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I've always been told that you can't re-freeze things. I have some pasta sauce that I made last week and froze. I took it out tonight to make ravioli. So if I make ravioli plates to put in the freezer, is that okay? It would be the second time the sauce was frozen. I still have lots of sauce left. I probably should have frozen it in smaller containers.
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Is re-freezing safe?
Posted: 4/9/2008 6:14:38 PM
..I think you'll be okay...most of the problem with re-freezing has to do with the water content of an item...sometimes it gets dried out on the second freezing. This shouldn't be a problem with a pasta sauce. As far as food safety...if you follow proper thawing techniques..and refreeze immediately...there shouldn't be any problem there either. You eventually will re-heat the pasta if there is some bacterial'll have a bit of a safety net there too.
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Is re-freezing safe?
Posted: 4/9/2008 7:15:10 PM
I think you should be ok. Tis only pasta sauce. If it was meat I would have to say definately not though. Somehow I just can't think about doin that
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Is re-freezing safe?
Posted: 4/9/2008 7:44:35 PM
Refreezing raw meat can allow harmful bacteria to develop. Strange but apparently true.

If you cook the meat just before freezing it, it should be OK. If you thaw the cooked meat and want to refreeze it a second time, bring it up to at least 150F internal temp at least once before you freeze it again.

Generally speaking, if you want to stop something with animal products in it from spoiling in cold storage after you've let it thaw, you have to heat it up enough to kill the bugs that have grown on it while it was out.

So, that container of chicken soup? You can thaw and refreeze it as many times as you want as long as you bring it to a boil between each freeze cycle.
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Is re-freezing safe?
Posted: 4/9/2008 8:10:03 PM
Rule of thumb for refreezing foods

Occasionally, frozen foods are partially or completely thawed because of delays in getting them into the freezer, a power outage, or a change of plans for cooking the food.

The basis for safety in refreezing foods is the temperature at which you held thawed foods, and how long you held them after thawing. Look closely at frozen foods you thawed partially to determine if they can be safety refrozen. Completely thawed meats must be cooked before refreezing.

Foods may be safely refrozen if they still contain ice crystals. Put the packages in the coldest part of the freezer, mark them and use them within two or three months.

If a food is completely thawed, but still cold, and refrigerator temperature (34 - 40 degrees F.), move to the refrigerator and use it within two days. Do not refreeze.

If food is completely thawed, warmed to room temperature or left out of the refrigerator for more than two hours, throw the food out for safety's sake. These principles apply to meat, poultry, shellfish, some vegetables and cooked foods.

Many vegetables are safe to refreeze. However, they lose much of their texture, flavor and appearance even if ice crystals are present in the package. You may want to cook the thawed vegetables and eat them right away or add to soup or stew later.

If the entire freezer has partially thawed it may be necessary to ask friends or neighbors to refreeze some food packages for you. A freezer can only refreeze 1 or 2 pint packages per cubic foot per 24 hours. Refreezing smaller amounts of food insures that the food refroze safely and with the smallest amount of added ice crystals forming.

Thawed fruit and fruit juice concentrates can be refrozen if they taste and smell good. These foods ferment as they spoil, so check for "off" flavor. Since thawed fruits suffer in appearance, flavor and texture from refreezing, you may want to make them into jam instead.

You can cook and eat thawed but still cold food mixtures like casseroles, pot pies, frozen dinners, or pizzas but do not refreeze them.

Do not refreeze ice cream and similar frozen desserts. You can safely refreeze breads, cookies and similar bakery items. However, the end product is likely to be a drier, lower quality product.

In making decisions about refreezing foods, always consider safety first. Then consider the loss of quality. With some foods, the loss of quality may be so great that it's not worth refreezing them.
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Is re-freezing safe?
Posted: 4/10/2008 5:00:32 PM
..I have a link that should be right up the OP's alley...It is from Cook's Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen..and cites USDA findings.
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Is re-freezing safe?
Posted: 4/10/2008 7:11:37 PM
Personally, I know it can be done but I don't do it myself.
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