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I'm with Sling. I think these are women that would likely want to talk to you anyway but feel less foolish starting a conversation becasue of your daughter. That way if you are obviously not interested, they don't feel like an idiot.

As long as you know you are not using her, that is pretty much all that matters.
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Dads that use there kids
Posted: 2/14/2008 4:15:54 AM
I've been rackin my brains with the same thoughts

My 6 y.o. daughter is the world'sBIGGEST extrovert, and is small/cute and can't be taken ANYWHERE without women all over her..
When a nice one seems to make the "Do List" I throw in a comment as they are just rolling in conversation...

"Hey, you want to take her to Chuck E cheese this weekend??" I'll drive and chaperone "

Goes nowhere fast...

Funny, might just be "YOUR" kid... This summer on a couple POF dates at the amusment parks... While she would wait at the exit(too small to ride) while we (date and I)would go on the ride. At the exit Moms and also Dads (also waiting) would praise how behaved...polite..etc etc great our kid was.. At times my date would get this wonderful comments how she must be such a GREAT mom...LOL

I don't use her for getting dates, but I do like to take her when bidding jobs Also getting checks I seem to get more tips when she is
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Dads that use there kids
Posted: 2/14/2008 6:05:52 PM
Okay, some of us need to pull the nails from their feet and hands, and hop down from their cross.

First, you took your child on dates (early on, it seems) with you. Sorry - that's just not cool.

Ummmm, it's an amusment park / fun family day , duh NOT The Leather & Lube $99 No-tell Motel.

Second, your child was too small to ride the rides and you LEFT her *unattended* by the ride exit so you and your "date" could ride? Are you KIDDING me?!

Again, Duh??? At 6 as mature as she is she's still not 48" or 54" tall, and yes can cross through the ride and wait for the 45-70 second ride just 5-10 feet where everyone who rides, sits their camcorders/purses/cameras/bags/etc etc etc . in view of upwards of 1/2 dozen staff and other adults to chicken shtye to ride with their kids where they wait...

Hummmmmm only minutes away from , and seems you never been to hershey park
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