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The POF fora are for discussion, there are rules of conduct in regards to posting and decorum.

If you post a thread subject that doesn't fit the forum subject criteria it will be deleted, or moved to an appropriate forum.

Please use "key words" in Search thread title in the upper right corner of the forum page to see if a thread topic already exists. Redundant threads will be deleted.

Forum Posting Guidelines **Read this BEFORE posting**

Thread Subject title should relate to the topic of discussion in the post, this will help facillitate future topic searches.

New threads must have a valid topic, and can't just be created to "chat". Please read the Forum Rules:

Welcome Newbies
Forum Rules - Specific
FAQ - Reporting a User for Forum / Profile Violation or being Abusive

In regards to the Religion Forum and the POF fora in general:

Notice for reasons of deletion - not possible, so

Please note the following common reasons for post and thread deletions:

*Chat (will be deleted from forums.*)
~Replying to your own post (2+ Sequencial Replies- see Forum Rules - Specific)
~Misquoting or misrepresenting what someone else has said (Libel)
~Proselytizing (Spam - use POF mail)
~Solicitation for prayers(Contact-Brodcasting/Spam - use POF mail)
~Quotes from religious literature unrelated to subject, or not in the context of "discussion" or for the purpose of proseltyzing preaching.. (Off-topic/Spam)
~Preaching (Billboarding/Spam - use POF mail)
~Chat (Off-Topic - use POF mail)
~Improper posting of URLs/Spamming (-See "Forum Rules, Specific)

Exclusivity of truth in regards to personal religious belief (Preaching):
- Examples:

    (Not okay)

    "My (generic faith) beliefs are the one true way"

    "Your religion is delusional because I don't believe in it"

    "You are wrong because you aren't a true (generic faith)"

    Note: Those making such statements are claiming to be the only arbiters of "truth".


    "It is my belief that spinning dead chickens over my head is the only way to salvation"

    "Not being religious, I see such things as being delusional"

    "In (generic faith) this is held to be true"

No thread may exist designated exclusively for response from a specific Gender, Ethnicity, Orientation, Religion, Public, etc. Such a thread will be deleted.

Continued abuse of these rules is cause for suspension of posting priveleges. Protest (on the forums) over deletions, or moderators will be deleted, and continuing to comment or protest will result in suspensions

FYI: Off-Topic/Thread Jacking

The specific topic is in the OP.

If you cannot respond to a post on-topic.

It will be deleted.

Good rules of thumb to know the difference between on-topic/off-topic is: Does your post address the OP topic, or another poster? Would it make any sense as msg.#2?

Discussion threads tend to develop sub-topics, posts addressing sub-topics, or issues on the periphery of the subject matter, are only valid if they relate the the topic of the OP, otherwise they are off-topic/thread hijacking.

There is a problem with trolls on some threads who seize any opportunity to hijack topics and replace them with their own agenda, other than the topic of the OP.

OP - User 1

ThreadTopic - Fast Car get fined?

A) I have a fast car, it's a Corvette it has been outlawed because of it's modifications to the fuel injection system. I'm thinking of returning it to stock condition to avoid fines

- on topic post 2

- on topic post 3

- on topic post 4

On-topic User 5
B) I have a Corvette too, when the new law came in, when the law came out, I had the fuel injection system modification removed and returned to stock condition by the XYZ garage who do all my work. But, I kept getting pulled over because the police suspected my fuel injection system was illegal. I asked One officer told me it was because it was red and had stripes painted on it, but I'm not going to change that.

Off topic - User 6
C) XYZ did my paint job too, my van is green, but no stripes. I don't think stripes look cool.

On-topic post- User 7
D) Stripes are cool, what are you talking about, I have them on my Harley's gas tank, but, that's besides the point That new law isn't fair, the only reason it was passed was because of street racers, not everybody with a fuel injection modification is a street racer.

Off topic User 5 again
E) I have stripes on my Harley gas tank too, it matches my ' Vette.

Hijacked/Flame War ensues - User 6 again
F) Stripes look stupid, but you ride a motorcycle, so it figures.

- Etc.

What do C, D, E, and F, have to do with the topic of the OP?
Do these posts address the topic of the OP, or other posters?
Only "D" is a valid on-topic post, as it addresses the topic of the OP (poster tries to bring the thread back on-topic)

A good rule of thumb to determine whether one's comment is "on-topic" before you post, is to check to see if it relates to the OP, not just a part of the post preceding it, addressing both the post and the topic, and not just addressing the poster.

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