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Joined: 4/29/2005
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At Death's Door

Where life and death must soon contrast,
Blindly forward we pitch,
To the point where our breath last,
Is the point where back is what we wish,
Where the living and dead must soon come apart,
And some are left to understand,
At the cemetary where the bodies are cart,
And the place where the living are banned,
It's at this point where I will wait,
For you my love, my eternal mate
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 4:08:52 PM
A Lovers Wish

Right now you're just a friend,
And we'll see how that will last,
I want a relationship that will not end,
I know that we will have a blast,
Once you get the chance to know me,
You won't be able to let me go,
We can sit beneath a shady tree,
And let our love blossom and grow,
Let's hope that we never part,
My heart won't be able to mend,
I fell in love with you from the start,
Let's stay together until the end.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 4:12:21 PM
The Love of God

I saved a place for you in my heart,
Even though I didn't do what's right,
Cleanse my soul and give me a fresh start,
Fill me with your power, glory and might,
Give me the gift of song,
And the power to pray,
Remove from me the things I have done wrong,
And be in my heart each and every day,
I believed in you, though I put up a fight,
But my love for you stayed strong,
Teach me and help me to never lose sight,
Of all your good deeds that came along,
Oh God, I thank thee, in each and every way
For listening to my heart and prayers every night,
In my heart is where you now stay.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 4:18:08 PM
A Heart's Prayer

My heart is locked, but you have the key,
Please unlock it so I can see all you do,
I'll do what I can to make myself free,
So I can see the world like it's brand new,
On this world I seem so small,
But since I have you as a friend,
I really can stand tall,
When I think my life is at it's end,
I go and pray in my special place,
I promise to never turn my back,
And if I do, which could be the case,
I pray that my heart doesn't turn black,
Save me a place by your side,
For when it's my time to die,
But until then I will never try to hide,
My love for you as I let out a cry,
You make me happy so I never feel blue,
And If I ever have any doubt,
You make me see all that you do,
And what you are about,
Thank you God, for coming back to me,
Proving your love for me stayed strong,
You've shown me who I am and what I can be,
I love you for that, and I can't be wrong.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 4:21:41 PM
A Friend In God

In times of doubt, which can be rough,
And my heart is filled with hate,
Your love for me is never enough,
Even when it seems to late,
And when my world seems to fall,
You tend to always be there,
When your name I tend to call,
That's why I know you care,
Thank you God for listening to me,
And for being a great friend,
I know with you I am already free,
So take me with you when my life is at an end.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 4:24:50 PM
Friends Forever

I feel blessed to have you as a friend,
And also in my heart,
I know this friendship will not end,
Because it was solid from the start,
You make me feel really great,
When I have a horrible day,
Which is something I cannot hate,
Because you knew just what to say,
There have been times when I wish I was there,
Just to be close by your side,
To tell you how much I truely care,
Which is something I cannot hide,
Because our friendship is so strong.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 7
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 4:30:57 PM
Confusion of the Heart

I don't want to lose you s a friend,
But there are times when we need our space,
We spend so much time being together,
That people think there is something between us.

I know that we are just friends and all,
But maybe there could be something more,
A relationship between us could be hard,
Because we live so far apart.

I wish we could be a lot closer,
So this relationship could grow more,
There are so many feelings I have for you,
And I am confused on what to do.

Should I tell you how I feel? I ask myself,
Is something that crosses my mind,
I am confused on what to do,
And if I tell you, I would feel awkward.

But what can I do? I ask myself,
I care about you an awful lot,
God will help me I know for sure,
Yet I am still confused on what to do.

Is it possible that I have fallen in love?
I tell myself I can't be or that's not true,
But I know that those responses are lies,
Because I have fallen in love with you.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 8
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 4:35:23 PM
Heavenly Wishes

My heart aches when you're not around,
Because it is empty and yet filled with sin,
But since you're in my heart now,
It is full of love and cleansed.

You have filled that empty space,
And you're with me where ever I go,
Showing me that you do love me,
Every second, minute and hour of each day.

You have made my sould complete and my heart whole,
Which is something I am thankful for,
Because I know that I am now saved,
And my soul will be with you one day.

Until then, I will live by your rules,
And you will guide me each step of the way,
So when my time comes I'll be with you,
In heaven is where I'll finally be free.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 9
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 4:58:43 PM
A Caring Friend

When days are so horrible that they make you cry,
And everything just seems to go wrong,
You feel as if all hope is lost and cannot be found,
That's when a caring friend comes to help.

The tears that were shed, have been dried,
And everything is right once again,
That caring friend knew just what to say,
To turn a dark grey day, sunny once again.

That frown has been turned upside down,
And has vanished like it was never there,
A smile on your face is in its place,
Where that frown once stood before.

You're probably wondering who this friend is,
Or have you already figured it out?
In case you haven't, that friend, well it's me,
And I will be here if you need someone to talk too.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 10
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 5:05:30 PM
Sad and Lonely

When my day just seems to turn grey,
And my world just seems to fall,
Having someone to talk too would be nice,
But everyone is busy with other things.

That's when loneliness and depression set in,
And suicidal thoughts start to run through my head,
I try to shake them, but they just are too stubborn,
And laughter only turns to tears.

Someone to talk to about how I feel,
Would help, but it can only do so much,
But holding them in only does more harm,
Then sharing them with someone who would listen.

Since everyone is there is no one to talk to,
And I feel the tears building in my eyes,
But I have no shoulder to cry on,
So I let them fall on my pillow.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 11
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 5:14:47 PM
Words Left Unspoken

I think about you constantly,
And when you're gone I miss you so,
I love to see your smiling face,
And your voice comforts my soul.

You make me happy even on the darkest days,
And I hope I make you happy too,
When you're with me I feel whole,
But when you're gone, I feel sad and alone.

I maybe shy but I don't show it,
You don't seem shy but I know you are,
But one thing I know is that you like me,
And I feel the same way about you.

I am hoping everything will be clear to me,
Once we know that we feel the same way,
About each other and let things happen,
Because deep down, I get the feeling you love me.

You are to shy to admit it but I know,
Because I feel the same way about you,
I've felt this way for a while now,
And thought you should know.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 12
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 5:22:12 PM
Delicate Heart

I give you my heart in a glass case,
And I ask that you don't break it,
If you do, then give me back the pieces,
Because I will find someone else to mend it.

A broken heart is hard to mend,
All the pieces need to be put in the right place,
If one piece is out of place, more heartache is caused,
Then when the heart was first broken,

As you can see, love is a delicate thing,
Young hearts are easily broken and harder to fix,
When more heart break is caused,
By being with the one who broke it.

Make sure you give your heart to the one,
That you can picture being with forever,
Otherwise you will end up heartbroken,
And that's no place where you want to be.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 13
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 8:01:10 PM
Misunderstood Anger

When people don't mean to piss you off but do,
And you feel like running away from it all,
But there is no way to get out, so your stuck,
Being in a place that you don't want to be in.

It makes you want to have a place of your own,
But you know you can't afford one, which stinks,
There has to be someplace to go, but there isn't
Which really stinks because you want out.

Why do certian people have you piss you off,
It just doesn't make your day any better,
Actually it makes your day worse, which isn't good,
So you just stay away from everything and everyone.

Being by yourself is something that's hard to bare,
Because you dont have anyone to talk to.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 14
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 8:04:10 PM
The True Reason for Christmas

There is one main reason for celebrating Christmas,
And that happened a long long time ago,
In a small town called Bethlehem,
Where the son of God was born in a stable.

Every year we should remember that night,
And celebrate Christmas for that reason,
It's not about how many presents you get,
Or how much money you spent on gifts.

Just by sending someone a Christmas card,
Let's the person know that they are loved,
Not just by you but also by the Lord himself,
And when the Lord loves you, you know you're special.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 15
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 8:07:42 PM
Loves Craziness

We all know that love is such a crazy thing,
Because we fall in love and then fall out of it,
Which leads to heartbreak and loneliness,
But that happens when you fall in love too fast.

Love is something that you shouldn't rush,
So take your time and go with the flow,
That way you know that love was ment to be,
And you won't wind up hurting like before.

So be glad that you took things slow and didn't rush,
Because that's the way love was ment to be,
Now you can fall madly in love with this person,
And spend the rest of your life with them.

Be glad that Christ gave you this person,
And treasure the moments you have together,
When your apart that makes your love stronger,
Because you know that they felt the same way.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 16
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 8:12:14 PM
Unbreakable Love

When I look into your eyes, I can see your soul,
And I can truely see that you love me,
My heart is now yours and your heart is mine,
And nothing can break up apart no matter what.

Our love continues to grow everyday,
And I couldn't be in love with anyone but you,
You make everyday more joyful for me,
So there is never any reason for me to feel blue.

I love you baby, more and more each day,
And I know you feel the same way,
It seems that we belong together,
Because we are so much alike and yet so different.

What we find out about each other,
Makes our love grow more and more each day,
And the more time we spend together,
Allows our hearts to meld and become one.

I love you so much and nothing can break us apart,
No matter how hard they tried to seperate us,
Out love is so strong that it keeps us together,
And together with you is where I want to be.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 17
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 8:16:17 PM
Into The Unknown

We hop in your car and just drive,
Where we end up, that's what we don't know,
It's a journey full of laughs and surprises,
And with no destination it makes the trip more fun.

There are a lot of places to explore,
That are only a few moments away,
But getting there is where the fun begins,
Because you don't know where you'll end up.

People find it wierd that you don't have a destination,
But a no destination road trip is the most fun,
You get to explore the great unknown,
And sharing it with a friend makes it enjoyable.

So when you're bored and there's nothing to do,
Hop into your car and pick up a friend,
Take a trip into the great unknown,
And discover places that you haven't been to before.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 18
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 8:27:24 PM
An Angel's Love

I am your angel, sent from heaven,
To be with you forever and always,
God sent me to you out of love,
That he has for you.

Since I am here, my wings are gone,
So that I can remain by your side,
To love you and care for you,
Like the way it should be.

My wings will grow back one day,
When it's my time to return,
But until then, I will never leave,
Because you are the one that I love.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 19
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/19/2005 8:31:20 PM
Such Sweet Sorrow from Snow

Slowly it falls without making a sound,
Falling on everything within sight,
Covering the earth witha blanket of white,
As it collects on the frozen ground.

Schools become closed, which makes the kids happy,
Parents growl and complain because they have to work,
The roads are bad since they haven't been plowed,
Which makes drivers more cautious then normal.

The kids are out sledding or having snowball fights,
Or they are making snowmen or snow angels,
But as the day turns to night, the kids start to whine,
Because they know school will be open tomorrow.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 20
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/20/2005 7:16:28 AM
Down and Out

People say things that they don't mean,
But if you're already in a poor mood,
It just adds to your day and makes it worse,
And there is nothing you can do about it.

You want your day to climb back up,
Where it was to make your day better,
But you it's stuck keeping you down,
And every try to bring it up fails miserably.

So your stuck being down,
No one can cheer you up,
And your friends give up,
Becuse what they've tried failed.

You appreciate everything they've tried,
But you feel bad because nothing worked,
But you feel a tiny bit better,
Because you know that they care.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/20/2005 7:21:04 AM

I thought friends were supposed to care,
And also tend to take your side,
But that is what I thought,
And I am usually wrong.

A "true" friend cares and takes your side,
Unlike someone I thought I knew,
The one friend I thought I knew,
Backstabs me and I dont stand for that.

I might be a forgiving person, at times,
But in a backstabbing case,
I find it hard to forgive,
And I know I should do the right thing.

Even if I know the right thing,
Means losing the friendship,
Maybe they should have thought of that,
Before they backstabbed me.

A friend should be there for you,
When you really need them,
But where was my so called "friend"?
Obviously not here when I needed someone.

And that is what make me realize,
That this friendship is over,
It will hurt but I will make it through,
By being with the people that care about me.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 22
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/20/2005 7:25:19 AM
A Great Catch

When you're in love, there is nothing you can do,
Because you think about the person everyday,
The only advice I can give,
Is to follow your heart, and they will follow theirs.

If both hearts follow the same path,
It was ment to be, if not don't worry,
There are many other fish in the sea,
Waiting for you to catch one.

And who knows, you might catch the right one,
That you constantly think about,
Which isn't a bad thing,
Because it shows you that they are your true love.

Your true love is someone you cannot let go,
Since you both feel the same way about each other,
Hang on tight to your true love, but not too tight,
Because you don't want them to slip through your arms.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 23
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/20/2005 7:28:06 AM
Longship Over a Companion

Everyone needs a pet to love,
And to have as a companion,
But my pet left this world,
To go to the afterlife to be with Christ.

I know that I gave her the best life,
And took care of her the best I could,
But everything on earth has a beginning and an end,
It just so happens that it was her time to go.

She was my companion when I was alone,
Now that she's gone I feel her presence,
But it isn't the same without her,
I will be fine, but it is going to take time
Joined: 4/22/2005
Msg: 24
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/20/2005 7:30:38 AM
I hope you dont mind, I sent this to my mother. She has two cats, and has lost a few as well... and I know for certain that those cats are in the will... and Im pretty much hit and miss.

BTW... some very good writting in here. Been reading it... very balanced talent... very good!
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 25
Poetry Collection
Posted: 5/20/2005 7:34:16 AM
Sitting in the Dark

When you're sitting down watching television,
And all of a sudden it goes out,
You try to turn it on again with the remote,
But it isn't going to work.

You check the rest of the house to see if anything works,
But nothing does since you have no power,
Sitting in the candlelight is kind of strange,
But you get used to it as the hours pass.

You start to wonder if the powe will be restored,
And ask yourself " How mush longer is this going to last?"
If could be a couple more hours or even days,
Before the power is restored again.

You hear the whine of your neighbors generators,
Wishing you had one to run your refridgerator,
So all the food it contains doesn't go bad,
But you don't so what you have is going to be thrown out.

Unless your power is restored in a couple of hours,
You sit in a candlelit room wondering what to do,
But there isn't much you can do,
So you decide to go to bed hoping power is restored during the night.

^^^^ wrote that one by having a flashlight in my mouth, during the huge power outage back in 2004
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