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Joined: 5/25/2007
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I would like to know more about how men feel about dating a female cop. I went on a date with a guy who was intimidated byt the fact that I have a "gun". he wanted me to leave my gun at home the next time I went out on a date with him, but I dont want to.
Joined: 12/19/2006
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 9:01:58 AM
The guy sounds like a hippie or a liberal. You can keep your gun and still find great guys who will accept you as you are. Anyway, female cops, and women in uniform in general, are hot. Most guys would jump at the chance to date a female cop.
Joined: 6/29/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 9:18:56 AM
So your carrying your gun on dates. Sounds like your in love with your authority to me. Most cops are.Personaly I'm not impressed nor intimidated by anyone that has to carry any hand gun around for protection. But being a cop its for sure if you ever did shoot anyone you will be justified ( even if the guy isn't armed). Like it often happens.
 Sir Pryze
Joined: 11/22/2005
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 9:25:59 AM
I wouldn't care if she was a cop. I wouldn't be intimidated by that. It's an honorable profession. As long as she wasn't a nazi, I wouldn't care. I'd be telling all my friends I'm dating a cop.

Personally, that's sexy to me anyway. I'd be asking her if she could bring her cuffs and uniform on the next date lol. Maybe you should keep fishing!

Joined: 11/18/2006
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 9:46:57 AM
nycfinest, While it is admirable that you may be devoted to your job, carrying a 'piece' might not sit well w/someone who might just want to know you as other than just a cop ...who just happens to be female. As for myself, I'd date a woman in law enforcement long as she could keep her job and personal life separated long enough for me to know her outside of the duty that she may be called on to perform. Only after I've gotten to know her for other and more than in love w/ her job, the handcuffs may come home to play.
Joined: 10/30/2006
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 9:56:19 AM
Well I have an issue if you are carrying arround a gun even when you are not working... just cause something about that does not sound right... I guess if you are on call maybe???
but as far as you being a female cop... COOL!!!
Joined: 4/20/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 10:05:39 AM
I know, being a cop isn't something you can "put down" at the end of a shift. For most, it's a way of life, not just a job. You're required by law to respond to an event, even when you're off duty, if you see it happening or can assist in any way. This makes it tough to date and I do empathize.

That being said, you're just going to have to understand that there are people who will have issues with dating someone in your situation, carrying a weapon being a big part of that. If the weapon isn't exposed, and you can do your best to sidestep your profession while you're with them, I'd think the apprehension should be minimized. Once they get to know you, and actually understand you, it shouldn't be an issue at all.

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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 10:17:05 AM
OP.. I have no idea what the requirements for your job are.. tho I assume you are *always*
a police officer.. so if carrying a gun at all times is either required or a reallly good idea..
then I'd have no problem with it.. (off duty I assume this would not be visible..
in your purse or something..?)

If I were looking for long term .. a bigger issue would be how married are you to your job..?
And how likely are you to get shot..? I don't mean the statistics.. I mean how aggressive
are you in situations..?

All things I'd think about..
Joined: 4/26/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 10:20:01 AM
sure i wouldnt have a problem with it... i'd just worry about your safety but then so does your family

be safe

Joined: 11/7/2006
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 10:32:00 AM
I would be a lil too turned on the fact that some one other than myself can carry a gun let alone knows how to properly shoot em! In all honesty I think the whole woman with a gun deal might scare most guys ....guys that don't take their god given right to own one! ,hell first date lets go to the range!
Joined: 6/12/2005
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 11:11:51 AM
I have my own guns. In Michigan we are allowed to carry concealed weapons. So, most of us have them all the time. It is no big deal....
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 11:39:56 AM
Wouldnt be a problem for me - dating a cop or dating someone who carried.....Alot of places require off duty officers to carry, so there may not even be a choice. If this guy doesnt want you to carry a gun, then he needs to move on so some lucky fella can get ya!

- Charles ^_^
Joined: 6/27/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 12:47:01 PM
chicks with guns? thats sexy!
Joined: 3/3/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 1:08:16 PM
bit sure if you have given all the facts.
It wouldn't be a problem to date a cop, but at times, not on the job is just that. and i reckon 'no gun' is part of that.
Joined: 4/29/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 1:47:10 PM
Given the Fact that Ive lived with cops for most of my life It wouldn't be a problem for me. On top of the fact that I like going to the range to squeeze off a few rounds its very relaxing.
Joined: 4/4/2005
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 2:54:42 PM
I find it more disturbing that you "don't" want to leave your gun at home while on a date. Your off don't need to plug a bad guy to impress the date for the evening. Dating a cop is probably intimidating for some guys...(Maybe they've got a few parking tickets they don't want you to find out about)...but it could be the gun you want to tag along with that makes them a tad...well...nervous. If the date goes badly, they might start to think that you'll enforce law and arrest them on charges of "Failing to provide a good time."
Joined: 4/23/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 3:12:46 PM
Not a problem with me either. I don't think a woman with a gun is sexy or anything like that. The fact that you know how to use it and with your chosen vocation and area I wouldnt blame you one bit for carrying one. If I had a permit to carry one in NY I probably would too.

... but the cuffs.... Now thats sexy.
Joined: 4/19/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 3:52:43 PM
Girls with guns are cool.
Helping society and fighting crime is cool.
Sounds good to me.
Joined: 11/28/2005
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 5:05:30 PM
a few of my friends are cops. i dated one before she was a cop, but i wouldn't mind dating a cop. i really don't care what a chick does for a living as long as she's not complaining about it all the time. i wouldn't tell anyone to leave their gun at home though........although, maybe he had a bad experience with a firearm? like, parent or sibling got shot? who knows... maybe it has nothing to do with who's holding it. i'd ask instead of just blindly judging.
Joined: 8/26/2005
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 5:29:26 PM
I'm actually pretty liberal. But I think an off duty police officer should always carry a firearm, except when they are drinking.
The life they save may be yours.

I'm pro gun control, but that just means I think cops should be the only ones with hand guns.

Kudos to you for choosing a profession that looks after the safety of others.
Joined: 5/21/2005
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 6:19:06 PM
Within a few years after serving in the USMC I dated a female cop but she never did carry a weapon when we were together. She couldn't have hidden it anywhere otherwise I'd have found it most nights! Well, unless she holstered it someplace I hadn't been invited to explore, that is! Just bragging-----pay that no mind.

I have known a few other female cops and their level of paranoia, while justified, was very much off-putting to me. Mind you these women were more like guys so that "macho schmuck" thing was probably too much in abundance with those particular women.

As for being "intimidated" by a female police officer simply because she carried a guy guys that aren't fools have no reason to be concerned about that. If carrying a weapon is this important to you I'd suggest dating guys who DON'T have an issue with it. If relenting to this guys preference makes you uncomfortable then you need a new guy. This isn't something that's all that easy to compromise upon.
Joined: 2/27/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 6:29:33 PM
well nycfinestsweetie,
if it was me, i wouldnt bother if you bought your side arm.

though the 'is that a gun in your pocket, or are you happy to see me' like wouldnt sound so well coming from a bloke to a woman.
whereever you are there is always a risk of some low life trying to mug you, (or worse) its sure nice to know you have a much greater chance of being safe.

just a question, revolver or something like a gloch?
Joined: 6/22/2007
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 7:31:23 PM
hahaha, if you bring the gun on the first date, i would say yeah thats a bit intimidating
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 8:17:10 PM
I've been an Officer since I was 18, started out in the Reserves.
My opinion on men who are intimidated by women who posess the kind of 'control' they want and have a problem with it, drop em'.
I've never had a problem carrying my service weapon out on dates due to the fact that I normally only date people in the same career field as myself. But if I went out with someone and they made a remark on the way I dressed, did my hair, or what was always buckled on my right side, holla!

Just a little input.

Joined: 5/7/2006
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dating a female cop?
Posted: 7/3/2007 8:32:24 PM
He's been brainwashed to believe that guns are "evil".
Only criminals and murderers need guns, guns are only used for killing, right?
NOT that it's inappropriate to carry around which would be a better argument, but that it's actually evil, and you're a future murderer. But you can change the future!

Put that thing away, someone who deserves it might get shot!
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