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Joined: 5/27/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??Page 1 of 2    (1, 2)
As an EBay seller, myself, for over 5 years, I've grown more and more frustrated with EBay's VERY high auction fees structures. They almost literally charge "an arm and a leg" for auctions to be posted and sold. You see, they charge sellers a percentage of their POSTED values, when they first post, and so make money whether the seller sells that item or not. Then, if the seller is successful, EBay charges another percentage of THAT value. What they still DON'T charge a percentage fee on are the amounts sellers ask in their "Shipping and Handling" sections. As a result, more and more sellers are resorting to showing higher shipping and handling areas, and lower "post" and thus "sell" amounts. By keeping EBay's combined auction fees down, sellers like myself can keep the overall TOTAL charges for things we sell, DOWN for the customers. EBay just LOVES it when most people who shop on EBay don't recognize those savings, and sometimes even turn sellers into EBay for posting things in this manner. When EBay then forces sellers to raise their post, and thus their sell values, they charge more for both, which the seller then passes on to the shoppers through higher TOTAL charges asked for their goods. As confusing as it sounds, it's quite simple, really. As shoppers, people simply need to shop and compare TOTAL values sellers are asking, and not pay so much attention to one specific area of the charges, like the shipping and handling charges.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this? If so, what is it and why? Some might say that sellers who do this should simply explain what they're doing in the written description. Well, EBay has THAT covered, too, as they won't allow it, and shut such auctions down immediately when they're spotted.
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/3/2007 10:58:02 PM
I personally scrutinise EBAY sellers based on over-inflated shipping charges. That shows me the true intention of the seller. I have even left feedback on sellers about overcharging shipping costs.

We are sorry that EBAY charges high fees for selling an item, but its not right to sneak the extra $$ thru shipping. Its misleading and shows a certain disrespect for buyers like me. I will continue shopping on EBAY until I find the item I need being sold by an honest & trustworthy seller. I ALWAYS eventually find it.

I refuse to deal with sneaky unscrupulous sellers who try to take advantage thru whatever means to maximise profit.
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/3/2007 11:30:10 PM
Are there any auction sites that just charge a flat fee for posting stuff for sale?
As it is Ebay is a bit like a landlord who charges a store rent based on how much business it does... which is fine... but I wouldn't go for such a deal.
Ebay needs more competition in the online auction racket...

Still... I do see the attempts to charge high shipping to circumvent Ebay's charges as cheating... and I usually skip such auctions because it doesn't give me much trust in the seller.
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/4/2007 6:11:38 AM
If anybody jacks up their shipping rate for their auction just to cover the cost of the ebay fees it's considered fee avoidance and is punishable by suspension or loss of your account. I sell all the time on ebay, if you don't like the costs have a garage sale.
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/4/2007 7:49:06 AM
I love to shop ebay! Shipping is usually around 5 dollars for standard

Sometimes you'll pay next to nothing for a purchase and it's like you're getting it free and just paying for the shipping

Ebay rocks!
Joined: 12/14/2006
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/4/2007 10:05:08 AM
Sorry but I stopped using EBay 2 years ago. And I'm not alone - there is not near the volume that there once was. And most of the sellers on EBay now are businesses - not individuals who occasionally have a virtual garage sale.
Joined: 4/20/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/4/2007 11:47:36 AM
I went to ebay to buy some flags, found a deal, and ordered 6...

The shipping charge was 5 dollars each...

They were all put in 1 envelope and the total postage was around 3 dollars...

I have ordered other stuff and the postage wasn't near what the shipping charge was...

I understand there are expenses for packing and such, but quit ripping people for shipping, but complaining about what your charges...
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/4/2007 12:06:55 PM
Ebay is a convenient way to shop, but I often get frustrated by sellers who list inflated shipping costs.
Funny--how can one seller ship an item cross country for less than another who lives in my area?
Yes, it does give the impression of a "rip off".
Especially when you receive an item that has the $2 postage clearly marked, realizing that you paid $15 extra for someone to stuff in into an envelope and mail it to you.

I appreciate it when sellers list their shipping costs since I can calculate that into my total purchase price.
Then, even with the inflated shipping costs, it might still be a good bargain.
Unfortunately, most of the items that I shop for are usually within the same price range, so it only makes sense to buy from the one who lists lower shipping costs.

I've noticed that some (commercial) sellers list 'no reserve bid' and price their popular items at a penny knowing that it will sell in the $100+ range.
Is this their way of beating the Ebay system?

I agree that the Ebay marketplace has changed.
While it once gave "the power of sale" to individuals it now leans towards commercial sellers who trade in volume.
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/4/2007 12:10:36 PM
If you want free listing, pictures etc go to this link. All they charge is 3% of the final selling price.

Theyre on their way from taking over greedbay. I sell on there and the people on the forums are very nice.
This is the only way greedbay will learn.

Send the link around and knock greedbay for what its worth. ZILCH.

Last month I purchased a dog bed for our Dobermann. £10 p&p dog bed £6.00
The dog bed arrived very cheap & flimsy I could have made one better myself. Actual postage £4.60 and a cheap black bin bag. I contacted the seller and complained,, they were rude back to me so I reported them to greedbay. Then I noticed the p&p on their otehr items went up to £11.00 So I complained again.
Went to Peepal to complain and put in for a refund. Peepal said "Thank you for your concern, but no refund can be given for postage."
I thought so much for buyer protection, so im waiting out the 90 days to leave neg feedback.
There are other people who have given neg to the seller reP&P. But I noticed the seller gives neg back so im biding my time.

Greedbay & Peepay do not care, why should they everyone goes there, they make millions each year. So go to a better auction site.
Joined: 5/27/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/4/2007 2:44:16 PM
Well, I saw what I thought I would see in the majority of the replies = The average buyer really has no idea of the motives of MOST sellers who employ the higher shipping costs + lower post (and thus "sell") values! As an EBay Power Seller, myself, for well over 5 years, now, I'll freely admit that I've done that, and will CONTINUE to do it, as long as I can get my products to my customers for the lowest prices possible, while still making it worth my while and financial risk in doing so.

I REALLY enjoyed the one poster above who called EBay "Greedbay!" That poster couldn't have hit it more on the head with that comment, in terms of being ABSOLUTELY correct! GREEDBAY, as I enjoy calling them, flat out LOVES it when all of those more or less naive shoppers out there automatically THINK a seller is trying to be "sneaking," etc. when they have higher shipping costs, and lower post and sell values, because at least a few of them turn those sellers in to EBay, and basically do EBay's job FOR them! So, not only does EBay now make more money from the sellers who are forced to switch things around, but they got their vitural police work done for them FREE of charge. Further, since the seller now has to pay higher "Post" and then "Sell" fees for what they're selling, they will have NO choice but to raise what they ask for in TOTAL charges (regardless of whether they put it in the shippng or post sections), in order to help offset those higher combined auction fees EBay will now charge them.

If those well-intentioned, but naive shoppers would just let the sellers go, in the VAST majorit of cases, those sellers will get you your goods for MUCH less than the ones who were forced to post for higher values, and thus were forced to raise what they're asking for the SAME things! If you don't like doing the math during comparison shopping, simply keep moving on. Leave the sellers alone. By doing so, you're either NOT helping EBay make more money, or contributing to the demise of those sellers.

Trust me when I say that the "market will take care of itself," in terms of not sustaining the kind of sellers most naive shoppers assume are the ones who jack up their shipping charges to be "sneaking," etc. If their products and service are not of the quality people seek for the TOTAL charges they ask for their goods, people simply won't shop through them, and those sellers will be forced to disappear. On the other hand, if those more naive shoppers out there can simply compare the TOTAL charges of one similar item to those of another seller's similar product, and purchase the one with the better TOTAL charges, then simply move on, and let it be.

As a reputable Power Seller, we've developed quite a sizeable base of regular and returning customers. The VAST majority of them truly understand what it is we're doing for them, in keeping THEIR "total charges" down for our goods, by keeping EBay's TOTAL charges against US down. As a result, these repeat customers enjoy savings after savings, after savings, every time they come back to us. MOST couldn't care less where the auction charges are aligned, as long as their "bottom line" total charges are what they agree with! THAT, my friends, is how online shoppers need to see this.

Here is a brief example: Several years ago, we sold a very nice rosewood ballpoint pen through EBay auctions. For about a year, we posted them for a penny, and asked for $12.99 "shipping" and processing charges. Now, at that time, it only cost us about $0.50 per package to send a single pen purchase out, by stamp value, and about $0.30 for the padded envelope. Those more naive shoppers would think, "What a RIP-OFF!" when they see the actual postage costs, compared with what they paid, COMPLETELY forgetting that they paid just a penny for a $15.00 (retail value) pen!! It goes both ways, folks! If you're going to complain about the $12.99 "shipping" costs, then equally PRAISE the penny price of the pen as well!!

Now, somebody apparently got mad at the way we posted those auctions, and then complained to EBay. Though we had sold well over 1,000 pens in about a year's time by then, we were forced to switch the auctions around to more of a $11.99 post value, with a $2.99 "Shipping" costs value. Doing the math, those two figures combined for $14.98. At that point, what used to be a pretty fast-selling pen, dropped to something we sold MAYBE one pen per week with. Those literally HUNDREDS of customers who enjoyed a better bargain value of $12.00 in TOTAL charges for THEIR pens, could no longer enjoy such a deal, since we were forced to switch our auction format, and then add to what we sought for those pens, to help pay EBay the higher "post" and "sell" fees we then had to pay. Within just a handful of weeks, we could no longer afford to sell those nice pens, as the sales rate of them didn't justify the fees being paid to EBay for posting them, whether they sold or not (YES! EBay gets paid by sellers whether their items sell, or not! Yet another fact most naive shoppers have no clue about).

Last, regarding a point another poster touched on above, regarding only big-time sellers being out on EBay anymore, with almost NO "average Joe" out there anymore. Well, once again, you can thank GREEDBAY (EBay) for that as well. Since you need to pay for your posted auctions whether you actually successfully sell them or not, the average person simply CANNOT afford to sell their things through EBay. Only "big time" sellers who have "big time" wholesale connections for bulk quantities of their goods can afford to pay those high fees anymore.

So, to all those relatively inexperienced EBay shoppers out there, we mean no offense to you at by suggesting this, but please simply move on when you see high shipping charges auctions, and don't turn them in to EBay! You're not helping yourself at all, nor are you helping other shoppers in ANY way! In fact, all you're doing when you turn sellers in to EBay like that is helping EBay make more money, while hurting the average shopper who will now be forced to pay higher TOTAL charges for goods they buy on EBay, to help sellers afford to pay EBay's higher auction fees. If sellers cannot recover those higher fees, they'll simply stop selling, and that's NOT a good thing for anyone!

Take care, good luck, and happy shopping!
Joined: 2/24/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/4/2007 7:43:23 PM
There's one point not mentioned (I think) for poeple like me who sell one of this or that occasionally. Is considering that if the seller doesn't have a shipping setup, how much is the persons time worth for finding packaging, tape, stuffing the box so it gets there in one piece, and driving to ups or whatever and standing in line. Takes me about an hour usually. So I have been tacking on more than I used to, cause the time is worth something.
Joined: 11/10/2006
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 12:33:32 AM
I've pretty much stopped shopping e-Bay because of the shipping charges. I'm finding great deals on Yahoo Shopping and they aren't charging an arm & leg for shipping.
Joined: 3/21/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 3:19:13 AM
Heres one for you. UK seller selling dvd's pc & console games. Approx biddig is around £15.00 depending on game & console. The seller charges between £5 - £8.00 P&P. Theyre in the UK dont forget. SO how can they charge such a high amount even including listing selling fees & Peepay. Cost to send a dvd aka game approx £0.70p Jiffy bag pack of 10 from Poundland. So £0.10p Ok selling fee depending on how much it sold for approx £0.80p Then Peepay charges £ depending on what the total is £1.00
So all in all costs approx £2.60 Ok add a bit for your time £3.50 So what the heck is the extra for.
Joined: 1/21/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 5:36:50 AM
Simply find a site you can work with and start selling there...or start one yourself!

A lot of the time e-bay pricing for their services is way out of line! If they start losing a lot of people, they will adjust their policies.

Start bidding at a penny...why not? Doesn't mean they have to sell at that price!

Yahoo auctions is a large site too!
Joined: 4/3/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 7:02:17 AM
Been thinking about putting some stuff on there. I printed off the rules, and haven't looked over it all yet, but I did skim it and see they said things could change at any time. Thats like a loop hole for them. So not sure if I will are not yet.
My husband buys big things from there alot. Its stuff you can't find here, and its cheaper than most stores even with shipping. Well some shipping is crazy, so he wont bid on them ones. I think high shipping cost them bids. I never bid until the last two mins on something, so no one knows I want it. I have seen some start out low shipping, and it get raised before its sold. I bought a 1800's dragon vase cheap, and they raised the shipping on it on me in the last day. Thats why I wait to bid.

Why talk about e-bay on here? Is this a way to have people run there to see what it is?
Speaking of which I need to go there and check something.
Yahoo shopping? If its like e-bay then maybe I need to check it to. After all we buy from people with the lowest shipping, unles its a hard to find thing.
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 8:25:39 AM
doobiebro – GREAT point about “time spent,” “materials, etc. The average shopper really doesn’t even consider THOSE costs, and only look at the price of the stamps on their packages. How naïve is that??

yna6 – SUPER point, too. Why NOT start the bidding at a penny, whether you can win the object or not? As EBay charges more, sellers are then forced to ASK for more of their customers. If you ALLOW them to post for (and thus SELL for) lower amounts, such as a penny, then they won’t need to ask for more in TOTAL charges for their items.

Marie88 – Again, don’t look too deeply into what’s posted under the “Shipping” charges section, asking “What’s the extra for?” The REAL question all shoppers need to ask is: “Is this the BEST deal for the TOTAL charges that I can find ANYWHERE, whether it’s online, or at regular stores with sales taxes added?” THAT is the real question you should be asking yourself. Again, if you allow sellers to put more of what they NEED for things they sell within the “Shipping” sections, they will pay less to EBay in BOTH “Post” and “Sell” fees, and thus be able to afford to ask for LESS in total charges for what they sell.

Trust me on this one, as a seller, MOST sellers (not all of them, admittedly) will lower their TOTAL charges for goods to where they will sell at a comfortable pace. It’s basic economics, people. As the prices of goods (or TOTAL charges, including shipping costs, in this case) go down, the consumer demand for them goes up. ANY good seller knows that, and wants to find that comfortable price (TOTAL charges) level where there is a high enough demand for it to be worth the time, risk, and hassles of selling them. YES, sellers are retaining more of their sales money when they sell goods that have HIGH shipping costs posted, but then that allows them to lower their OVERALL pricing goals on their items, so they’re more affordable to the customer.

Bottom line, here: If you work on EBay’s side of things, and prevent sellers from “hiding” more of what they NEED for their goods sold through EBay, you’re only hurting the shoppers in the long run, and NOT the sellers. You would also be helping EBay do THEIR job of policing against those sellers who are keeping more money from THEIR (EBay’s) pockets.

Shoppers’ Hint: No matter WHERE you get your goods when you shop, compare the items you’re considering, and match up the TOTAL charges being asked of you in both cases (to include sales taxes, if they apply). THEN, compare those total charges for similar items, and purchase the BEST overall TOTAL charges one, and save money, REGARDLESS of where the costs are posted!

By the way, thanks for the tip on Yahoo Shopping! We'll check that one out this week, and see if we can't expand our markets a little by selling there, too!
Joined: 5/27/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 8:35:20 AM
lynn123456789 - GOOD spot, by the way, finding one of EBay's MANY little "loopholes," as you so correctly put it! They've reserved the right to see just how successful sellers are through their site, and then put the screws to them with higher fees, about once or twice per year! THAT, my friends, is what helped make it EXTREMELY difficult for the "average Joe" to post anything online through them, to sell it off.

Consider this, all you "average Joes" out there = If you post and describe SEVERAL of your "garage sale" type items on EBay, and say, sell only about 1/4 of what you post, you would STILL be paying at least the "Posting" fees to EBay on the 3/4 of your stuff that DIDN'T sell! That would dig into anything you made on the 1/4 of it that DID sell, in a tremendous way. The stuff that DID sell would cost you both their "Posting" AND "Selling" fees, combined. Then, when people pay through PayPal, as most tend to do, PayPal (owned by EBay, by the way - How convenient, eh?), you lose another small percentage of the money you made from selling your things. Who would be the REAL winner in all of that, you might ask?? EBay!!! They make money EITHER way, whether you sell your things or not! It's THAT simple.

Now, using the garage sale postings as an example, consider allowing that "average Joe" to post all of his things individually for a penny, but then have HIGH shipping costs (but at a level matching what he needs for that stuff). Who CAN'T afford a percentage of a penny to post that item, or another percentage of that same penny selling level? NOW that "average Joe" is able to retain more of the money people pay for his things, because EBay won't get NEARLY as much from him!

So, all of you more naive shoppers out there who RAG on the sellers for this price reduction technique, without FULLY understanding why it's being done in most cases, you're contributing to preventing the "average Joe" from being able to afford to sell anything through venues like EBay! Pat yourselves on the back, as you tend to be pretty effective at squeezing people like "Joe" right out of the market. The larger sellers will ALWAYS find ways to continue selling, however, since WE have better bulk purchasing power, and can afford to sell goods for less, considering the savings we enjoy when we buy in new goods, wholesale.

Hopefully, at least SOME of this sinks in, people! I can TELL you that EBay is hoping it doesn't!!
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 9:44:57 AM
Bob is quite right about this. You have to look at "what you pay in total" not just the shipping price.

I recenly bought some bits of computer stuff. It was cheaper to go with the guy who charged "outrageous shipping" than it was to buy them at an inflated price with actual cost shipping.

I also agree there's a lot of business on fleabay now and that it's not all mom and pop cleaning out theit attic. So what? At the end of the day you make a decision based on what you're paying and what you're getting.

Ebay has indeed changed, some of these changes are for the better, some aren't. You can buy eyeglass frames directly from the factory in China. What might cost you $60 at wal mart can now be had for $4. Talk about cutting out the middleman!

Before everybody and his borther knew about ebay there were a lot less ripoffs. I think you have to be a LOT more careful these days when dealing with ebay sellers. I won't look at anybody with less than 100 feedbacks and 99%. Even that's not completely safe because of phishing scams. One high volume sellers of very premium goods lost her login to a phishing scam and "her" customers were out over 100K in one week.
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 11:01:57 AM
rsx11s is VERY correct in all that he just stated above!!

Rookie Online Shopers Lesson #1 = Compare TOTAL charges of similar goods, when considering between similar items, and don't pay as much attention as most of you do to WHERE each charge is listed! As rsx11s so correctly stated, it's really about what you pay in the END, for what you want, that counts.

Rookie Online Shopers Lesson #2 = Again, as rsx11s correctly stated above, the more you're paying for something you get from EBay, the MORE you should focus on what the seller's EBay feedback count is. The more "unique" (different) customers who have taken their time to post positive things for sellers, the more you can trust them with your transaction. "100" is a good number to start with, but you might look for 1,000 or more, if you're purchasing a car, truck, or boat, for example. You might also consider their feedback PERCENTAGE score, too. That would be the ratio of POSITIVE comments made against negatives made, too. I good round number to look at for somebody with better than a "100" feedback count would be 99% or greater. That would mean they've satisfied at LEAST 99 out of every 100 people they've served (TONS of happy customers never log on and leave feedback, but the unhappy ones ALWAYS do!).

Rookie Online Shopers Lesson #3 = NEVER! NEVER! NEVER log onto your account, either with EBay or PayPal, through an email. These clever phishers (scam artists) have gotten pretty cute about the way they've designed emails to send people for reactions. All of them contain some sort of sign-on and/or "Respond Now" type link INSIDE those emails. NEVER do it that way. Take the extra few seconds it takes to go to, or, etc., to log on and check things out THAT way! They'll "Thank You!", for example, for adding a new email address to your account, and then show you some BOGUS looking email address you KNOW isn't your's! They're BANKING that you will react angrily, and "Respond Now" in some way, through a link THEY have designed within that email. All you would be doing is giving your login and password to them, and then they'll be OFF to the races with your bank account.

Rookie Online Shopers Lesson #4 = Along the same lines as "Lesson #3" above, NEVER have matching logins and passwords for more than one thing. For example, a lot of naive EBay members will have the exact SAME login AND password for both their EBay and Paypal accounts. Well, once you fall to a scam artist involving ONE of those accounts, they'll RUSH to the other one, and clean you OUT, good!!

Great points, rsx11s! I just wanted to further expand on some VERY valid points you brought up, above, from an EBay Power Seller's perspective!
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 10:06:58 PM
i remember ebay starting off as like an online rummage sale.. you could go on there and sell your junk to someone who thought it was a treasure piece... but people started to realize it was a huge market and could sell lots more.. so ebay turned it into an online retail store rather than a rummage sale.. i dont shop for anything here anymore cuz i dont trust the products that are sold or the sellers.. even if they do have 10,000 positive results.. ill buy from a retail giant since i know they can back up the product being bought..
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 10:14:38 PM
yna6 - "Yahoo! US Auction sites are retiring. As of June 3, 2007 listings are no longer accepted" What's the GreedBay alternative?
Joined: 5/27/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 10:56:53 PM
That's a bummer to hear about Yahoo! Auctions! I was seriously considering checking them out. I know that has an auction site element to them, but it doesn't have NEAR the exposure to potential customers, as EBay gives sellers. Unfortunately, for those of us who make at least a little through online auctions, we're STUCK with GREEDBAY!!
Joined: 3/28/2007
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/5/2007 11:11:16 PM
If only Google would do an auction site...
Joined: 7/13/2004
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/6/2007 1:02:21 AM
Thats why people are changing to craigs list. so much easyier and you can shop by your own city.
 Central Man
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Why Do EBay Buyers Think High Shipping ALWAYS = Rip-Off??
Posted: 6/6/2007 2:24:00 AM
OK, I dont get it. I never buy anything online. Yet my bro buys expensive stuff online. Perhaps I am more computer security aware. But paypal is probably more secure then spamming your cc# out across cyber space.

Last thing I bought online, several years ago. Only because I couldnt find a good fan anywhere in the city. Bought from some place in the USA. Fan lasted years. Most fans bought at Zellers, Walmart, Home Depot, Rona, last a year at most.
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