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I wish I could attach a copy of all my class notes and textbooks to this thread (since this is right up my ally in terms of what I'm studying)

I'm not going to address bisexuality in the 'real world' - you can find answers to that anywhere.
I'll address homosexuality in prisons though (which yes, is also related to bisexuality)

Basically there's four main reasons women engage in homosexual behaviour in prison

1. Economic – which is related to unequal access to material goods. In prison, if you have money, you have status (often referred to as ‘canteen whores’). If you have money, you’ll be targeted by women who don’t. Even if you work, you’re not always given the same compensation
2. Loneliness – also relates to curiosity. Women are lonely and looking for companionship (use sex as a way to say ‘if I do this for you, be around me, do this for me so I’m not lonely) They feel a strong sense or need to belong (want to fit in)
3.Sincere – an actual sincere relationship (lesbian). Sincere couples are given a special status in prison. Most are together for a long period of time (doing longer sentences). If they’re released, they continue their relationship outside of prison.
4. Players – just do it to play games, to mess with inmates heads, see if they can manipulate other inmates

There are also generally two 'types' of women in prison who are involved in sexual relations:

1.Lesbians and ‘studs’ – appear more masculine (even though they might not be a homosexual). If you are an identified lesbian when you enter prison, you are required to be a stud (most prisons have a low supply of studs in prison)
2.Femmes – most women prefer to play this role. These are the ones that attack the studs (more sexually aggressive). If they make advances towards a stud, the stud is not allowed to object

A lot of aggressors (femmes) leave prison and become lesbians, or continue homosexual acts/relations – a lot of women were abused by men previously or forced into crime by men and often don't want to return to them. After they’re introduced to it in prison, they find the experience more pleasurable.

Who's statistically more likely to engage in homosexual behaviour?

1. Younger and unmarried women
2. Women with higher levels of education (typically, my generation of women are obtaining a higher level of education than our mothers' generation)
3. Women from urban areas
4. Women with a history of previous incarceration

What causes women to engage or abstain from homosexual behaviour?

1. How many visits they have from family and friends (older women in prison are more likely to be visited by their children/husband)
2. How many friends they have in prison
3. How long their sentence is
4. How strong an attachment they have to the "inmate code"
5. Whether they're single or married
6. Whether they come from a rural or urban enviornment
7. How many children they have (If a woman has (a) child/ren, she's less likely to engage in homosexual behaviour because she doesn't want the negative stigma attached to her role as a mother)

So - it certainly *is not* because 'guys think it's hot'

Any questions?
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Bisexual Women in Prison
Posted: 3/27/2008 6:48:01 PM
So, maybe he should just look up and wait for the release dates ?
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Bisexual Women in Prison
Posted: 3/27/2008 9:52:36 PM
My take on the younger woman being "bisexual" is a look at that generation in society today and a look at the way communities of women used to be.

Women used to learn about sexuality from eachother many many years ago. Belly dance was an art that was never intended for men even though it is an erotic dance (it came from a conservitive culture!). It was a dance done for other women so show the young women would make good wives and mothers for the older women's sons. There is this natural attraction to other women because we look at eachother to learn about sensuality and our bodies. We want to touch and we want to nurture them. A long time ago there was no shame in this sort of natural attraction (this attraction is not sexual however).

In more recent history women's culture changed and it became inappropriate and wrong to look to other women to learn these things. The nonsexual attraction was still there but it was now taboo and disappeared from society atleast in the western nations. It also wasn't strong enough for there to be suffering from that state.

In the last couple decades we became sexually liberated and suddenly this attraction comes up again. It's confusing because what does it mean? "Omg, I'm attracted to women!" looking around our culture and the only models of women attracted to women is lesbians. This could be further perpetuated by porn and men thinking it's hot. The young girls determine they are not gay so they must be bisexual but they are in actuality just experiencing this natural curiousity about the female body from another woman.

For many women it is not a strong enough attraction (it's not a sexual one at it's core afterall) to allow them to serious persue anything. Some might try something sexual and realize it's not right (they were attracted but not ATTRACTED) which is sort of what happens when girls "expariment in college". A lot of the sexual situations are pushed by the guys and may not have occured naturally. Some might just realize they would never see anything happen with a woman and move on. Some might also learn enough about their senuality and sexuality through other means and they don't feel the need to look to other women for it anymore as they age. Some women just get too independant to think about women in community anymore.

I don't think it's a fad so much as something naturally different that has been unleashed but comes with no strong role models to show women how to direct that natural curiousity and that twists and contorts into everyone being bicurious. As the young women come into their own it becomes less of an issue in their lives and falls away. I think it's less about men and more about finding their femininity. I don't think it's a choice to impress boys - I think it goes much deeper than just impressing boys. The attraction just gets exploited and pushed a little bit further because of the men but it's not the cause per say.

That's also not to say there are not true bisexuals because there are some that are really bisexual at that age that are legitimately sexually attracted to both genders.
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Bisexual Women in Prison
Posted: 4/6/2009 1:35:45 AM
Well since Bonobos share like 98% of the same DNA as us and just like dogs have the innate sense to do what their breed has been doing for centurys, it's safe to say that IS NOT some fad or bull like that.

Kinsey looks like he was right.
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