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I would just like some people's opinions. I'm in the middle of obtaining my accounting degree and have been bashed over and over again about it. Accountants are miserable, boring and unattractive. Acountants don't take days off, yet they have no job satisfaction. I was at the comedy club the other night and after about 10 minutes of the comedian shooting accounting jokes at me, the people at the next table hollered over, "DON'T DO IT! TURN AROUND NOW!" As I understand this is all in good fun, why the negative views towards accounting and accountants. Are there no down to earth, fun accountants that like their jobs? There must be! Help me out guys if you're out there.

xxx Optimistic Accountant xxx
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 4/28/2008 3:44:49 PM
well i've never heard anyone say.. man this party is lame.. what we need is some accountants!!!

there like any one else. my brother is married to one and we have a good time when we all go places. although she dose have him on an allowance
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 4/28/2008 3:48:51 PM
People who say that to you are being negative and you shouldn't listen to them

I would love to have a skill like that - I think it's great!

Btw, if they ask you to do their taxes later, tell them No!

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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 4/28/2008 5:43:42 PM
It's great that you have that skill, and it's a needed one. Nothing wrong with it at all.

I'm just the type that would go insane if I had to so it, as a full time job. That's just a personal thing, and I mean no insult towards it.

The funniest thing I saw lately was a public campaign here in Quebec to push young people into being CPA's , which are a resource we need to focus on. There's nothing wrong with THAT either.

It's just that they made accounting look like a "Mission Impossible" , or "Charlie's Angels" type of thing with their ads featuring young people who were studying it.

It reminded me a bit of that sketch in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" , where the office morphs into a pirate ship.
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 5/7/2008 1:42:16 AM
Well for starters I am an accountant and have at least above average ratings on my pics...think is near a 7 right now. Never had trouble getting dates....Joking about #'s just gives a comedian creative fresh material...all occupations are targets to a comedian...they just wanna get a few laughs.

Have been in accounting for 14 years. I am a reserved person to strangers sometimes, but I am definitely a happy person these you can say you know at least one that is not miserable....Now as far as smiling about the work? In all honestly work is work. If it was fun it wouldn't be called work...Accounting is a no-nonsense occupation and sometimes there is no glory in it...We prepare the #'s that are used in many corporate meetings however we get no credit....There is no big party at the end of the fiscal year praising the accountants for getting the #'s out...Usually all the company managers are patted on the back for their efforts...So if you choose this occupation you can't go into it expecting to be in the lime light...Preparation of the comapny or business #'s is a big reponsibility b/c they must be accurate. Managers take that information and make decision based on it. We are just the "scorekeepers" sometimes. Being an accountant is not an occupation that involves pleasing people...the bottom line is just get the #'s accurate. If you compare an occupation like sales to accounting that would be comparing apples to don't have to "sell" accounting....Selling involves many other talents that is not needed in accounting....all you gotta do in accounting is get the #'s right....Sometimes the only people you deal with are people internally in a company or small business depends on the u don't really gotta be a people person; just have decent communcation skills...many introverts thrive in this occupation

So you must have realisitic views of this occupation...It is one of those necessary occupation where you can always find work and the pay is usually good.

The economy is tough these days and that effects the accounting field and many occupations tremendously....Many companies will try to get "2 for the price of 1" in this occupation these day to cut costs. What I mean by that is it is "trendy" these days for big companies to see just how much work they can pile on an accountant. If they can get the work of 2 accountants out of 1 accountant...they save big that may be why you see many accountants running around weary and tired and perceived as miserable (we are weary often)....It is a stressful occupation due to the workload. I've been a victim of the "2 for the price of 1" game myself... Didn't work on me though b/c I quit and got a new and better job.... A smart accountant always knows they are needed and can find work just about
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 5/7/2008 1:52:57 AM
MinimalEcho totally agree....accounting can drive ya to drinking for After you've met your is time to collapse!!!
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 5/7/2008 2:30:43 AM
Brain work is better than back work.
Accounting type people tend to be much more educated and worldly.
You'd be surprised at what accountants do after hours.
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 5/7/2008 8:32:38 PM
Those people bashing you are nuts, we could take any job and find all the shit
that's wrong with it. Accounting is the laugage of business... It makes us better potenchal business owners, better investors, we get access to information others are left in the dark about. The truth is, if it's your dream, no one has the right to try and stop you.
Joined: 5/21/2008
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 7/28/2008 9:13:49 AM
I like accountants - I never understand what the problem is with this group being maligned.
Joined: 11/27/2007
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 7/28/2008 9:15:32 PM

Accountants are miserable, boring and unattractive.

What I want to know is who told your friends where I work? I'm kidding. I love my job.
Joined: 5/12/2008
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 7/29/2008 9:05:28 AM
Accounting is certainly not for everyone.
I certainly could not envision myself being happy to do it as a career.

But it depends on the person.
If you feel that type of work would suit you, and you know you would enjoy doing it, then don't listen to other people.
Just because it's a career that many of them would not enjoy doing, doesn't mean that those people are able to tell you what you would enjoy doing for a career.
 Frau Blücher
Joined: 8/27/2006
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 7/29/2008 5:37:22 PM

Official shanty of the Permanent Assurance Company

I beg to differ. It is the “Crimson Permanent Assurance” and the lyrics are…

It's fun to charter an accountant
And sail the wide accountancy,
To find, explore the funds offshore
And skirt the shoals of bankruptcy!
It can be manly in insurance.
We'll up your premium semi-annually.
It's all tax deductible.
We're fairly incorruptible,
We're sailing on the wide accountancy!

Scribble away and balance the books!

(Sorry, but I am a HUGE Monty Python and Eric Idle fan)

As far as accountancy being filled with boring people, piffle. Another stereotype. I have worked as an accountant before, and the knowledge I gained helped me to forge a greater understanding of business and gives me an edge in my career as a financial analyst in program controls. IMO, boring people are boring; it has nothing to do with your profession.
Joined: 12/9/2007
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 7/30/2008 7:28:36 AM
OP, I'd get a mentor during an internship while you are in a formal program. Alot of companies utilize these programs as a recruitment tool providing access to executive management employees. They can provide information into what the day to day job functions are within a particular area in the field. I took accounting courses as part of a curriculum in college and I can say that there are several different specialities within the accounting field. Also after you complete your program you may or may not what to go the accounting route. I'd utilize a mentor and determine if they are boring or not.
Joined: 12/30/2006
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 7/30/2008 8:50:14 PM
OP - go for your designation, you will never regret it. I too am a designated accountant, practically all my life and it's an extremely creative, stimulating, lucrative field - I personally love it! Even to this day, I am always learning, constantly new opportunities - and you will be surprised what accountants do for fun.

The field is ever evolving, and allows you the flexibility to move almost anywhere in the world, especially if you end up working for an international company... lots of choices...

Also, at the end of the day, make sure it's something you enjoy, if not it can be very tedious. Also, as you continue to move up in the program, the courses continue to get tougher.. sacrifices will be need to made for a few years.. but than again the rest of the future is yours to do as you please.

And as for days off, well depends how high in your career you want to go, I made the choice to work long hours for several years, but the benefits were incredible and to this day enjoying the fruits. Will I change anything about the choices I made - No. At the end of the day, everything in life has a price, the question is how high a price you are willing to pay for what you want... sometimes the price is hard work, and several years of long hours.

Good luck with your studies.
Joined: 1/21/2007
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 8/7/2008 12:14:39 PM
Accountants always bring bad news it seems. So, they get poked at.
It is just a job.
Curtailing everyones lifestyle invites smarmy comments. Yes, curtailing lifestyles. You tell people what they are allowed to spend, to not overspend, etc, etc. People life far beyond their means in todays age, and accountants know this and try to make clients understand that, and that they have to make cuts in order to get their financial house in order.
Personally, I like accountants. down to earth, good hearted peoplr who are honestly trying to help.
Joined: 11/14/2008
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 12/22/2008 5:53:07 AM
Hey, we take all your mistakes and put them into nice neat columns.

People think accounting is boring, but to be honest, it's alot more interesting than many jobs. In accounting, you get to see how various companies work and what they do, compared to doing the same thing everyday (factory worker,manual labour, etc) where you just do your job and go home without any sense of betterment. Plus, the accounting field is always changing (example being the move to international accounting standards).

Accountants can be big partiers, at my last firm, we went to Niagara Falls and when the booze came, the party was fun.
Joined: 6/16/2007
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Are accountants really that bad?
Posted: 4/25/2017 11:31:40 AM
shoot, my accountant is an ex FBI sniper who's real life sounds like a RenMan post. He's a reminder that smart bad boys aren't the ones who see the inside of a jail cell.

Today on this rainy overcast day, the demonseed is...bureaucrats. I'm stuck between a company that wants a legal document that covers their ass, and a government bureaucrat that declares such paperwork does not exist. And she does it in her usual polite style that says, "if I can't understand what you are asking for, it has to be because you are inept so allow me to treat you like a child."

ah well, time for the end-run around them both. As the nuns used to teach in Catholic school, God may not give you exactly the solution you ask for, but you will get something. And that might require you to re-define what the problem is, just so you can force the solution to fit it.
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