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Why you are moving instead of at the courthouse getting your child support is a good question. That is what they are for and I think most states now garnish wages. I think you can also pursue your child support through the IRS. In Texas, any money due back to the ex-spouse can be sent to child support instead.

Look at your options because while it is okay to be occasionally upset, anything else is just a waste of time.
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Single and moving
Posted: 12/2/2007 11:04:39 PM
I think there shouldn't be a justification needed in this, as a parent you involve yourself with your child, take care of responsiblities and provide for them. You do your part, that's what count. You can't control what the other parent does/dont' do, if he support his/her kids then that's a bonus if not, then it's their loss and they'll only have a lack of respect by you and the kids, that in itself will be a thorn in their side when years to come they'll wonder why their relationship isn't as close as he she wants with the kids. IMO, child support shouldn't be relied on to be counted in your budget, yes that's for taking care of some of the rent/food /clothes that your kids need, but as a parent that's also you're responsiblity. you can only rely on yourself to take care of the kids, getting child support from the other parent is just a bonus and great that they want to do their part to providing for the kids.

Having expecations each month that the other parent pay up is only going to bring stress and tension.. Life isn't about fairness, you just got to do what you have to do and learn from it and be stronger for what you know and went thru.Th eonly fairness is that your child/kids shouldn't have to feel this tension every month when you don't receive child support. Perhaps in some ways it may help you and your kids that anger/bitterness is not the answer when things don't go your way.

Op, instead of moping and wondering why he has expensive taste yet doesn't support his kids and you have to move etc, think of this as making you stronger because you are providing for your kids financially and emotionally. You said you wanted help yet don't want it, there's nothing wrong in asking for help. research and see what resources out there that may help you in any way.
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Single and moving
Posted: 12/12/2007 1:33:55 PM
Just keep being a good mom..When the kids grow up they will put two and two together and see who really took care of them and who treated them as a trophey. I just went through the same thing..moving I mean..Only mine doesn't see my child or call. I have alot of road blocks that pop up everyweek. But somehow ya get through it all. We don't really suffer ya know..sure sometimes it's hard to make it through the day, much less the week.. but one of my friends once told me this and it helps me get
through alot..
She told me to smile and hang on..because no matter what happens tomorrow comes anyway..
Smart woman..
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