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Joined: 6/26/2005
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This reminds me of a first date I had. He was so nice and gentlemanly via messages and phone calls. During dinner he said that he had been married for a long time, then widowed. He made a point of telling me that his late wife didn't enjoy having sex with him. The min. that we left the restaurant he started grabbing at my breasts. When I asked him what he thought he was doing, he said "Well, my late wife always gave in if I kept grabbing at her." (No wonder she didn't like sex - it was all about him, and done with the class of a 12 yo boy.)

Of course, if a man or women had a bad marriage, sex would become a problem, because most of us don't like/won't have sex with someone we don't like.
Joined: 1/15/2007
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/4/2007 11:41:20 AM
I aggree, lets hear them... lol

Just cause some of them (men) can't keep up anymore, does not mean we can't.. lol I'm 48 and more sexual/sensual then when I was when I was in my 20's. With age comes... knowledge and experience.... lol
Joined: 4/30/2007
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/4/2007 11:58:18 AM
From the messages I am getting it seems like men think older women DO want sex and nothing else. In my case I wouldn't be interested in having sex with a man unless we were in a committed relationship.
Joined: 1/17/2007
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/4/2007 12:30:16 PM
Some not all senior women due to menopause lose interest in sex. Others enjoy sex. Yes, and on first dates. Senior men often prefer women around 35 to 45. More success that way.
Minds are open for business. Play safe.

"Hiya, I'm fairly new to this site but started reading here in the forums and find it entertaining lol. I would like to hear from the guys why they think older woman don't like sex. Just because you were in a marriage for x number of years and your wife wasn't interested
Joined: 2/20/2007
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/4/2007 1:42:33 PM
I'd say she was bored with me, unless that vibrator really was for neck tension...... Now the love lube was a little harder for her to explain.
Joined: 2/11/2005
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/4/2007 5:19:01 PM
Hmmmmm, lack of responses from guys must mean we do think older women like sex.
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/4/2007 8:08:55 PM
Oops! Double post. Sorry.

Joined: 12/13/2006
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/4/2007 8:10:07 PM

Once again, I appear to be inhabiting a different part of the planet than everyone else.

Nope. I'd have to say you live in the REAL world, lol!

It's the poor boys who imagine (I wonder why?) for some reason that we don't, that I worry about.

 spring light
Joined: 4/8/2007
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/4/2007 8:45:17 PM
mmmmm i am an older woman, don't know how mature i am but i do know i like sex. very much like it want it. sure i have feelings of inadequacy and think i suck as a lover sometimes (pun intended) but other times i don't judge myself too harshly and find i am growing more in love with sex. more in love with the idea of exploring sexuality with a special man to learn each others bodies and so on and get deeper (pun intended) in to each other.
Joined: 8/10/2004
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/4/2007 9:00:55 PM
I have no idea if “older women” like sex or not.

Everything is relative. My ex wife is now 47 years old - to some she may be considered an older woman. That age group is not an older woman to me.

So she is the “oldest” female I’ve been around - she likes sex. She don’t seem to see the point of “affection” when not in bed but that is just her. She was like that when she was 25 (when I met her) and that aspect never changed.

I will say the last time I saw her (about a year ago I think) she was in pre-menopause and not interested in much of anything (according to her). According to one of her daughters .... she has lots more problems than menopause these days - she seems to be trying to drown them in beer - which is kind of sad.
Joined: 5/21/2005
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 5:04:22 AM

Although I do believe this is not gender based, the lack of men(with the exception of a few) kind of shows me, not to many on this site willing to step forward to be heard, maybe not worth the effort, in return shows it's not an important issue. But hey, just a guess.

This statement along with the stupid little icon shows a bias and ignorance that SOME of the women here have tired to place upon men. FWIW I'll add my opinions and experiences with you so called mature or "older women" and what you want, what you do or don't do.

Women tend to know only about themselves and with very few exceptions do NOT know the REAL sexual interest or lack thereof with others. Yes you might share some things with one another and form a huge sweeping generalization of your own about "woman kind" but that's hardly what men discover or know about women of any age. Many, MANY women DO lose interest in sex for a variety of reasons and when they become part of a couple simply don't want to engage in it----again for a variety of reasons. Women tend to NOT know the reality of this since you don't date one another. Whatever the reason the notion that SOME women lose their desire for sex after a certain age isn't a creation of men----something along the way has caused some of us to think or know this as fact.

The women posting her know their own desires and capabilities ONLY which I think most have admitted. Also, women who post here on POF are an extreme minority of women "everywhere" and in no way represent even a slim majority of women of any age---thank god for that!! The point being SOME men have encountered more than a few women who are NOT interested in sex. If we extend that to think all women over a certain age don't care for sex simply due our own limited experience with "all women" then we're at fault. Unfortunately, we all tend to sometimes think "all men/women" are alike from only a small sampling of the whole gender.

I'll add hopefully somewhat descreetly that I had a "thing" with a neighbor who was in her later 50's when we began and she was nearly insatiable----and probably still is nearly 7 years later!!
Joined: 5/29/2006
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 6:04:19 AM
I think the suggestion that older Women don't desire sex is a complete myth.
I was married for many year's with the last 10 or so of them not very happy and I know for a fact that if harmony is not present in a relationship neither party (man or woman) will have an interest in romance, affection, or sex.
I am 60 now and was 56 when I divorced. I thought that my day's of enjoying sex we're over simply because I didn't desire sex with her. I was pleasantly suprised shortly after the split to find the fire was still there.
I have dated Women from their early 40's to their mid 60's and know for a fact that Women in their 60's have just as much desire for romance, affection, and sex as younger Women.
If two people enjoy each other's company sex will happen eventually and be blissful for both parties............
Joined: 3/8/2007
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 6:12:24 AM

I would like to hear from the guys why they think older woman don't like sex. Just because you were in a marriage for x number of years and your wife wasn't interested anymore doesn't mean she doesn't like sex. It simply means she was most likely bored with sex with you

I think it is more likely the wife has made herself emotionally unattached from her husband. Adults have choices. Adults take action to remediate bad situations. If sex is boring with your partner, the adult approach is to make it better.
Joined: 3/8/2007
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 6:16:10 AM

guess mature women take longer to get turned on, especially after menopause, and we need a man who isn't so much in a rush to "do the deed" and get it over with.

I will be 52 soon... In recent years I have dated women my age and older. The above quoted statement you make, in my experience, I have found to be very untrue. Mature women, seem to be more "ready to rumble" then I have been.
Joined: 3/15/2006
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 10:13:48 AM

I would like to hear from the guys why they think older woman don't like sex.

Just curious as to what study was done that has made you to come to this conclusion?
Maybe you should do a poll..
You may just be surprised at the results...
Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 11:30:48 AM

I still think older mature women are a real turn on!!!

Thank you! My personal experience has been that after I passed 40, my libidinous urges increased dramatically. I had a man tell me this would happen and I didn't believe it could possibly get any better than it was when I was 25 - he said "Just wait! You'll see!"

If one person who's been intimate with another, now doesn't want sex, then there is a problem, and it's pretty-well guaranteed that the problem has nothing to do with the former not wanting or liking sex.

Once again, right on point. Communication can be quite an aphrodisiac. Try that.

As we women mature, we are no longer concerned with making babies and all that stuff. It means we are free to enjoy all the sex we want without fear of pregnancy and more kids. It was actually kind of liberating!

I admit it - I am nearly 59. I am probably healthier and sexier than I ever was as a youngster. Thank GOD there is some3thing to look forward to besides a rocking chair!
Joined: 8/7/2006
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 2:15:01 PM
What guy thinks older women don't like sex ?, I am sorry for him, experience is bliss.
Joined: 12/18/2006
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 3:22:09 PM
It has been my experience that older women do not want to have sex...................................with me.
Joined: 2/6/2006
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 9:41:02 PM
As usual... this is a thread....about relationship skills trying to be labeled about sex. Everyone wants sex. Everyone likes sex. Can we just aggree on that... for once? ha!

People lose interest in sex in relationships because one, or both, have become negligent...(or ignorant) in basic relationships skills . Sex is the 'acting out' of people who are getting their real needs met. We should be figuring this stuff out at our ages.
Joined: 9/21/2006
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/5/2007 10:03:04 PM
See I get accused of being something of a prude in that I rarely talk sex with women.

I just feel awkward talking to someone else about my needs. That and I want to connect to women on many different levels and interests.

But I do love a woman to be sexy and I dont think older women arent sexy.
Joined: 7/25/2004
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/7/2007 2:14:40 PM
Hmm I think maybe Ron hit a nail on the head. Maybe the guys give up at the first sight of menopause, and forget to go back and check once in a while.
Joined: 12/5/2005
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/8/2007 10:20:06 AM
I'm insatiable. Unlike the "norm" my marriage was 31 years of abuse, but I still wanted sex (go figure); it was the ONLY good part of the marriage.

Celibate (arrrrggggghhh) since the divorce.........waiting to delight some lucky man eventually, LOl, LOL!!

Hope his insurance is paid up, LOL

Sassily, Rossal

My age (60) says "maturity"----my free-spirit ignores it
Joined: 6/26/2005
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/8/2007 11:28:03 AM
"I do hope so I've been badly neglected"

Yes, whether it's a long term relationship that isn't compatible or being single for a long period, there is a lot of us with a lot of love left to do.
Joined: 12/13/2006
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/8/2007 4:05:15 PM
maninmichigan ~~ There ARE women (and men) who don't much care for/need sex, or need very little. When they're younger (20s, 30s) they're, on the whole, too embarrassed to admit it, so they go through the motions with their partners. Sometime during their 40's they just quit or freeze up, and stop what they consider *the charade*. Luckily, for most of us, we are neither them, or married to them, because as nearly as I can figure, the one who wants the least sex "wins." If you can call that winning.

The good part about being mature is that by then you know for sure which group you belong to, and the non-sexers if single again aren't playing anymore. Every man I've been with since my fifties (one was 42) had 'functional problems' of one variety or another, but the deal is, that if both like and want sex, there are workarounds that don't really get in the way of a good, rich, interesting sex life for both partners. If they are (either half) are among that maybe five percent that NEVER liked/needed/wanted sex, age is the perfect excuse for them. Either menopause or ED.

My non-sexer first husband finally, in his late sixties, found himself a widow with a similar rate/need, and they've have gotten on famously for better than a decade. Their relationship consists of two dates a week: one dinner out and one night playing cards. They are delighted to have found each other, and I am truly happy for them both. Wish he'd found her before he found me.

Just my assessment.

Joined: 9/6/2006
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Mature Woman
Posted: 5/9/2007 1:39:31 PM
There is a lot of reasons a woman stops having sex with her husbanl or lover. Most of them start with poor communication.
As for me I am a slow cooker. I am not interested in sex on the second date. I honour my sexuality and consider sex between people to be a sacred act. This means I need to know and trust the man I am with. This takes a while. I may feel very sexy toward a fellow but I will not act on those feelings unless ther is a lot more going on between us-friendship-fun-common interests-compatable lifestyle . It is also a way of separating" the men from the boys " so to speak I believe a mature man will wait until the woman is ready to recieve him sexyally and not drift off if sex is not forthcomming on the second or third date. If he is mature he will wait until a relationship has developed between them. By this I do not mean marriage is in the offing but that there is friendship and deep careing between us. I love making love but hopping into bed with someone for sport has long since lost its appeal.

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