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I think it is a no-brainer. Of course DNA stores memory and passes it down through heredity.

How else to explain INSTINCT?

When I was 28 years old I was walking through an old neighbourhood that my father grew up in. I was with my then wife and I had never been in this neighbourhood in my entire life. We were about two streets away from my father's old house and things started to become very familiar too me. All the houses were way up in a hill from the street and had large stairways from the street to reach them. I told my wife that one of these stairways does not lead up to a house, but rather ir passes between two houses and leads to a park where I have a memory of running up these stairs with skates tied and swinging over my shoulders

Very soon we came upon stairs that did exactly that. We walked up the stairs (about 40 stairs) and at the top there was a walkway that lead to a dead end street. Following this about half a block later there was a huge park. But no skating rink.

A few weeks later I mentioned my experience to my father and he told me the name of the park, and indeed, back when he was a kid there was an outdoor skating rink in that park.......and he had indeed climbed those stairs to that park all through his childhood as it was a shortcut to the park from his home.

This doesn't 'prove' anything. It doesn't even mean that my father passed the memory down to me through DNA. But for me it's real. It did happen to me.
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Genetic Memory
Posted: 5/16/2008 11:19:11 AM
Memories of our predecessors?

What if they're memories of our past lives?
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