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Joined: 11/5/2005
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When a woman comes across a man with custody of his child/children, she has to really think serious about how much she wants to get involved. Being a stepmother is very hard. I know. I raised a stepson. Today I would not trade him for the world but in the beginning it was very difficult for us both. A lot of it depends on the age of your kids. From ages 12 to 17, children can be very difficult for the real parents. For a stepparent even more so. If you start dating someone with kids, no matter how much you like them, if their children do not like you, they can make the relationship pure he!!.

Be patient. There will be a woman out there who will make you a great partner and a good stepmother to your kids. I could not love my stepson more if I had given birth to him and there are a lot of women out there who will not mind that role. POF is a good place to meet prospects, but you may have to date quite a few before you find the one that works for both you and your kids.
Joined: 10/10/2005
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Where do single Dads find decent women
Posted: 5/16/2007 10:47:23 AM
Honestly, when I look at profiles the first thing I look for is kids. I look to see it he has them, if he mentions them at all, if his interest mention kids stuff. I want someone WITH children. A custodial dad. A weekend father may not understand the demands my children make on my time, since they only have thiers a couple of days a month. A childless man may have a really hard time dealing with them. Of course there are exceptions to EVERY rule. But when I read profiles that what I'm looking for.

While I'll accept a degree if negativity, if his whole profile is bitter and sarcastic toward women then chances are I'll just click next. I also read the profile for content. I want someone who cares enough to double check his work... correct punctuation and spelling, capitalization and run on sentences... oh and real english. I'm not perfect but I want a man who checks the little things, who cares enough to try to impress upon me his thoughts and feelings about wanting someone to share his life.
Joined: 5/9/2007
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Where do single Dads find decent women
Posted: 5/18/2007 11:41:57 PM
Darling.. if you were closer to me i would snatch you up in an heartbeat.

That being said... i have just the same problem being a single mom. But lets not forget the added problem we women run into.
To quote the movie Jerry Magquire ( not sure on the spelling)

" don't rob the craddle"
good luck
Joined: 7/9/2007
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I seem to be having the same problem in the UK
Posted: 9/4/2007 7:11:26 AM
"Quote: " I don't work because my son's disabled, and oh how much more attractive any of that would sound on my profile... I'm dooooomed I tell you, dooooooomed..

I'm With you on this one Andy, my son whois 13 is with Learning difficulties, special needs, & has Behavioural problems, so therefore find it hard to find anyone, its the case Ohhhh Noooo I can't deal with that.
I have alot of female friends, but that is as far as it goes, most of them tell me I am too kind & sweet natured guy & should toughen up.

I have even tried the card getting friendly with the girls i'm friendly with friends but even that doesnt go anywhere,

like other posters, being a Fulltime single dad alot of single mothers don't want to know,
This should work both ways if a bloke should accept a girlwith kids why not the other way around
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