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My roommate asked me to dig up the California Raisins commercial for him on the web. I sent him six or seven youtube links, but not the one I consider canonical ("lunch"_ The ad campaign was successful that sales of California raisins skyrocketed to $80 million. Meanwhile, sales of toys related to the ad campaign roared to $200 million or so.

Grocery shopping with a friend today I commented that I misssed the Oatmeal Crisp commercials from back when they were introducing the product. ("You won't like it. It's oatmeal.")

"House Hippos" have stuck with me.

From my childhood era? The image of a big cat lying on a Ford/Mercury sign with its tail swinging (Cougar??). A steel rail being hammered into the CN logo, perhaps to introduce a new logo.

Sure, RiceaRoni, but somehow that in turn inspires "a year's supply".

Coke's perversion of the "I;d like to tech the world ot sing."

Kodak's Musicbox Dancer, though for the life of me I can't visualize how that song was fitted into the commercial. But the song still inspires a visualization of the company logo.

Obnoxious sugary breakfast cereals. Cap'n Crunch, the Trix bunny, Sugar Bear, Snap Crackle and Pop, and all the rest. "When taken with four ounces of milk, is a good source of Calcium."

GE "brings good things to life".

Whatsisname, the finicky guy from Odd Couple, showing the camera a Karmann Ghia. "And of course, since it's a Volkswagen, you know that the trunk is up here, while back here, you have ... uh ... another trunk."

Shell gas mileage ads, where the car runs out of gas, they set up a paper barrier, refill the car with a gallon of Shell, drive through the paper and off to the horizon. Shell ads were running through the paper barrier as a dynamic logo kinda thing long after the gas mileage thing had been forgotten.
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infamous tv commercials
Posted: 7/3/2007 4:53:57 AM
Fresh goes better! Mentos freshness!
Fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life!

............... Mentos... THE FRESHMAKER!!
 Free Bass
Joined: 5/31/2005
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infamous tv commercials
Posted: 7/3/2007 5:45:17 AM
Domino's (?) Noid commercials

Molson's unemployed NHL goalie commercials

Ratzenberger doin' the voiceover fer a pigeon leadin' 'is squad on a bombin' run (advertisin' some Pontiac or other, I tink)

The Blockbuster guinea pig & rabbit

& I consider it kinda ironic that I 'member a tampoon commercial years ago where a daughter is tellin' her Mom "They're sure more comfortable than cardboard".....then a coupla days ago I sees a 'nother tampoon ad sayin' "New improved w/ cardboard" or some such. WTF, eh???
Joined: 5/7/2007
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infamous tv commercials
Posted: 7/3/2007 2:39:07 PM
"When you care enough.....send the very best"

Hallmark cards. They used to have some very good family shows based on actual lives, definately miss the shows, but wish the cards had stayed the same price!!

$5.50 for a card is more than I care to spend to say the very best so now I use e-cards and they are a bit cheezy, but a lot cheaper, only $19.95 a month!!
and let not forget the "Plop-Plop, Fizz-Fizz, Oh what a relief it is..." (Alkaseltzer)

And can we ever forget the musical ads for the first ever coloured show broadcast on North American television? For 2.5 month's the hype NBC created will live in my mind till the day I pass on. Well, some of you were not even born then. But it was Bonanza
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infamous tv commercials
Posted: 7/3/2007 5:00:05 PM
Dejavu!!! I saw that when the colour wasn't quite so aged!!

Way to go HnR, guess I have to get you a drink next time we magically meet in a Chevrolet!
Joined: 5/7/2007
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infamous tv commercials
Posted: 7/3/2007 10:11:00 PM

... rabbit named Carl, a guinea pig named Ray and a new
sidekick simply named "mouse." The spot features the voices of James Woods
(Carl), Jim Belushi (Ray) and Bob Goldthwait as the mouse, as well as a
closing voiceover from Alec Baldwin

They plan to bring them back again, or so the rumour goes!!
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infamous tv commercials
Posted: 7/4/2007 4:40:43 PM
I know alot of people are gonna want to hit me for this, but ill just go punch myself after i post this!

"The legend of the Chevy Farm, grew here in the west!
now people come from far and wide to put us to the test.
and when the dealins done theyll agree theres only one that leads the way
The Legend of the Chevy Farm. Westgaaaaate Chevrooolet!

now to a happy note!
The original quacking bunny for the cadbury egg's
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infamous tv commercials
Posted: 7/8/2007 7:57:57 AM
Stacy mentioned the Fruit of the Loom "Stuck in the middle" commercial. I always liked that one. ("Valentine's day. Christmas. His birthday. The other 362 days of the year.") I think it won the Canadian top commercial of the year award. I don't know it it played anywhere else -- Americans have fruit of the Loom, don't they?

Rod mentions a "Chevy Farm" song (as well as the Cadbury clucking egg-laying bunny). I never saw that one, but it reminded me of a GMC engineer whose ad ran on CNN a lot.

You see a bunch of trucks and truck parts (engines etc) impacting at slow motion into a farm field somewhere as the voiceover talks about engineering and the pain of designing stuff. Then a still of some truck fades into a pencil sketch. Then the camera backs up to watch the designer tapping his pencil on the drawing and thinking. Then he grabs the paper, scrunches it up and launches it towards an overflowing trashbasket. The camera cuts back to the field as another "failed idea" lands crunchingly.
Joined: 7/15/2007
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infamous tv commercials
Posted: 8/27/2012 4:57:21 PM
Robaxacet...[The wooden dancers.] When my kid was small he would run to the tv every time it came on.
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