memories...........................
Posted: 10/7/2007 12:52:50 PM
aww jules methinks
you'll do just fine
when your heart mends
and the cosmos say
everything is just right
it'll just happen that day
when you least expect it
no preparation needed
in it's own perfect way

meantime please just keep
your head held high
ignore those pests
certain bugs and creeps
those that wander by
with time and intent on only
doing their best to try
daring to clip your wings
when you're really meant
to extend them openly and fly

instead they try to bring you down
making you angry hurt and frown
turning your insides out
makin ya wanna scream n shout
in those trying times just breathe
turn their bad into your best
don't bite those hooks
think instead of bubbling brooks
count to ten and regain yourself
don't jump to take their tests

there are so many kinds of magic
the love of earth and friends and joy
old and young smiling back at you
getting over feeling pain or blue
those are the good kinds we all know

but there are others of jaded ways
waiting in want of your joy to slay
blackened hearts and silly spells
those not kind to align with
shy away from evil whenever
you find it whispering in your ear
your heart is bigger and better
your writes and lines so dear
when ya ignore the jeers

truth is best shared
but steer yourself clear
of those hidden agendas dear
life has so many of us sharing
thankfully we can choose whom
we believe in and dare with

you can and will rise above again
just ignore the evil pens
give no thought nor energy
to anyone dealing black negativity
your heart knows, you clearly see

i'm sorry for your hurting, friend
we each must be responsible
for ourselves in this our pond
or internal strife won't end
let it go another way and breathe
rise above and fly and soar
as you will do, i know again
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Infinite Memories.......................
Posted: 12/23/2007 4:04:08 PM
Joined: 10/29/2007
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Ignorance of Aging
Posted: 1/6/2008 2:31:43 PM
Your days are NOT waning, my friend and you are as always equally humorous AND true!
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 3/1/2008 8:29:53 PM

I'll think of
I love you
as myself
will you pause
and feel it,
go on...
live your life -
but know
my love goes
with you,

LS 21/16/07
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Infinite Memories
Posted: 3/29/2008 4:15:42 PM
^^^^^^mmmmmy, this poem is beautiful, and deep. Love it.....

this might be a little too happy for the mood....

Recharge the happy heart tunes
and dance, you twinkletoes, dance
though we look like a couple of loons
you're a once in a lifetime chance

and I love you for your lack of vanity
cause you know exactly who you are
the joe cools make me lose my sanity
I'd rather be with you by far

oops....Stanzas thread...
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