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Joined: 4/6/2007
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are relationships actually needed?Page 1 of 1    
Are relationships something that a sane person should actually be looking for? Me, live at home, unemployed, 5 years of college down the drain, 30,000 in debt to payoff, pretty much take care of everything around the house for parents (father perm, disabitlity) including the critters. Dont drive, dont have anywhere within 60 miles worth going to for one thing.

Is a relaionship something that should be thought about or sought? Im not sugar daddy material so that cuts down 70 percent of the women here, and roughly 90 percent of the women within 40 miles of my house.
Joined: 8/10/2004
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are relationships actually needed?
Posted: 4/23/2007 10:39:33 PM
I’ve always liked to have a female buddy in my life. Well more than just a female friend but very much a friend.

I guess it don’t kill you not to have one in your life. I’ve been single for 4 years and ... no relationships in that time frame. My ex hung on for three years of that four but ... after the divorce it was not the same (to say the least).

A true boy/girl match is much more “rounded” as a friend (to me at least). More so than say a m/m. Not only due to sex but to have both elements - different types of emotions. Males and females are actually very much different - not just body parts. That difference makes it much nicer to ... well have dinner with and to just be around. I can talk to hours with a guy but it is just not the same.

To me it is just more the natural order of things.

I was married most of my life so ... I guess I am much more use to having a female in my life - even when I was a kid I had REAL girl friends and did not just “date around”. Even now - I don’t really get the point of ..... dating around.

1 guy - 1 gal ... it kind of makes a core.
Joined: 9/27/2006
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are relationships actually needed?
Posted: 4/23/2007 10:53:44 PM
Gentlemen interesting answers.

Bezoar how can you be so jaded at age 24? Wow, that is pretty scary to me, how do you expect to find a woman when you think 70% in your area are looking for sugar daddys. I believe that if you are looking to find great love you need to be prepared to give great love and from what I see, you are down a quart. Fix yourself before you go looking for someone to love you.

Jazzyjxxx and Ron - its nice to see that men are looking for someone special and I agree with Ron's comment about 1 guy - 1 gal. Many women are on the same page about that one, its just to find the right one.

I believe that relationships are actually needed because we all want to love and be loved. There is nothing wrong with that, actually it is quite nice when you have the right person. Its just a matter of finding that corner piece of the puzzle.

Thanks for your insight.
Joined: 9/27/2006
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are relationships actually needed?
Posted: 4/23/2007 11:57:23 PM
Scarecrow1 - when you drove a Mach 1 and had over a 100G in the bank were you dating Barbie's and buying a womans time instead of finding someone to love and be loved by? It seems that if the passenger seat in your Mach 1 was filled with a woman that was not out after what she could get from you, or what you could exchange - the seat in your pick up truck would have been filled and that woman would have been with you through thick and thin. Maybe its not the women, but you instead. Based on your comment about your "rich friends" - yup you are pretty jaded. In addition, take a very close look at thesed rich friends relationships - how much love is there between the partners are they with those pretty girlfriends/wives because of their money - or is it really for love. What exactly are you looking for and what is your attitude like? I seem to think you just want a trophy girlfriend/wife to match your friends lifestyle. You wont find real love that way.
Joined: 9/11/2005
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are relationships actually needed?
Posted: 4/24/2007 8:05:30 AM
OP, I don't believe that relationships of any type are *needed* but I do believe that a good relationship is a good thing to have in one's life, whether that relationship be with family, friends, or a significant other. If one *needs* a relationship to be happy, then that person needs to do some introspection and figure out how to make themself happy before they get into a relationship.

I'm not sure that it's your living and monetary situation that would prevent women from dating you; it appears more to me that it's your attitude and possibly your actions. If you believe that most women are looking for a sugar daddy, then I'd say that people can see/sense that and that's what would put them off. Also, after reading your profile I have to wonder if you have depression issues or something else, as it sounds like you may. Perhaps that might be a place to start. If it's not that, then again, maybe it's just your attitude. Do you perhaps feel that you're entitled to something? And if so, why? Do you do anything to better your situation such as looking for a job, trying to find an inexpensive car, etc.?
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