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I've made up a story and a song to go with one of the characters. I hope you enjoy it.

I have come so far but I’m still not near,
I crossed the sea and now I’m here,
But I wonder how far I would go,
My journey’s not done and I’m so lost,
I wonder if my life will be the cost,
But I keep on going through rain and snow.
No matter what perils I see,
I will always go forward and not look back,
And when I am through, my foes will bow to me.

I am a wandering warrior with a great destiny,
And my travels will farther take me,
I have no troubles, I have no fear,
I am strong enough, that much is clear.

I’m a fighting force with a grin on her face,
I’ll leave no unturned stone and I’ll leave no trace,
I will laugh and laugh as I watch my enemies flee,
And my journey will take me across the sea.

I may live or I may die,
But I don’t know what’ll happen unless I try,
I have some hope, I also have fear,
But I will fight for the ones I hold dear.

Through winter and spring, I’ll plough on through,
But I know that my troubles are far from few,
Oh if only the violence would suddenly cease,
Then our world would be at peace.

Father, oh Father, if only you see,
All of the changes that have come over me,
You have my word, you have my love,
And I know you’re smiling from up above

My mind is made up and my spirits are high,
My confidence will take me through the sky,
I’ll journey into the monster’s lair,
And my courage will lead me there.
My courage will lead me there.
My courage will lead me there
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