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That is sad for her to think about that and to hear about it. Have you thought you should get a big sister for her like the big sis/big bro group? Have her join girl scouts so she can interact more with girls her age.
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My daughters' thoughts...
Posted: 3/9/2008 10:53:40 PM
Ahhhh, she's a sensitive tender heart. She sees what others have, and feels as though she is missing out.

Children these days are very often so much more indepth, and sensitive to their existance and connection with others than generations past.

I was at a bead store, and my 11 yr old son was explaining to the store clerk the belief process of Buddah... MIND YOU, I have NOT personally studied Buddah or anything like that, however he has been exposed, and it has touch something in his being.

What you are dealing with is the feeling of NOT being able to immediately fix a pain you feel your child having. It makes you feel powerless, and that is normal.

However as suggested by another poster it is good to make sure she gets out with other children, seems like girl scouts, or some sort of extra activity group to make sure she is around people to find some positive connections.

Also you can explain that we don't know what the future brings, and even though sometimes it is hard, to try and focus on what things are today, and enjoy them.

She will grow out of the desire to have a sibling, LOL, probably about the time you have another one....

Just love her, and assure her that life is going to work out the way it is supposed to.
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My daughters' thoughts...
Posted: 3/10/2008 1:34:31 PM
N*love, I think your daughter is probably pretty ok.. No offense to "Heathenistic", I am more than quick to take anyone to a counselor if their situation seems that of deep depression sadness, or something dangerous for their mental well being. However I think your little one is a "sensitive" which is actually a very good quality. She will say things so deep and intense it will almost scare you, so might try getting used to it. I know, I have kids that do these kinds of things.

I am guessing it is the human species advancing in their brain development. Reason I say this, is because I notice that with adult sensitives they are more aware of things.

My oldest was very sensitive to the fact she didn't have a dad like the other kids. Of course she kept that secret from me, because she thought it would bother me, which it was fine to talk about.

Being different from other kids, brings "sensitives" to these realizations that goes beyond just feeling different.

It sounds like you are doing a good job, and all you can really do is assure her she's ok.

If you haven't already done so, see if she's depressed or sad at school, and if not. It seems like something she and you will work through...

Good luck.
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