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Joined: 8/12/2007
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?Page 1 of 1    
Anyone experienced that or has any good knowledge?
I found a reference online not too long ago, started goggling and found some info.
There is also a book but not sure if i want to invest.

Expanded Orgasm is the art and science of expanding both sensual awareness and consciousness through giving and receiving genital stimulation.
The expansion of pleasure that this brings is enormous. A ‘traditional’ orgasm last for about 30 seconds. You can be in an orgasmic state for 30 or 40 minutes or even longer.
Expanded Orgasm is a safe-sex technique; no penetration or oral sex is involved.,32464.asp

I dunno, 40 min or longer, sounds scary to me (and who has time to orgasm that long lol), no penetration sounds boring

What you think??
Joined: 1/29/2008
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 2/25/2008 8:59:59 PM
It sounds interesting. I doubt that it's for everybody, though; there are some out there that wouldn't have the patience. Personally, though, I'd like to know what the multiple orgasms can feel like. ;)

That said, I agree with you; 40 minutes sounds a bit... overwhelming.
Joined: 6/29/2007
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 2/25/2008 10:10:35 PM
Im googling this right NOW................: )
I have 40 mins in the day........ can't think of anything else id rather be doing,LOL.....
 chitown gal
Joined: 7/17/2007
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 2/25/2008 10:47:15 PM
No, I've never experienced it. But it sounds interesting. 30 to 40 min. does seem a bit too long 20min would be more tolerable. My ex was a great lover, after a while having sex even though pleasurable can become torturous. I'd be interested in hearing more about this, does not sound boring to me at all. It sounds a bit like Tantric Sex like some of the Asian Indians practive. I could be wrong.
Joined: 1/29/2007
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 2/25/2008 10:51:15 PM
I feel relatively confident saying I don’t have the patience to do this. I meditate regularly but I think focus would be an issue for me. I mean a statue of a small fat man in one thing a living breathing beautiful naked women is quite something else. Of course I am willing to put it to the test.
Joined: 1/9/2008
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 2/25/2008 11:13:14 PM
I personally haven't, but have brought it on... it's a friggin' beautiful thing - but then again, I derive my pleasure from the pleasure of my partner... the more she has, the longer, the better, oh.... the SO much hotter I get as a result....
Joined: 8/12/2007
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 2/25/2008 11:40:33 PM
For those who are interested there is also Extended orgasm.
"Extended orgasm is a single orgasm that maintains the level of pleasurable sensation at climax over a period of time. The climax is often rounded or flat like a plateau. There’s no limit in length of time; however, one does need to build up the length of extended orgasm. With practice, many people plateau for an hour or more."
Sounds like fun too
And yes I think they are some forms of Tantric Sex.
 Bonita fish
Joined: 8/22/2007
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 2/25/2008 11:51:07 PM
Multiples could be called expanded because once you are there, there are only little dips between the next and the next. 30 minutes though? hmmmm...
Joined: 8/12/2007
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 2/26/2008 12:04:48 AM
no bonita, its something else, multiple is multiple.

Different Types of Orgasms:

-Regular Orgasm
An orgasm in which climax is the goal. The climax is usually a series of ten to twelve contractions over several seconds. This climax is commonly called "going over the edge." The climax feels extremely good, though brief, and there is often a physical and mental letdown period immediately afterwards. It can be an effective tension release, and, of course, it can create a sense of bonding with your partner.

-Multiple Orgasm
Multiple orgasms are a series of regular orgasms experienced over a short period of time. Usually there is only a partial letdown after each orgasm or climax, before climbing up again, to go over another peak. The peaks remain at about the same level of intensity.

-Extended Orgasm
-Expanded Orgasm
Joined: 2/19/2008
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 2/26/2008 11:29:25 AM
Hello Polka dot

I am not sureabout expanded orgasm. Multiple after another after another with little or no time inbetween is something I have experienced with a lover (lasting maybe 12-13 minutes and it was pretty intense)and I have helped my partner to orgasm through words touching. I don't know about 30-40 minutes.....

I am sure the Kama Sutra and tantric sex can get you into this heightened state and that is somewhere you might want to look.
 Angel With Sin
Joined: 12/15/2007
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Expanded orgasm - anyone experienced?
Posted: 3/8/2008 11:40:48 AM
This is such an easy one to nail! Pardon the pun..however I just posted on this very same subject, so check my forum threads. However for those who dont understand that, allow me to graciously point you in the right direction.
It is very easy reading, and will answer and address all the questions that BOTH men and women have about NON-PENERATION orgasm's, being multi-orgasmic for both men and women, and how to manipulate your body to do what YOU want it to do.
Please, once you have visited this site, share it, pay it forward! This is an awesome site and I assure you that you wont be disponted.

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