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Joined: 12/6/2006
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The answer to the question i asked myself. "What kind of love do i want?"
Take it for what it is worth its just me :D

A love like me loving you loving me,
A love like an old blind man teaching me the meaning of love at first sight,
A love like having all the pens in the world and not having enough ink to write the ways i love you.
A love like one plus one equals one
A love like mixing the moon and the ocean making something new, Luna and sea is lunacy because you drive me crazy.
A love like tripping over myself thinking of your eyes, not seeing i am falling for you.
A love like knowing even if i don't hear you voice that things are fine.
A love like finding you on earth and finding a piece of heaven in you and finding peace within me.
A love like heading towards tomorrow with fascination, just stop the time when i am with you.
A love like knowing i will hold on to this radiance long after i am gone.
A love like opening the blue sky with my own hands so the sky can cry with you.
A love like taking those tears and overfilling my heart with them and they turn into determination to protect you.
A love like looking back and knowing i can walk forward not losing myself and i don't regret being born.
A love like one i have never felt but we feel it when we touch, a sensation stronger when i cant reach you.
A love like being part of a whole,but being nothing alone.
A love like taking your hand when you least expect it.
A love like losing my breathe at your radiance.
A love like kissing through revolving doors.
A love like promises in the rain.
A love like writing this to right my wrongs and before the ink drys i am forgiven.
A love like i lover you more no i love you more.
A love like i love you and you i and there is nothing more to say.
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