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i would question the quantities these poor rats were given...i also read an article on the obese rats and it was not mentioned anywhere that MSG use could be linked to obesity in humans...
there was a scare a while back concerning coffee being a carcinogen...but upon reading further i discovered that the rats were given totally unrealistic quantities of it...the human equivalent would have worked out to some astronomical figure like 300 cups a day over a 5 yr my way of thinking...lab tests are just that...lab tests...they in no way reflect actual normal human usage of products...
i use MSG from time to time...i dont guzzle the stuff down like an alcoholic would imbibe liquor...
am i obese?...i could drop 20 pounds for the MSG responsible for these few extra pounds?...i doubt it...
if i get cancer...will it be from the little bit of MSG that i do use or will it more likely be passed on genetically?...
as far as any government testing of products...well...i am at a loss for words here...ya think the government would deliberately lie to us if something was bad for us?...LMFAO
do you think a lab technician will give a lab rat the equivalent human doseage of a product being tested?...
OP...while you are off on this tangent...why dont you look up all the additives that bakeries put in bread...i wasnt aware that formaldehyde was a food group...
just for a high the market where i vend on saturdays...i sell bread among other things...ciabatta for satisfy my own curiousity about how my bread stacked up against a commercial product i bought a loaf of $afeway$ ciabatta...(not sure if i can name them by name here)...
their bread tasted ok...just ok...mine tasted a lot better...
my ingredient list contains 5 ingredients...theirs took up one entire side of the bag and you need to be a chemical engineer to figure out what was in it...
i left part loves of both breads sit in bags...after 5 days or so...mine began to show tell tale green spots...theirs was still ok looking...i pitched mine shortly after...theirs sat for almost to weeks before it showed signs of spoilage...we can only speculate why theirs lasted longer...
i agree with you that almost everything we eat has been altered one way or the other...some in not a good way...
only you can control what you put in your healthy whenever you local foods from people you trust rather than a conglomerate store...
or grow your own wherever possible...ask the people you buy food from if the animals have been fed growth enhancing drugs or what kind of fertilizer they use...any reputable vendor will be glad to tell fact most are proud of the fact that their foods have not been altered...
going OT here for a bit...are you familiar with KNORR products?...they make various food items...soup and sauce "starter" packages if you will...these same people also make brake parts for rail cars...
CIBA-GEIGI is another "multi-tasker"...i am not sure if they are in the food business yet...they do manufacture an automotive body filler that contains a multitude of sins...they also produce make up that women use...
(gawd my head hurts)
common sense and moderation...
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Posted: 5/1/2007 9:42:37 PM

KNORR products?...they make various food items...soup and sauce "starter" packages if you will...these same people also make brake parts for rail cars...

Almost everything Knorr makes has MSG in it. Nasty stuff.
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Posted: 5/1/2007 10:30:26 PM shoulda done a little more "googling" and listed ALL the foods that have naturally occuring msg in them...i searched the same google threads as you did and the conclusion i have come to is i gotta agree with rk about the jury being out...
granted some ppl have adverse reactions to msg...some ppl have adverse reactions to gluten...or lactose...should we ban flour and milk?
i do think tho that the ppl in charge of advertising should state..."no MSG added" rather than "contains no MSG" unless they are certain that the product they are flogging does indeed have no natural occuring msg...
rk...if you google MSG you will find that its been with us for over a thousand years.....

More than 1,200 years ago, Oriental cooks discovered that some foods tasted better when prepared with a soup stock made from the seaweed Laminaria Japonica. It was not until 1908 that Professor Kikunae Ikeda of The University of Tokyo isolated glutamate from the seaweed and unlocked the secret of its flavor-enhancing properties. Since that time, MSG has been, and continues to be, widely used as an effective means of making good food taste better"

the long and short of it is...MSG makes some food taste better...i have been known to sprinkle it on a turkey...(GASP in horror)...before the bird goes in the oven...
i for one dont believe half the crap that some of these lab scientists try to ram down our throats...
while i'm on a rant here...we all remember 3 mile island right? of the worst nuclear diasters in history?...the radiation that was leaked into the atmosphere was considered quite lethal...heres a little factoid that will scare the crap outta ya...
in the early 50's...scientists released over 100,000 times that amount of radiation over the midwest states so they could track it on radar...
is it any bloody wonder why the incidence of cancer is on the rise?...i'd rather take my chances with the odd bag of potato chips or the occaisonal sprinkle of MSG on my sunday roast tyvm...
end of rant...
geez i'm hungry now
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Posted: 5/1/2007 10:42:09 PM
another googled copy/paste

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP), sometimes called Hydrolyzed Plant Protein (HPP), is a flavor enhancer used in anything from broths to meat products. It is created through a chemical process called acid hydrolysis (and sometimes enzymatic digestion). This process takes either corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton seed or peanuts and breaks them down into amino acids. This flavor enhancer simulates the taste of meats.

There are two kinds of HVP and HPP - light and dark. The light is often used in poultry, pork and vegetable products. The dark is found in products such as sauces, gravies, stews, processed meats and hot dogs. Some hydrolyzed vegetable (or plant) protein has MSG added to it for an extra non-nutritional boost. If you are allergic or intolerant to corn, wheat, soy, cotton seed, peanuts or monosodium glutamate (MSG), do not consume products containing HVP or HPP. "

do yer homework darlin
HVP is NOT just another name for MSG
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Posted: 5/2/2007 7:19:11 AM
OP...i guess you didnt read the part that says..."Some hydrolyzed vegetable (or plant) protein has MSG added to it for an extra non-nutritional boost."
sounds like you gotta watch what you eat a little more closely...if you know you are allergic to MSG...why then do you have all those things in your cupboard/pantry with MSG in them?...
lots of people are allergic to lots of things...cant be avoided...i know of one woman here that is allergic to garlic of all things...she buys spaghetti sauce from me now but i hafta leave the garlic out of it...
it kinda sounds to me like your family is smitten with allergies...i am sorry for that...asbestos is bad shyte for is is aluminum...unfortunately some things just cannot be made cheaply enough as to be marketable without using potentially dangerous substances...
going OT here a bit...have you ever brought a scrap car to the wrecking yard?...notice that they remove the battery...(a few bucks worth of lead...another controlled substance)...
now...have you ever wondered what becomes of your catalytic converter? gets crushed along with the rest of the car and sent back to a smelter for re-use...along with the three dangerous heavy metals found inside which are vaporized from the smelter and blown into our doubt poisoning us and assisting in a greenhouse effect...the very reason they are installed in a cars exhaust system in the first place!!
(theres mercury...palladium and something else...the name of which escapes me)...
i wonder why it is that health canada has issued a limitation on the amount of lake trout we can eat...or a total ban on eating moose liver because of elevated levels of mercury poisoning? bill...coca cola will dissolve a nail if its left sitting in it
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Posted: 12/30/2010 11:57:08 AM
I read through most posts looking to see if anyone stated that MSG is used as a preservative in many products. It is used as a preservative in some vaccines.
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Posted: 12/30/2010 8:50:49 PM
You all know that before long they will tell everyone sex is bad also for YA all~~

Over the many moons I have lived -have heard this n that is all bad for you. What the heck did all our grandparents do? They ate it n survived. You can stay really thin n still have a heartattack also.

Yep they even stated coffee at one time was bad. Some people just have an allergic reaction. We will all get cancer. Well- guess what we all have a little cancer in our bodies.

I do agree that there is too much hormones put into foods or plants but if it so bad why is it still on the market shelves? FDA hasn't pulled MSG as of yet!

Just my two cents which isn't much. But I want to know- how does one know for sure that -food is organic or not- for sure (are there inspectors out at every place 24 hours a day- UNLESS you grow it your self or have your own chickens-pigs n cows to know what they are really eating if your are growing their crop also.
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Posted: 12/30/2010 9:14:06 PM
yep I new this, msg is used in a lot of restaurants and does not agree with me so I am picky about where I choose to eat out.
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Posted: 1/2/2011 12:13:09 AM

What the heck did all our grandparents do?

They ate natural, non additive foods.

They ate it n survived.

Of course they did...they, for the most part, worked outside, working long hours and got a lot of exercise in the process.

FDA hasn't pulled MSG as of yet!

Nor will they...ever...just like aspartame, BgH, etc.
The FDA is a government entity run by corporations...much like most government entities.

We will all get cancer. Well- guess what we all have a little cancer in our bodies.

We all have the potential to get cancer....we have cells that can become cancerous...looking for ways to avoid the cells becoming active is the key.
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Posted: 1/2/2011 9:02:12 AM
Hot spicy things do not agree with me, that doesn't make them poison nor should others not enjoy them. As for our grandparents, you might want to look up some real history on what they ate, how addictive some of it might have been, not to mention how unhealthy, and also see how many more people died from food related causes way back in the olden times.
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Posted: 1/2/2011 5:38:55 PM
Right. Obesity is the result of MSG and has nothing to do with the fact that Americans eat a lot more than they used to and get a lot less movement in their lives. And here I was convinced it was all because of high fructose corn syrup. Or soybeans.

So, the key to losing weight (or not gaining weight) is to not eat anything with MSG in it, right? It probably would help. After all, it would eliminate a certain number of high-calorie foods from some people's diets. Of course, if they started eating foods that were less calorie dense i.e. high fiber fruits and vegetables, that in and of itself would make a difference.

If we're being poisoned by MSG, exactly why is our average life span increasing?
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Posted: 1/3/2011 9:14:47 PM
I thought that high fructose corn syrop was the new toxic destroyer of all people this week?
I agree with the general good idea of trying to not eat chemicals in food that you cant pronounce but it seems that fat lazy people are always looking for a big bad industry reason to blame for their own hand stuffing junk food into their rapidly chewing mouth as they sit on a widening set of butox,s watching tv or surfin the net? I guess I should have figured it out.... half of north americans are addicted by the junk food pushers using MSG? Honestly people.... put down the twinky and get some exercise.....
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Posted: 1/3/2011 9:31:33 PM
^^^^ It is not a thing but for eating 100 calories a day extra (4 oz of wine or 1/4 pack of French Fries or 5 oz of Coca-Cola or 1 cookie or 1/4 package of potatoe chips or 2 teaspoons of frying oil or 4 oz of orange juice -- OR walking two miles LESS a day -- that packs on 60 pounds around the waist and hips over the next five years.

The REAL bad guy is remote TV controls!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Though singing in church choirs is a close second.)
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