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How exactly is she bullying you? Is she pushing you around and taking your lunch money, or is she just kind of a b!tch? Is she in a position that has official power over you?
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female bullies?
Posted: 2/6/2008 8:06:19 PM
its a shame ... I know all things should be equal...but it bothers me greatly.

My girls get bullied at school by girl bullies...

My neighbours son is in grade 9 and he is bullied by girls in high school...there is a gang of girls who are known as the Mean Girls...and their daily routine is to pick on the quiet kids...and to be loud and obnoxious to the other kids.

btw.. I know the mother of the head mean girl...and yes...a chip of the old block...nothing to do with genetics either...the girl and her sister are both is learned behaviour from what I have witnessed.... mothers superior attitude and very snobbish.....very spoiled attitude. I am very good friends with themothers family,..her brother in law and sister in law... I know her well.

it pisses me off so much...somehow the administrators feel that the boys should be able to confront them and to brave it let it roll... I think it is wrong...these same bullies go out into the world and are the bullies that we deal with in post work... it is wrong. They need to be disciplined early on and make an example of....told it needs to stop..there needs to be consequences... I have seen extremes to the dropping out of school.
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Posted: 9/19/2017 5:11:37 PM
I am surprised that this topic has such little traffic here.

Bullying is a tremendous problem.

The same good employee can change over night if given power. Abe Lincoln said it best when he wrote that "Most men can stand adversity but you see the real character when you give a man power." (this is the essence of Abe's wisdom but not exact words.)

I am a teacher and it is disrutptive to learning when teachers use their position to intimidate students--- aka bullying them. I work with adult students and the professors, at times, behave as if the student is a bother, is not stuyding enough, etc.
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sorry, grammar nazi warning :)
Posted: 9/20/2017 7:38:49 AM
"I am surprised (that) this topic gets so little attention (has such little traffic) here"

>>>as someone posted above, there are different varieties of bullies, and so that means a variety of ways to handle/defuse them. Not to mention, some of the people not posting about the subject, are bullies themselves, so it would require some self-reflection on their part :) There was a book a while back, the no a-hole rule, about how much it cost business to put up with jerks in the workplace. You might think telling business a problem costs money, might finally get their attention.

In a broader view, social groupings like schools and workplaces suffer from people bringing in their problems to work on. Sucking up to the boss, building their own little fiefdom, not telling anyone how to do their job so as to make themselves irreplaceable, and a variety of ways to express insecurity...society might progress faster if it could convince people to solve their issues at home, on their time. And yes, there are professors out there who personify the old insult, "those who can, do...". Tenure saves them from the reckoning :)

To answer the original question...first begin with the HR dept, its why it exists. Second would be to do internet research, ID the bully type by behavior, and see what experts suggest for a coping mechanism. After that....
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