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2 of my friends to day tried to sign up with Plenty of fish and as soon as they try to get back into their profiles it tells them to check cookies if they try to enter their email address to resend password they get a page that says it is not in the data base. Why does it keep doing this to them
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Registration Problems
Posted: 12/18/2007 10:36:17 PM
Registration Problems: Won't let me create a new Account/Profile Deletions

First of all, before doing anything else, delete all Cookies and Temporary Internet Files for all Browsers you have installed on your Computer.

Don't use Internet Explorer, but a more secure and nearly Malware-Proof Browser such as Mozilla Firefox Browser with Instant Messenger.

Enable your Cookies, making sure all Settings are in Order as outlined in the Link below.

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Make sure Firefox' Options/Preferences are set correctly, and along with the Firewall are not blocking this Site.

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Firefox: Modify Parameters in Securities Option
Browsers: IE & Firefox Internet Options
Browsers: Internet Explorer Security Settings

Update your Hosts File as shown here: Resolving "Login" Issues

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If you are signed up with MSN, AOL, Compuserve or other Internet Service Provider which issue their own Versions of Internet Explorer or the Netscape Browser, you should read up on their Technical Support WebPages to ensure no other Issues exist.

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Security Features with this Site may block Users from creating an Account if Malware, Virus' and Trojans are hijacking your Browser, hence don't use Internet Explorer.

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Spyware - Popups, Homepage Changing, Browser Hijack
11% of Users have "FunwebProducts" Spyware installed

E-Mail Login to from Africa or any Russian-Speaking Countries may cause a Profile to be deleted instantly.

she created a few over and over trying to create an account and used the same email address over and over again.

She likely spent too much Time creating her Profile and was logged out after 15 Minutes.

Non-standard or bogus E-Mail Address Suffix' are blocked, such as

Stuff such as .info, .care or is no good, as are many Special Characters in E-Mail Addresses, and will be rejected.

Related Links »E-Mail: Domain Word Filters

Further, you cannot create a new Account with an E-Mail Address already registered under another User Name. Its also recommended you don't use a previous Password either.

Have her try again, using another standard E-Addy and register the new Account quickly, then go back later to Edit Registration and Edit Profile to make any Changes or Edits.

The Second Part of Registration should be completed at the same Time too, otherwise Forum Posting related Problems could show up in the near Future.

Also do not opt to use the same POF User Name as that of your Online E-Mail Address. Use a different Name altogether to prevent Spammers & Scammers from "harvesting" your Personal Infos from the Internet.

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Plentyoffish: Stolen identity from POF posted on Myspace
Acquiring E-Mail Addresses is standard Scammer Protocol

Profile Content

  • You must have a Minimum of 190 (Spaces are not counted) ASCII (Plain Text) Letters or Characters in the About Me Form Field of your Profile, and no more
    than 6,850 (including Spaces) for your entire Profile.

    It also cannot contain more than ...

  • A maximum of 18 consecutive "Periods" »» ..................
  • A maximum of 5 consecutive "Greater Than Signs" »» > > > > >
  • A maximum of 12 consecutive "Question Marks" »» ????????????

  • Do not enter any Telephone Numbers, or anything else that the Spam Filter may construe as a Telephone Number. Do not use more than 6 Numbers together such as Dates (1998-2003) even if seperated by Dashes, Periods, Parenthesis, Commas, etc.

  • Do not use Banking Terms, such as "Account", "Bank", "Transfer", Profanities or sexual Terms, the Names of Hosting Sites, Names of certain blocked Countries such as Nigeria, India, Russia, or anything else that could reasonably be expected to catch the Eye of the Site's Spam/Scam Filters.

  • Do not use the ---> @ Symbol, non-resolvable Character Encodings, Unicode, Chinese or anything else the System Filter does not recognize in your Profile or Messages.

  • You have not only composed and copied the Body of your ASCII (Plain Text) Message from your Text Editor into your Profile, but also your Text Editor's unrecognized, non-standard Formatting, Document Markup Languages or Control Characters. Use another Editor or don't use/turn off its formatting Functions.

  • No User Name may be chosen that is similar to that of any existing Administrator or Moderator. Further, no User Names of any Celebrity, Copyright, Trademark, Weblink, E-Mail Address or Spam Names. That means no "James Bond", "Toyota", "Big Mac", "", "" or "Geocities Facebook", etc.

  • Do not enter any false, racist, offensive or incomplete Information, nor any illegal Material or Activities into your Profile such as "Drugs", "Rape", "Murder", etc.

  • Do not enter HTML Links, Java Code or E-Mail Addresses.

  • Make sure your Browser's Options/Preferences are correct, Securities set properly, Cookies enabled and not corrupt, no Firewall Blocks, etc.

  • You have failed to abide by the Terms of Service/User Agreement such as having made Multiple Accounts; attempts to bypass User Contact Restrictions; sending threatening, offensive or Spam Messages; nonsensical, libelous, offensive or illegal Profile Content/Images, etc. and have been banned from this Site.

  • The System wrongly identified you and deleted your Profile.

  • Another User has not E-Mail Logged out of their Plentyoffish Account from the same Computer using the same Browser, while you are registering a new Account

    Many of the above Points also apply to sending E-Mail Messages as illustrated in the Link below. Sending Spam, Profanities, Scam Letters, Banking Terminology, Bulk Mailings, Hosting Sites, Restricted Country Names, E-Mail Addresses, Weblinks, Malicious Code, etc. can certainly get your Account deleted on the Spot.

    Related Links:E-Mail: Contact Restrictions

    And if you are still not able to create an Account, then any of the above Non-Optimum Conditions exist, regardless what is emphatically ascertained to the Contrary, unless of course that User was previously banned, deleted and blocked from Site for Terms of Service/User Agreement Violations.

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    Profiles deleted. Why?
    POF is virtually Scam-Free
    Hosting Site/Spam Links
    Nigerian Inheritance Scam
    Scam Filters
    Spam/Scam Combinations

    (Rev. January 14, 2009)
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