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fridge locks, and those who get by them....Page 1 of 1    
A gate is a good idea so that he can't get into the kitchen and get into things. Perhaps put the drinks in the top so he can't easily access them? They have a locking strap that you clip on/off that is supposedly hard for kids to open up. But I don't know how the adhesive tape would work with the surface of the refrigerator

Another suggestion is if he you hear him go int he fridge to correct him not to go there when you're not there, do that repeatively and purhaps he'll eventually stop.
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fridge locks, and those who get by them....
Posted: 2/13/2008 7:46:16 PM
Ha, oh gosh. I got a fridge lock and my son just pried the door open and the thing popped right off... lol
I just kept going rounds and rounds with him. I'd go to the bathroom and come out and have to clean a dozen eggs off the floor, take a shower and have to clean up a bottle of ketchup (nice babysitting dad). It was ridiculous. Finally after FOREVER and many many time outs and major frustration on my part, he just stopped.

BUT, after an incident where I got stuck on the pot for you know, things not coming out easily, I came out and discovered my 3 year old missing from the apartment. He'd gone out the sliding glass door, found a way to unlock the chain on the gate, and I was screaming down the street trying to find him. A woman brought him to me, freezing, butt naked. I flipped.
Got a slew of those extremely loud things from the dollar store... lol Now he refuses to open the sliding glass door unless I prove to him it's off. He hates the noise.

You might have some success with that! They work by letting out an extremely loud high pitched noise when they are separated without being turned off. Magic, I'm telling you. If the fridge issue hadn't already been solved by him simply stopping one day, I bet you anything it would have worked.
Joined: 1/14/2008
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fridge locks, and those who get by them....
Posted: 2/14/2008 1:04:40 PM
WOW....that is nuts... my kids never did those things... maybe it is a boy thing... .my sisters kids were lil Houdinis....twin boys.

I have no idea how they climbed up onto a 8' high shelfing unit... it was frightening...and they would go in and out of the fridge all day.. she was unconcerned...drove ther rest of us out of control.

now.. I think the personal alarm system is a great of those ones you keep on hand when the string on the handle is detached from the unit the alarm goes off and makes a whole lot of noise. They are fairly inexpensive.
Attach it to your fridge lock somehow.... so when ..or if the door opens...the alarm goes off.
Personal Alarms. Try it.
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fridge locks, and those who get by them....
Posted: 2/18/2008 3:53:13 PM
Why not try putting things on the bottom shelf that he can have?

If he uses sippy cups, make sure there is always one within easy reach that is ready to go and see if that stops the problem.

If you put the stuff you don't want him in up high and he still goes for it, you know that he is having an issue with getting into stuff he is not supposed to, which you will be dealing with until he leaves home, lol.

If the problem persists and you know someone that is handy, you can put a lock that has a key on the fridge like you see on some freezers. Mine seem incapable of following rules about drinks out of the kitchen and staying away from my Mountain Dew, etc. so I have considered making sure there is a lock on the next one I buy, and mine are 9, 13, and 16.
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