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Heya Sunshine:) Im loving your new poetry house I hope its ok if I kick off my shoes and do a little writing in here.I Hope you had an especially groovy day today.Love,Hugs,and Lightning bugs to you :) Kat

The red earth looked like lava bubbling up beneath my toes
Knee high by the fourth of July divided in perfect golden rows
Skipping random lucky stones as I meandered on my way
Admiring the maples and the way they danced and swayed
Wooden whitewashed fence posts held back fields of summer green
As mother nature painted her picture perfect sunrise scene
 Red Earth Mother
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Soil of crimson squishing between my toes- praise
Posted: 7/1/2007 9:36:47 AM
JD - Loved this poem, know that sacred soil very well

Soil of crimson squishing between my toes.....

Red Earth Mother
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 5/31/2008 6:22:28 AM
You have an amazing gift with words, I have read all on this thread and taken much from your writing.
 Sea Change
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Close your eyes and believe .... with all of your heart
Posted: 12/15/2008 5:09:10 AM
Like your poem here! Hits a chord. Very direct yet appealing, thought provoking yet not confrontational aggressively. Got your point across. Short and direct. Casual to start with a twist of resposibility later. I liked it!
 Sea Change
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Straight from the fields
Posted: 12/15/2008 5:15:05 AM
This one made me teary because of the sincerity involved. I am a grandma and am told constantly how much the kids will remember, treasured memories? Geez I truly hope so, cos I love my grandkids with all my heart. Great to see you havent forgotten them. I have an old wood stove and yes it takes some doin to get the fire back up, and to take the chill off the air. Sad to see the place in neglect. Never mind, keep the memories in tact!. DEV
 Just Different.
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Country Roots and Country Roads
Posted: 8/5/2009 10:49:38 PM
I saw the old farmhouse today
Where Granny and Pa used to live
It's grown up so much
But at the memories it did give

The mule stable's roof is sinking in
The corn crib's door is only half on
The smoke house is still intact
And the outhouse looks so alone

One tobacco barn is covered from kudzu
The other stands pretty tall
The pack house has a special memory
The voice I still hear it call

There's a landing strip that stands all alone
The one that bought it from the owners drives a plane
It once led to the bottoms where we cut firewood
And still some old apple trees remain

The old spring at the flower bed
Where Pa grew the seeds to the plants
It's dried up and the crayfish isn't seen anymore
All that is seen there are some ants

The well still stands and the bucket is rusty
And the condemned sign on the door needs no answer why
I was so lost for what seemed like an hour or two
I felt so free like I could fly

I looked through the pane to where the old wood cook stove stood
And I could almost smell the biscuits and corn bread
Then I felt an icy feeling like that of a cold, black heart
As I realized that for too long my granny's been dead
 Just Different.
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Country Roots and Country Roads
Posted: 8/7/2009 1:40:09 PM
Well thank you there rosie ~*~ for dropping by and sharing your words. I am honored that you enjoyed reading of my memory of granny and pa and the old farm place that they were tenant farmers. The place has such a special place within my heart. Thank you for reading what I had written. I hope that you have a great day.

I was the last to talk to Granny before she died
I gave her a little touch on her knee and told that "we'll talk to you later Granny"
She took two more breaths and passed away from this realm
She is still here though
After she took her last breath I felt the warmest of all feelings
At her burial, we were all concerned that my dad would have a heart attack and die
And I was there beside him
Ready to grab him in case he fell
And not too long before it was time to view the casket once more before they lowered it until the ground
A dove flew overhead and cooed
My dad felt such a peace
And that is when he knew also that she was still very much alive
I talk to her sometimes in my dreams
Her and Pa both
They visit me as I sleep mostly
And it is such a beautiful time to be asleep
Sometimes I see them around
A little vibe that I get and then see something that reminds me of a memory
Sometimes it's just a little shadow out of the corner of my eye
And I know it is them
The weird thing is that I never dream of the grandparents on the other side of my family
Next month marks the anniversary of Granny's passing
And my heart is so saddened
I suppose Granny and Pa and their house was my sanctuary when I was young
I spent right many nights there
Then getting up and going to church on Sundays
I was young
So young
And when the preacher spoke of Heaven
He would speak so gloriously of it
And for a while I thought that he spent the night at my Granny's too
Oh, the naivety of a child's heart and mind
 Just Different.
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Country Roots and Country Roads
Posted: 8/17/2009 9:34:32 PM
I got the stereo turned up just a little too loud
I can't help it as one of my favorite songs is playing
Sweet Salvation by the Cult

Ooh, she moves in silence
Then whispers to me
Sets my soul harp on fire

Sweet salvation, baby
Melts my heart made of stone
Please guide me and carry me on
Sweet salvation is
For this man made of stone
Please hold me and embrace my soul

Seduced by your glance
Overwhelmed and enchanted by you, baby
Well, when the loving is good
Do you feel strong now?
You know past lives, they don't matter anyhow
Oh, she moves in silence
Then she whispers to me
Sets my soul harp on fire

Okay, I reckon I'll stop trying to sing now and get back to writing my words
Those lyrics bring such special memories to me
Reminds me of someone that I love beyond what words could ever describe
I guess I've been thinking a lot lately
My son too has been on my mind
He is such a sweet and gentle kind-hearted soul
We were talking before he went to bed the other night
And he was asking me about some toys that I once had stolen from me when I was a kid
I was actually about his age and ironically he likes the same kind that I did when I was a kid
I had a set of Tonka road construction vehicles
And my son being so sweet offered to call 911 to help me get my toys back
And then he offered to give me his toys because he felt so sad that someone stole mine
And then God bless his tender heart
He started crying because someone stole my toys and asked why people had to be so mean
I didn't cry but it made me kinda teary eyed that he was crying and really kinda sobbing in a way
But the amount of compassion that he felt was just so touching
He loved me so much that he offered his toys to me
I don't understand why the Lord has been so kind and gracious to me
But I am really so thankful to Him to have been blessed with so much goodness in my life
To be as undeserving as I am and to have such beauty to behold
How can a man not be overwhelmed at times
 Just Different.
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Country Roots and Country Roads
Posted: 8/25/2009 6:40:06 AM
Time for school to start again
And time to realize that another year has went by in my son's life
Another year towards manhood
Then why in the world do I feel like crying as a stream of tears run down my cheek
I love my son so much
And I guess the realization sets in
That maybe I should have found a way to play more
Maybe I somehow should have been more involved in his life
I do wish that he could have more of the things that he wants
The Lord knows it is hard just for the things that he needs
He has my heart and that is about all that I can give
But he is so deserving of so much more
I do the best that I can so why is it that I feel like a failure at times
And he is such a wonderful kid that most everybody totally adores and loves
The Lord knows that I wish I could make his every dream come true
He knows his birthday only comes once a year
And if he sees something that he likes he doesn't ask if I will buy it for him then
He asks if I will buy it for him for his birthday
And he doesn't pitch a fit if he can't get what he wants
And he is so excited and happy for the things that he gets
I bought him a plastic bug at the dollar store
And he showed it off with the biggest of smiles and sparkling blue eyes
And damn it kills me inside that I can't do more
As I know and feel the pain that was in my granny's voice when she spoke of only an apple
That once she could only give her son for Christmas
He could have any organ of mine if he needed it to live
And he could have the rest of my life to fulfill all his dreams
The proudest day of my life was the day he was born
And I realize how lucky and blessed that I am to have him for a son
And as I look at my manchild I do so in amazement
Not just because he is four foot five and a half inches standing barefoot
And only seven years old
But I look at his smile and his eagerness to help
And those beautiful blue eyes that says I am everyone's friend
And I wonder how in the world did I get to be his hero
And it humbles me entirely when he tells others that I am
And I do know that I am a pretty good dad
But he is such a magnificent young man that I realize how lucky I am
And may God continue to bless his loving heart and soul
He says that he wants to be president because as in his words
" Dad, I want to fix it where nothing costs more than a dollar and people wouldn't have to worry about stuff anymore."
I smiled the widest of smiles, rubbed his hair and gave him a hug
And said, "my son, if you did that you would be the most popular president ever."
Then I held his hand and we walked onward through the store
Every once in a while putting my hand on his shoulder
Totally oblivious to everything but him and me
Listening to him tell me of the things that he thinks
And always quick with a smile or something funny to say to him
I guess I cherish the times that I make him laugh
Well actually I know that I do
And he tells with such innocence what most everyone else knows
With laughter and a gleam in his eyes he kinda brags about how crazy his dad is
It's true that I love to make people laugh and will do or say something totally off the wall
But he is correct that his dad is crazy
Completely and totally crazy about the son in which he was blessed
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 8/25/2009 6:57:02 AM
It is time to go
but why must I continue to run?
surely to goodness
there's an end to all of this fun...
loving nature
burning fuel
oxymorons exist
within the realm of stifling truth
 Just Different.
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 9/6/2009 2:31:06 PM
Thanks for dropping by and sharing your words himynameisSarah. Hope you'll feel welcomed back again.

Why does it seem that trying to do the right thing
Sometimes causes such hurt and causes such pain
No matter how hard you try it will always be wrong
And either way you're damned will drive ya insane

When intent is misunderstood with no way to explain
And you wish that you could move back time to just before
And the feeling of helplessness buried within
Kinda makes you wonder if trying to do the right thing is worth it anymore
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 9/6/2009 4:05:02 PM
country roads. blue highways.
my dutch ancestors arrived
in new amsterdam in 1643
and we've been traveling ever since
up the hudson river
(my grampa said that rip vanwinkle
was really a vanvalkenburgh),
through iroquois country
(340 years later i married an oneida),
through the factories
of pennsylvania and ohio.

my scottish ancestors, the ramseys,
were gypsies, people who never fit in
except on the road, forever, i guess.
the ran from the pharoah ramses II
(that's how they got their name) and,
like the vanvalkenburghs, crawled
across the land, and the sea, to scotland.
they were hardscrabble mountain people.
we don't know much about soil or crops.
we sing and we dance and we write poems.
i haven't changed. so i keep moving .....
on foot, by car & bike & ferry & kayak
& dreams. jung was right. life is a dream.
maybe i'll enter a dream and not come out
the other side. maybe i already have.

what have we learned,
the vv's and the gypsies?
well we learned what our sisters
and brothers, the coast salish people, know.
what they learned from the salmon,
that some of us are meant to migrate.
that's who we are, the vv's and the ramseys,
we're salmon in the river of life.
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 9/6/2009 4:52:50 PM
your poem rocks
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 9/7/2009 2:36:41 PM
Well I'm just - ; just a little bit overwhelmed .. That OK I've been watching the Jerry Lewis telethon for that MDA and well you being that " just different" I'm sure you know I am all ready emotional. I'm pretty new here to this site. And it's also the first place I actually feel like officially joining / up- grading as it's called. I am a craftsmen in carpentry and I used to be a traveling carpenter for years. In your poem or your country roads using my terminology you you got it right on the nail head ! Now just wanted to say keeping up just being different I think it's more like just realization... I bid for you to have peace and tranquility I am sure that my lord will grant it for you and URS; enjoy hope to read another one someday soon..

Sincerely: Abraham J.S.
 Just Different.
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 9/10/2009 10:48:56 AM
...rosie....... Nice to see you dropping by and sharing your words again. Honestly, many thanks to you for the words that you shared as they had an impact on me and was said at a time when I really did need to be reminded of them. Thanks again and I hope that you will feel welcomed back again.

lipotufu ... Thanks for dropping by and sharing your interesting story and the wisdom that it contains. It is kinda true though ... life as a river and we as salmon. I hope that you'll feel welcomed back.

seeking understanding ... Thanks for your contribution to the thread and you are correct about rosie's words. I hope you'll feel welcomed back again.

abesky ... Thanks for dropping by and for your kind words. It is truly humbling to watch the telethon, I agree, and it brings such a greater appreciation for the things that I have in life ... especially the gift of my health. But yet, it brings such inspiration to see how those that have been dealt a more difficult hand in life perseveres through the adversity. I hope that you'll feel welcomed back again.

"For my friend/brother Jacques"

Been about twenty five years or so I would suspect
Let's see, the summer after I graduated in '85
Eighty-five, ninety-five, o-five, o-nine
Well, a little over twenty four years
You were one of the first to try to make me feel welcomed at my first public job
A dishwasher at the steakhouse
You had already did your time at washing dishes and had made it up to a cook
I remember that I was so poor and naive that I thought making $60 a week washing dishes was a lot of money
Nothing like experience in life to learn the truth
And I learned my lesson pretty quick about that
The job sucked but the people I worked with were good people
Life happens and years went by
And then our paths crossed again
This time in '95
Hey, a ten year reunion, I just realized that ... LOL LOL LOL
You working for one company and me another
Ironically, they shared a warehouse and I thought I recognized you
But wasn't sure
We spent about a year working around each other and hanging out
We saw each other a few times through the years
I believe it was in Walmart about six years ago until the other day
And I saw a man enter the building and he took a seat beside me
Him and his girlfriend
And I didn't even have a clue it was you
And the receptionist called your name and I knew immediately who you were
You came back and took your seat again
I asked you whose name it was that they called and you repeated the name
And I remember laughing and saying, "what have you been up to bo?"
And we shared memories and laughed
And was talking about how our life is now
I remembered when I saw you at Walmart that you said that you had diabetes
And it hit me hard when you said that you were dying
Kidney failure, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, liver failure and of course the diabetes itself
Forty four years old
Kinda hard to believe in a way
I remember when you were healthy looking
Overweight a little
And now to not have been able to recognize you at first
So frail
But with the same laugh but not quite as jovial
Four years ago you lost your only child to diabetes
But you seem so thankful and fortunate for the granddaughter that is the legacy
I shall always remember your words about the one regret that you have in life
And that is not taking care of yourself physically the way that you should have
I shall remember that always
I guess for a while now
For too long now actually
I have done the same as you
Not taking care of myself in certain ways physically
And honestly it had gotten to the point that my son is kinda suffering because of it
They said that it was a possibility that the procedure I need could kill me or make me paralyzed
And being the only thing in life that my son truly has that he can depend on
I was scared to go through with it
I even went to the hospital to get the procedure done and through the fear that I might die
My blood pressure shot up so high that the medical staff was concerned that I was going to have a heart attack
And they would not even release me to go back home until it came down a lot
And I am still scared that something might happen to me during the procedure
And I love my son so much that I want to be there for him
But he is deserving of a better future and life than I can give him right now
And it is true that I did realize these things before I talked to you
And I did know that I needed to get it done really before I can have a different life
But the love for my son and of what there might be in store for me in life
And now after really listening to your words
I'm gonna do what I need to do
I believe in the Lord and Jesus
Now it is time to show that trust and belief in Them and do what I should have done already
And that is to take care of me
You have always been like a brother to me Jacques
And even in your sickness, you have given me courage and wisdom
And the Lord does know how my heart does hurt for you
To see you and know that you are in such a predicament
But that granddaughter sure does make your heart smile
And helps to ease your pain and helps you to fight onward
I hope your final days are filled with joy and happiness
I shall remember the good times that we had
My friend, my brother
And I shall practice the advice that you gave to me
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 12/4/2009 4:58:21 PM
Through your laughter I hear that I am forgotten
Lost in purpose your shoe imprint resides on my face
Just a glimpse of you and I float in your aura
The thought of you and my heart flutters without pace

The sadness prevails though I try to hide it
Manifested as an apparition of a smile hiding deep
As jovial and jest tries to blind the obvious
Inside my heart and soul truly does weep
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 12/5/2009 12:06:42 PM
The toughest of leaves decorate the sky line
As the frost on the windshield is thick
Mist gathers as I breathe and exhale
Guess I feel kinda run-down and sick

Going out to the car I listen to feral cats hiss
I do my very best tom-cat growl
And just for the heck of it I bark like a dog
And do my very best lonely wolf howl

A stray mutt making his rounds listens
His ears standing straight up as he peers
He walks up with his tail wagging and sniffing the ground
I stamp my feet and say get outta here

Really I'm not being mean I just don't want to hurt them
Sometimes they climb on the engine to get warm
And I really don't want to hurt anything at all
So I try to keep them from harm

I crank the car and wait for the defrost to work
And I observe an isolated bird in a tree
And I believe that we both are doing the same
As he sits motionless staring straight back at me

I come back in to get my son
And grab a slice of bread for the bird
I put it in the tree so that he will have a chance to eat
And leave it for him without saying a word

I think of the cats and feed them some outdated ham
Maybe they'll leave the bird alone
As my son is getting buckled up I look for the dog
But he already is gone

The crazy squirrels do their suicide dance
Making it to the other side of the road and then turning around
And as I stop waiting for one to get off the street
I realize just how deafening it is when there is not even a sound
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 12/22/2009 10:33:12 PM
Miss you my friend! Hope your Holidays are sweet and bright! xo :)

black and white pictures
lace of a goddess
thrown across
the floor
Within the dark
resides , no more
futuristic , panoramic
destined to
but not to be
what was
once , but
will none
see ; again!
god Bless
Amen! xo
 Just Different
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 3/15/2010 12:28:05 AM
Thanks hummingbird for dropping by and the well wishes. Life is very hectic for me lately but things are okay and gonna be good in the long run. Chasing dreams can be tiring, but getting things accomplished is rewarding. I figured I'd drop by to post a poem or two and stay for a couple of days and tell everyone hello and that I hope that things are going great. I hope that things are going very well for you hummingbird and that your days are filled with happiness and a sense of contentment. Take care my friend and best wishes as always. JD

I close my eyes and dreams come alive
Vivid memories and dreams yet to come
The moments of sleep so deep as not to dream
Seem few and far apart
But when the sweetest of dreams play through my mind
It is worth the lack of sleep that I get
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 3/15/2010 1:54:19 PM

Listen to the wind
Let it bring you home again
If yur thirsty, drink
If your soul needs an answer, seek!
We spent so long not listening...
Our hearts are hungry and starving!
That ole wind keeps on callin...
When all that we seek is a way to be!
Open your heart , let it set you free.
It is time to dream , we can finally hear!
Now we can listen and it all becomes clear
Just listen my friend, our time is near!

God bless yu J.D. my friend~ and little guy too! xo jules :) good to see yu here~!

 Just Different
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 3/17/2010 5:19:57 AM
Hi there humminbird .. thanks for dropping by and sharing your poem. I'll probably stick around for a couple of more days and in case I don't hear again from you before I go, may God bless you as well and may peace and happiness reign in your world and may all of your most treasured dreams come true. Best wishes for you ... JD

I felt the sternness and stinging of Granny's hand the other day
And I heard the gruffness and cruelty in her voice
For some reason she seemed so much different than I remembered
And yet I wonder whether did my eyes awaken for the very first time
 Just Different
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 3/18/2010 11:18:53 PM
Best wishes to all that read. Take care and may God bless you :) Hope you have a great day.

I guess the drives almost over as the tank approaches empty
And there's the stop sign with two ways to go
Both paths lead to different destinations
But still they both lead to the same
Indecisiveness as another vehicle approaches
For it's a turn that I don't want to make
For time waits for no one and it truly is fleeting
And the hearse in the rear view is approaching too fast
Time standing still momentarily
As I find myself tired and kinda lost once more
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 4/19/2010 4:29:19 PM
"In Memory of Ray"

We all knew this day was coming
But still it is way too soon
These tears build in my eyes
And there is such a deep sadness within my heart
Sadness for my friend
Sadness for a child of one without a father
Sadness for a niece without a husband
Sadness for a mother and father losing their only son
Tonight I shall weep as my son sleeps
As this pain I fight to hide right now
Somehow I smile for my son
But deep inside my heart breaks
I shall not forget you, my friend
Rest in Peace
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 4/21/2010 10:32:40 PM
Guess I wanted to be a hero
To be noticed
To be missed
But I guess I learned a lesson
Throughout the sands of time
The only one to save a person
Is that person their self
I suppose that superman got tired of saving idiots sometimes
Those that continuously put themselves in need
I can't fly
And don't even want to try anymore
I own blue jeans and T shirts
Never worn any tights
And the closest thing to a cape that I have
Is a green fleece coat
And a blue flannel jacket with black checkered stripes
There are no phone booths around
And besides I'm tired anyways
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Country roads and a full tank of gas..... finding myself
Posted: 4/22/2010 5:48:37 AM
"Written for a friend ... Trying to erase permanent ink"

And you know what you done
How could you be so cruel
Your own child
Your own blood flowing through the veins
And to force by persuasion of love
To touch you in a way immoral
To violate the sacred trust
Of a parent and a child
Of young eyes that are unknowing
Only wanting to please the one they love
To pleasure a hero
And to manipulate a heart so tender
So as to appease a sexual desire
How could you be so cruel
Are you the son of satan
The unholy in physical form
Lord have mercy on another's soul
You are so vile and repulsive
How can you look in the mirror
What image do you see
Do you see a murderer
One that kills human spirit and dignity
Takes away childhood innocence
How could you be so cruel

And for the daughter of satan, himself
And you knew
Yes, you knew
Were told with the beast in your presence
Of the unGodly act that occurred that day
When truth could no longer be withheld
And that act was brought to life
You knew but yet you stayed
And day by day
Month by month
Year by year
The victim forced to see the corrupted
And a mind forced to find an escape from truth
Just because of you
How many ways is it to pretend
That something real never happened
How much selective memory loss
Or blackouts in a life just to survive
How much torture did you bring
To one you carried in your womb
To one dependent upon you for life
Do you even care
Do you even have a clue
You knew of what happened that day
And yet you stayed
Without even an acknowledgment
Of the wrong that was done
Was it only one isolated event
That you thought would go away
If never mentioned again
For you could never be so wrong
You knew of that one day
Would it have mattered if you knew
Of all the other times in the past
Yes there were more than one
And it is wondered if you knew
Whether it would have mattered at all to you
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