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Post i feel was a health problem but was deleted Page 1 of 1    
This has to do with a post I feel is the start of a real bad heath problem, and the post was deleted and should not have as it is someones health we are talking about..

it was at one time, I had and just about died from it..

Anyway who ever you are that made that post about how you were feeling the next day after the night before... And You do all kinds of 10k run;s and don't ever feel that way from running ...

You said it was only after a real good night of doin it

Here is what happened to me.
Aan overdose of Viagra will lead to it. Heee hha

No, seriously now see your doctor and ask him to do a blood test to check your thyroid

I had this happen to me about 15 years ago, and after a year of testing. They finally did a thyroid test, by this time I had lost close to 70 pounds and was very ill.

Your very symptoms was the very onset of it. Don't ask me how or what it has to do with it.

I don't remember, when it came back that I had hyperactive thyroid with Graves' disease.
After 2nd year they did there old radioactive iodine trick to burn a thyroid out, a years worth of medication. to slow it down before they could give me the radioactive iodine , 200 days later I was back to myself.

My very first symptoms were exactly as you explained what the doctors didn't take it of any seriousness, by the time they figured it out a year later. they just about lost me, that's how sick I got.
Again this guy that posted should not have been delete, This is someones health problem, maybe this one will too before he finds it. I CAN'T Be LEAVE YOU PEOPLE DELETED IT.

He may not ask his doctor thinking he may get kicked out or that other feeling we get, just as he did here.
Show ALL Forums  > Health Wellness  > Post i feel was a health problem but was deleted