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Joined: 9/11/2004
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Have you ever masturbated together with someone?
Joined: 5/31/2004
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Re: Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 9/19/2004 2:34:09 AM

Never even talked about masturbating in an experience context; just in the 3rd person.

We all do it, I think; even I will admit.

Joined: 9/11/2004
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Re: Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 9/20/2004 10:35:02 PM
So, maidendg, was it with woman or a man?
Joined: 12/27/2004
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Re: Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 5/5/2005 8:15:13 AM
There are internet sites for this especially for guys, jackinchat I think it's called. Anyone familiar with it?
Joined: 1/24/2006
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 7/23/2007 5:35:38 AM
do sporting events count? i mean when the ball went thru Buckner's legs and the mets won game 6, all 55,000 people watching had a fangasm...whew i still get hot thinking about it
Joined: 6/21/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 7/23/2007 5:43:35 AM
Nope. Never "daisy chained" with a group of self-pleasers. Or even helped out in a situation like that. Only one-on-one--or alone...
Joined: 2/2/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 7/23/2007 12:43:25 PM
yes!! it's great. I really enjoy masturbating with other people :)
Joined: 8/28/2005
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Re: Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 7/23/2007 5:20:59 PM
Many times, with my ex wife, but not others since. Makes for great foreplay.
Joined: 6/19/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 7/25/2007 2:46:14 AM
always alone, but I would love my girlfriends too
Joined: 5/24/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/1/2007 6:54:42 PM
I've done it with some of my partners and I love it, the thrill of it is awesome. I love watching it to. Ive done it over the net too. Don't know why, just enjoy it.
Joined: 6/30/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/4/2007 9:31:12 AM
Certainly not with anything that might be called a "group"!
Joined: 5/12/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/4/2007 7:51:00 PM
Sometimes watching how your partner touches himself and gets off, can be very eye opening.
I for one, have enough confidence in myself to be interested in "learning a few tips" rather than feel like "I'm not turning him on".
He has had ownership of the said equipment for longer than I've had "play rights" , so why not take the oppertunity and learn a little. It goes both ways too. Perhaps he isn't touching me quite the way I need him to do. A visual display has more impact than a verbal explaination anyday!! Getting off individually, while side by side,can be quite a turn on and for me, usually leads to "round 2" or perhaps "round 3 " .

Never tried the larger group thing, but it looks very exciting on the movies
Joined: 1/20/2006
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/18/2007 7:32:16 PM
Are you talking about "circle jerk" where everyone makes a circle and grabs the guy next to you or you talking group masterbation with all sexes?
Joined: 7/18/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/18/2007 8:41:44 PM
I have masturbated with both women and men......the men i was usually in sexual relationships with...the women, well two of them were just close friends(strictly platonic)...and we'd do it and talk about it...
Joined: 1/24/2006
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/19/2007 12:40:18 AM

Watching women play is erotic.
Joined: 1/7/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/19/2007 6:50:31 PM
[/We'd do it and talk about it] cjp78----I sure would like to be a mouse in the corner and hear that conversation. Did you talk about techinque or .....? You see I would really like to watch and hear but alas no go.
Joined: 5/12/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/23/2007 4:32:37 AM
I have masturbated with both women and men......the men i was usually in sexual relationships with...the women, well two of them were just close friends(strictly platonic)...and we'd do it and talk about it... now that sounds pretty dam intresting nevr tried that one before
Joined: 8/20/2006
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/23/2007 7:08:16 AM
i have to agree with the above post.if your easy with your partner,then this next level is all about communication and trust.that place you liked to be touched/stroked/licked maynot readily spring to their show/tell and enjoy the way it turns them on.

yes have done the more than one masterbation,has been a great turn on and very visually erotic.
Joined: 11/1/2006
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/23/2007 7:35:20 PM
Yes in person. Very intimate, very caring and very sensual.
 Just surfing
Joined: 9/27/2006
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/24/2007 8:01:42 AM
ya it can be alot of fun... of course its always better one on one but when that cant happen, its better than nothing... lol
Joined: 11/17/2006
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/24/2007 9:16:47 AM
Yes. But never in a group.

Joined: 8/8/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/24/2007 7:12:57 PM

^^ Never gone that far - I usually bathe after a dirty thought.
Besides, I've heard masturbation not only makes you go blind, but makes one vote Liberal.
Still - watching my special woman issue some self-abuse is damn hot.

Goddess I hope your joking around.

As to the thread. Yes I have with my g/fs it was damn fun and would of course lead to sex.
Joined: 5/12/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/25/2007 3:30:20 AM
imsuchadork ...........that was pretty dam hot !!!!!!!
Joined: 8/14/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 8/25/2007 3:59:49 AM
i think when men masturbate it looks ridiculous, so i would never do it unless it's something that the girl wanted to see (for some odd reason)

but i love watching girls do it
or laying beside them while they do
Joined: 8/11/2007
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Mutual/group masturbation
Posted: 9/5/2007 8:24:45 PM
Of course but not too many people unless you like for one person to be dominated in the group.
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