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Hi thread and forum,

This is a blog entry I did a few days ago. Just looking for comments and thoughts. Stay well!

Religion vs Religion, Who's right and who's wrong!

The religions of the world all have one thing in common, they seek to have humans in balance with themselves, physically, mentally and spiritually. However, with this said, followers of a particular religion will claim that if a person were to follow their religion, that that person is on the right because the tenets and teachings of that religion says so. But what about other religions? Does following another religion make the human fallible and susceptible to not having balance and salvation in their lives?

We can all agree that most religions compete for followers and that religion will be made known all the benefits and requirements. It will be also made known the path that leads to a happy ending and a sad ending. It can be best likened to a taking a roadmap and being asked to follow a path, and in this path, you, yourself must choose which one you will take. However long, or short, it may be, you must make the choice and stick to it. With great certainty as well, you must have faith, that this road you will take will lead you to this happy ending called Heaven.

For many centuries, the main three major monotheistic religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have been jockeying for followers to adhere to their faiths. In so much that this jockeying for followers has lead to bloody wars where many men, women and children have died. It can be best said, that since man has worshiped their one true God, the Almighty, there has been one true God, there has been killing in His name. All would say, that these killings were justified because somewhere in their holy books, the slaughter of infidels, namely non-believers of their faiths, it is justified to go out and spread their message. In a larger sense, man killing his own fellow brother all in the name his religion is basically hijacking and using religion as the excuse and pretext to harm his fellow brethren because they have a different way of looking at God. Whether they choose to worship God, is completely up to that person.

My question is, when do we stop for a moment and ponder what our religion is trying to say, than try to subjugate our fellow man into following what he is not comfortable with? If it is God's will, God will give to that person a different path from you, than so be it, it will lead to the same place. I would ask any religion to find one trace of authority in their holy books where it is permissible to force anyone to believe, follow their religious doctrine and faith. Many have died, struggled and suffered over the issue of religion. During the early Christian times, the Roman Emperors persecuted the Christians because they refused to worship the Roman gods. During the Roman occupation of Palestine and Isreal, the Jews were subjugated and dispersed from Palestine. Also, finlly, the Muslims, who were slaughtered in the Holy Lands during the crusades by other Christians. All this bloodshed, was all the result of misunderstanding and not asking simply what the religions were truly about. Arrogance and imprudence led to this great misconception that we are so different, when in reality, we are not so far off from what I believe is the path to God. We simply follow a different road to God. It is neither man's place to condemn nor judge a person's worth because they see God differently.

A. E. Stevenson once said in commerating a ceremony to dedicate a national park to those fallen in battle after the War Between the States, "here, in the dread tribunal of last resort, valor contended against valor. Here brave men struggled and died for the right as God gave them to see the right."

To quote John B. Gordon, A. E. Stevenson "was right," "wholly and eternally right!" To compare it now, it is not only valor contending against valor, but religious conviction and faith contending against religious conviction and faith. And it will be a beautiful day when the people of this Earth, created by the Almighty, our Lord, Our God, understand and know that the many years of war and misunderstanding between the faiths "was waged by neither with criminal or unworthy intent, but by many "to protect what they conceived to be threatened" rights, pillars and tenets of their faiths. That the issues which divided the different faiths were born when their respective religions were born because of lack of understanding, and that when the Day of Judgment comes, the Almighty, will welcome the believers and His children whether they be Jew, Christian or Muslim.
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Editorial: Religion vs. Religion - Please comment
Posted: 5/25/2007 12:48:17 PM
I just have a minor criticism...

For many centuries, the main three major monotheistic religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have been jockeying for followers to adhere to their faiths.

Judaism doesn't try to convert people to the faith. In fact, they try to make it difficult for those who want to convert, to make sure that they're sure.
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