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Macs would outsell wintel machines if there were mac clones. But there aren't.

But, long term, linux and osx will converge and will be the os of choice on a pc.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 6/3/2007 7:04:19 PM

Ubuntu is the thing to watch in the short term.

Just like Debian was last year and Red hat the year before. That's what I love about the linux statndard - there's so many to choose from.

My router is not "Linux" compatible

It's a router - it doesn't care what computer you have. It should work equally well with an Amiga or a Sun or a Cray.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 6/3/2007 8:44:36 PM
As an absolute non-geek [spinnin wrenches for a livin dudn qualify :>] and Ubuntu user I hafta say that anyone currently runnin a MS system could easily slip off into an Ubuntu OS should they choose to do so. This may absolutely be fueling a lot of the interest of MS users looking to simplify their security demands while laying out a big fat $0 in making such a switch.

Mac has held a strong presence in the Graphic Arts trades for many years now. Though most printing and finishing businesses can usually handle the odd MS files a customer will send their way, they typically prefer Mac files as they are what they work with the most.

Their claim [printers/finishers] is that Macs are easier to work with for generating and manipulating graphics files, and since that's their stock and trade, it's what they prefer.

Mac seems to have a very devoted following in the business and home users who use their systems. In business it's all about finding and hitting your niche then workin that position with a fervor, which Mac seems to have done. It seems unlikely Mac will fall to the wayside, and neither will MS.

I think [<-danger Will Robinson, danger, Danger! ] Linux/Unix systems have made some serious inroads into Mac/MS realms in both the business and home user markets and are certainly here to stay. I also feel as if Mac and MS will likely loose some ground to the opensource systems of today and tommorrow which in the long term will be better overall for the whole of the software world too

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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 6/4/2007 8:00:28 AM
Macs are very expensive, that is their ultimate downfall. When you see $300-400 PCs advertised every week, those users are NOT going to want to shell out $1500+ for a Mac.

The look of the OSes tend to work for different people. Macs are created by artists, for artists. Very nice interfaces. PCs have a more hierarchal interface, that more tech minded people, I have noticed, prefer. I know the new Vista interface takes a step in the Mac direction, and I have a lot of troubles with it.

From a support side, I have to say, I would take a PC any day over a Mac. The Macs are VERY difficult to work on, when something really blows up.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 6/4/2007 10:12:36 AM
Macs are consumer appliances. You plug them in and start using then. You upgrade by getting a new one.

A $500 dual 1 gig cpu G4 is comparable to almost any PC these days. You can serioulsy upgrade the performance of either by adding high speed SCSI or even better, RAID.

If you think Macs are made by artists you've never worked at Apple!

The absolute most technical people I know gave up pc's for macs when OSX came out. Finally a home unix computer you can't tell is unix. But just open a shell prompt and let the BSD command line hoodoo begin. They rawk, utterly.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 6/6/2007 7:37:01 PM
In my opinion, Mac is just for some specific fields i.e. art design.
I don't think there are chances for Mac to overpass PC in the market.
Price is important, besides Windows has strong support from Microsoft.
Without stuff like iPod, Apple would have tougher days.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 6/7/2007 8:59:16 AM
My next platform purchase will probably be a MAC. I've been in the VAR and service end of this industry since 91. It's been years since I've worked on MAC , probably OS 8. I've always had respect for their platform. I have been checking the local Microcenter and playing briefly with the updated equipment. I'm impressed with it, mainly IMAC. It is a simple household appliance. I've not kept up with the effects the current state of the internet has on it though. I know in the PC / MS world you have to keep plugging the holes is the dike. Is that the same with MAC today? I've always referred to MS as not only being more vulnerable but also a more popular target.
In any event I believe that as more functions that used to be internal to a company's IS get farmed out to internet pathed sites/services , the vehicle becomes less important than the road. The web designers and service providers, i.e.; data warehouses, remote backup/storage; online games are the ones with the platform issues in how they can make themselves more available and secure. The very large majority of end users don't require any more power than they did a few years ago to perform their working tasks. Most Joe-consumer types can use the online services for finances and/or other personal business with little or no purchased software involved . Their entertainment - that's a different story. I believe MAC has a simpler approach to localized entertainment in the home computer. It seems, to me any way, that MAC behaves more like a television set or fax machine right out of the box. As much as I like tinkering and tweaking, sometimes I just want it to work on it's own with less cables and options that I have to negotiate into a harmonious state only to have that usurped by one of dozens of possiblie causes from kids to new hack to flaky harware, to some vendor and their new driver conflicting with other driver or firmware. Reminds me of my dad going from the front to back of the old TV's twisting knobs until he got the near perfect picture. Then he'd turn the channel or the show would end and he would have to start over again.
It may be a case of the grass is greener for me. Professionally,, ya'll stick with PC/MS ( I don't want to become a Maytag repair man)
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 6/7/2007 12:03:41 PM
One of the interesting things about the mac world and one of the reasons macs tend to be more robust software wise is they don't support backward compatabiity. 15 year old windows programs still run under vista.

But, when OS9 moved to OSX all that stuff had to be recompiled. Hacks no longer worked and had to use proper OS calls. When the switch to intel cpus happend again a few more system hacks fell by the wayside. In this respect macs tend to be a bit more evolved and sometimes you really go get what you pay for.

I don't buy the "macs use more expenisive hardware" argument. Laptops and integrated computers both PC and mac cannot have components replaced. Towers can and bot macs and pcs come in this configuration. Macs and pcs can use the same PCI cards. Apple and some PCs (Tyan) have had 64 bit busses for a while. This is a good thing.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 6/16/2007 4:49:59 AM
So, as a Mac security admin, you locked down the terminal app and kept the property list application available? I can lock down my Mac so guest users have access to just the things I want them to have. Not following your argument at all.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 6/19/2007 10:29:37 PM
Oh, another PC fanboi I see. Your comments are all lies.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 7/1/2007 7:38:53 AM
I find it amusing that there are so many old stereotypes about computers. As I worked on a publication on InDesign earlier this year I was happy that the standard Apple mighty mouse had right click. Neither the Mac revolving around Quark nor the one button only mouse are true anymore. Its like the IT guy I had to deal with earlier this year saying that a Mac wasn't compatible with the network because of Apple Talk... don't even use Apple Talk anymore.

I have bought pre-built machines (like an Emachine that lasted forever), I have done custom builds. I have bought a Mac. I have run pc computer labs with several models. I have run Mac labs. In reality, its all good.

Unless its a Dell. Then its just a really expensive paperweight.

I do lots of video editing, web design, and publications type stuff in my job. I have worked with both platforms. If given the choice, I would chose a Mac anyday. I don't have to play the "will the computer 'see' the camera today" game with a Mac. To paraphase the commercials... it just works. Photoshop is great on both platforms. And I love Avid and FCP, both of which you can find on a Mac. Now, PCs have Adobe Premiere.... but Macs will soon have that too.

The only real thing I do like about hopping on a Windows machine is that I worked with them so long I can sometimes find stuff a bit easier. Plus I love dinking around with the registry. Thats always fun.

Honestly, its a preference thing. Many movies and tv shows are done on PC. Many are done on a Mac. Its not the platform that gets you a job in the industry... its the basic skills and the ability to learn. Same goes for photo editing, publishing, desktop business and all that. The day that I become so exclusive to one platform that I can't figure out the other is the day I know I am in trouble.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 7/1/2007 12:03:53 PM
Microsoft has controlling shares in APPLE COMPUTERS inc, do you really think they wouldn't step in and stop it if apple started outselling them?

I've said this before. Mac will never outsell microsoft because the total usablity isn't there. There is no program or software out there for mac that isn't also out there for pc. PC also has thousands if not millions of developers out there on a daily basis.

Which leads me to my next point. People say apples are more secure to hackers/crackers/spyware/malware/ virus attack. WELL DUH!! MAC's arn't used near as well as pc's and the programming languages used to make osx arn't as well know as say c/C++/C#. This alone gives it a headshot of more security. Had Steve Jobs out smarted Bill Gates back in the 70's it would microsoft people were saying would be more secure because , less people would be building stuff that attack it. Simple logic, just the same as cars, the newer the car the less "third party" extras there are for it on the market.

As far as movies go, yes things like toystory and alot of pixar stuff are done on macs, and the reason was the "g-machines" had far superior capabilities for rendering stuff. back in late 90's early 2000, but there is no way on this earth a mac is better than a pc, for functionaly and overall usage.

"But it's easy to use" BS. Those who find it easy to use have a decent basis of computer knoledge, how ever those who don't know much about macs still know how to run windows and a whole new OS is a big down side.

TECHs for mac lol.. More like the mac version of script kiddies. Mac's are so integrated inside thier case there is no point in trying to "fix" the damn thing, just replace it.

Plain and simple facts.

My personal oppinion, I hate mac's, i find them a waste of money and a useless joke. I'm even willing to buy a microsoft zune because i wouldn't install itunes on your machine let alone mine. The damn thing still integrates itself into windows like AOL and is almost as much a pain to get out. It took an hour to remove all the files after windows did an unistall, yeah i hate mac's.

Oh and for any of those wondering; I have a bachelors of science in computer information systems, I am a computer tech, my oppinions are fairly accurate for those not brainwashed by the apple adds.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 7/2/2007 12:44:26 AM
hate to burst your bubble, they still own controlling shares, they were never sold off, check it out before you accuse it of being a rumor :)
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 7/2/2007 7:36:02 AM
i use windows and custom pc
however macs are the bomb!
they are far seperiour!
Joined: 6/8/2007
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 7/2/2007 9:56:21 AM
thecall, you are incorrect. They never had controlling shares. This can be verified by Steve Jobs on the 1997 MacWorld, where he states explicitly that MS had no controlling shares.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 7/3/2007 10:50:09 AM
2 things.

1 NEVER use wikipidia for a source. it's unable to be authorized as valid because any smoe can put stuff into it.

2. Rent Pirates of silicon valey and enjoy.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 7/5/2007 9:16:27 AM
I know loads of people who took 5 minutes to start using Windows. Then they changed job, were put on a Mac, and it took them 3 weeks to get the hang of it.

But I've yet to meet one that would choose to keep using Windows, who's owned a Mac or used one for work.

I've used both. What I've found is that Windows is much easier to do something simple on, but the more difficult the problem, the difficulty of doing it on a Windows machine rises astronomically. But on Macs, it starts off a little difficult to do a simple thing, and stays the same way to do something much more complex.

All the IT admin staff I know have a policy that it is easier to reinstall a package than fix it, and it is easier to reinstall Windows from scratch than it is to find and fix a problem with the O/S, even a little one.

But here's a test: develop a program to find the 10, million-th decimal place of Pi a computer. Try it for Windows and Macs with the same speed CPUs and the same amount of memory and hard drive. See which one does it quicker and which one was more difficult to instruct. I am willing to bet the Mac is much easier to instruct, and is far quicker than it's rival.

But most people are not that smart, and their marketing is phenomenal. So Windows wins out for the masses. The smart people are using Macs or Unix.
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 8/19/2007 11:22:50 PM
So much for all them people who say MAC is more secure. Secure from Viruses but not from smart ass teenagers.

In an effort to secure Macintosh PCs running OSX in a lab environment:
Setup a user account that does not have admin. privileges (remove check from a check box) and set the account limits so the user can only use the applications that you allow (Buy default the Utilities directory is shut down.)
This can also be accomplished for a group of machines running OSX using ServerX. This involves setting up bootstrap over logical link control (IEEE 802.2) and administer each user account as seen fit (for instance turn off access to the calculator). These settings are pretty much the same as one will find in a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 environment.
I have always said that some day we will have an operating system that is scalable, portable, stable and accessible at all levels. and of course we will call it Unix.
Big Fish you if are listening, now that you have mastered ASP perhaps you would like to learn WebObjects.
Joined: 8/31/2007
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 9/5/2007 12:20:55 PM
I also have my MCSE for windows XP certified for Apple, A+, Unix, SUN and Cisco...but what do I usually use at home...macintosh. It simply is a much better contest. Most of the IT people I know are now getting on the bandwagon also. They wrestle with Microsoft products all day, and have no desire to do so when they get home. You really do not need IT support with macintosh. It is elegant and common sense, and you can fix it yourself. It is the operating system, that average people should have in their homes...not windows. That old adage about not being able to do some things on a macintosh, because of software ridiculous. The lines are now entirely blurred...and actually...I always thought they were anyway. I never felt a bit hindered by using macintosh. For graphics, they literally are the whole game.

Microsoft is their own worst enemy. They continually shoot themselves in the foot. They remind me of the cartoon...PINKY and the BRAIN...with their obsession to control the world. They essentially make it impossible to really do graphics on least correctly...and your way. Microsoft always tries to put its' programs into the mix, in place of the third party ones. They also make bloated and invasive software, with many more bells and whistles, than actual substance. They try to be everything to everyone, then they also try too always control what is going on. It has become a sad state of affairs.

The way things appear right now...Microsoft is on the descendency. They cannot even put out a finished operating system anymore...after years of work on it...and reams of promises. When they do release the latest and greatest OS, they add tons of eye candy, and try to pass off a beta as a finished product. Most of the most ballyhooed features are eviscerated from the final working result...which really does not work.

Microsoft is however living proof, that the best does not always win. They never were the best. Even Bill Gates quotes, before windows 95 release, back that up. I am not clairvoyant...and do not know who actually will take over...or possibly retain OS supremacy...but I doubt it will be Microsoft...not in the future. They have not taken over the server market as they assumed they would, that belongs to open source (Apache), and it appears the future of the desktop OS is wide open, with open source making inroads constantly. Macintosh is here...and very well. Vista is here...does nothing close to what was initially promised...and also simply does not work. Right me...the contest is a no brainer...a moot point. javascript:smilie('')
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MAC or WIndows...
Posted: 9/12/2007 11:48:16 AM
I am a graphic designer. I've worked on both systems. I prefer the Mac because of the interfaces. I can work on and maintain my computer without having to get technical. I'm an artist, I don't want to learn programming and code and such. Everything is easy to find and use..all the info I need is at my fingertips. That's me. Also the Mac has keyboard strokes made for word processing...and that's very handy in the printing industry.

I can switch from one to another however if I have to. I hated windows 95...but the new os isn't too bad.

Apple has broken a barrier with it's ipod and iphone. It is engaging the younger generation and I think that's a smart marketing move. PC has more programs for business and accounting. Now if pc's didn't crash so often... I've had my Mac for 6 years, it's crashed once (my fault) for me in terms of maintainence it's been worth the extra $. I don't know why the Mac is so different from the pc's that way.

I think it will probably stay like it is...with Mac staying at the high end, but pulling in more purchasers as they branch out. Pc will probably stay as the computer of choice because you can buy them cheap.
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