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This is a dating site, full of people looking to date, looking to not date, looking to meet new people, looking to communicate with friends already met.
This is not a chat thread but maybe a thread where people can send a Christmas Wish to someone on the site who may not know that they have caught a certain persons eye.
Maybe thir profile, maybe their posts, maybe just their manner that has shone through.
So send a Christmas wish out to someone you normally wouldn't send one to, maybe because you don't know them ( and might like to) or maybe because they have touched you in someway ( BCBoy we know all about your touching, keep your hands to yourself) through their posts. Who knows where it may lead.
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/13/2007 9:38:35 AM
Draxx Im sending you the best Christmas wishes ever.....even after you tried to em bare a$$ me.....
It takes way to much to em bare a$$ this Devil.

To those of you I have met.... Merry HO HO
To those of you I havent .... Merry HO HO

To the Very "special" people whom I have grown to know and love.... Miss you all like crazy and wish you all the best Xmas ever and an a$$ Kicking New Year

I do believe I have heard about BC Boy's need to reach out and touch people
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/13/2007 8:21:50 PM
I want to send out a Happy Christmas shout to all the people who say controversial things and raise a little H in these forums. They are many ways forum heros because they generate some great conversations plus amusement. They make sacrifices and sometimes even get banned. I would like to say I appreciate your input.
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/13/2007 9:47:14 PM
Genie: Drax, you have awakened me from a deep sleep, and now I will grant you three wishes..

Draxilla : I would like a human sized hamster ball...

*poof..hamster ball appears with Drax inside*

Draxilla: SWEET!

Genie: Now for your other wishes?

Draxilla: Why would I need other wishes?

Maybe now Drax will stop asking for that "reach around".

*Gone to look for turkey*

Oh yeah, umm..Happy Holidays all! (when are they again?)
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/14/2007 1:10:24 PM
Christmas for me has always been my favourite time of year... It has never really been about the presents for me...even as a child...the thing I treasure the most is the love and kinship that I share with all that are special to me during this time of year. My friends and family, and my friends that have become my family!

I know that this time of year is partiucularily difficult for some on my close friends for various reasons... know that my home is open to you all if you'd like to share some Christmas love... Since Thanksgiving I have been focusing on starting a "new traditon" which has included my POF family... This holiday season started off for me with cooking my very first Turkey dinner for my POF Family!! What a pleasure and delight it was to share that with all of you that were able to join us in our new home! And better yet...the food turned out just It was something to do with all the love I have for you all that I was able to create such a lovely meal for all...and I think my Oma's Aie Aie Aie spoon cast a special spell on our dinner to boot!

So now here at Christmas, Hanukah & New Years... I will continue to open my home up to those POF Family Members that I know and love... I will not be able to "cook that turkey dinner again" The bank account will not allow it...However having our new home...I have decorated it to the hilt... being the first year in several years I've been able to do that!

Please pop in to say hi, send me an email or call me if you'd like to visit... Christmas is about being with our families... whatever we classify those families to be... From my home to yours... may you all have a very special Christmas and/or Hanaukah & Happy New Year... & Sending endless love and cheer to you all!! Love you all so dearly!!
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/14/2007 5:57:03 PM
I am blushing...

I can't say his name out loud Tee Hee

But he knows who he is...I think...MERRY CHRISTMAS

Merry Christmas to all I have meet and one I wish to!

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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/12/2009 5:40:50 PM
^^I hope Aquarian moon got his/her wish! this year :)
And I haven't heard any news lately about your friend Spud, and I'm hoping all is well.
I hope everyone's Christmas is better than expected! and I expecially want to send Spud, Steno and all those in the pond who are coping with more than the average fish, a really warm Christmas wish. The rest of us, don't really have that much to about
Joined: 1/13/2009
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/12/2009 6:00:24 PM
A Christmas wish to the friends I have made on this site (you know who you are)
May all your dreams and wishes come true
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/13/2009 11:21:44 AM
My Christmas wishes

I would
like to put
up a tree in my
heart, and instead
of hanging presents,
I would like to put the
names of all my friends.
Close friends and not so close
friends. The old friends, the new
friends. Those that I see every day
and the ones that I rarely see. The ones
that I always remember and the ones that
I sometimes forget. The ones that are always
there and the ones that seldom are. The friends of
difficult times and the ones of happy times. Friends
who, without meaning to, I have hurt, or without meaning
to have hurt me. Those that I know well and those I only know
by name. Those that owe me little and those that I owe so much.
My humble friends and my important friends. The names of all those
that have passed through my life no matter how fleetingly. A tree with
very deep roots and very long
and strong branches so that
their names may never be
plucked from my heart. So
that new names from all
over may join the existing ones. A tree with a very
pleasant shade so that our friendship may take a
moment of rest from the battles of life. "May the
happy moments of Xmas brighten every day of
the new year !
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/13/2009 12:06:57 PM
Well,,,,ummmm,,,, I do kinda wish that the snow that is falling in my backyard right now coulda waited a week or so,,,,,or at least until I was finished with the outside decorating. Oh well,,,,the Santa toque goes on in the next hour and I'll finish it up before this stuff turns to rain.
Joined: 9/20/2009
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/13/2009 1:45:06 PM
To all you posters, enjoy these forums & threads...
Also wish all the people I have met at the last 2 events I've attended, Good Times, Good People & God Bless you all over the Holidays!
As the song goes....You all have yourselves a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Years too.... Cheers!!!
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/13/2009 10:48:50 PM
Snow? What snow??

Mele Kalikimaka to all my PoF friends... you know who you are.
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/18/2009 3:48:03 PM
well merry christmas to all old and new friends i have made on pof and i ll reach out and touch yah draxxxx anytime :modhammer: cheers heres to a safe and happy christmas
Joined: 3/1/2009
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/20/2009 3:09:02 PM
All right, you guys and gals! I hereby request that the Happiness Elf tears you away from your worries and troubles, bombards you with snowballs of laughter, and heaps mountains of delightful surprises on you all year long.

And if THAT doesn't work, may Cupid hitch a ride on Santa's sleigh and get you and your intended GOOD!

(Gee, that was fun ...)

Have a great time, folks.
Joined: 5/7/2005
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/20/2009 5:51:52 PM
Wishing no one has to experince an electrical problem in their truck,,,making it unmobile on the last weekend before Christmas and then having to solve it,,,,in the pouring rain,,,with very little mechanical experince.

Helpful hint to all,,,always remember which wire went where,,,,things will run better that way.
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Joined: 12/10/2009
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/20/2009 5:54:51 PM
Peace on Earth
Goodwill between all men
A machine gun
Joined: 1/13/2009
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Christmas Wishes
Posted: 12/23/2009 6:52:40 PM
To my two sons:
To my eldest, may you and your new bride have life long joy and love (now make me a grand child!!!)
To my youngest, may you find what you are seeking, a rewarding job and true love
My love for you both is unconditional and I will always be there when you need me...
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