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All the things you mention could be due to teething.
But since you know there may have been exposure to a flu virus get her to a doc ASAP. At her age it could be very dangerous, and even though it is likely really nothing I am sure you will rest easier if you can have it confirmed that it is nothing to worry about.
Watch for dehydration mostly. And if it is a flu the antibiotics will be no help at all since they won't affect a virus.
Ya I know I'm just a dad not a mom, but please when in doubt have it checked out. This is how first time moms or dads learn after all.
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Questions For All Moms!
Posted: 5/11/2008 9:53:53 PM
Another tip for teething.......take a washcloth , or few, wet them.........then put in a freezer bag and freeze. When her mouth is bothering her, gi ve her a frozen washcloth . If she can sit in the tub, give an ice pop. Take out the camera and watch the funny faces as you also teach her about cold!!! If her ears are blocked, the doctor will usually watch that closely. Having all the symptoms of teething, if more severe, and constant crying , get checked. You can also freeze watermelon and supervise her sucking all the juices as it melts. I also used the frozen bagels.
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Questions For All Moms!
Posted: 5/16/2008 10:10:17 PM
Any doctor will tell you, teething and colds are not the same. colds= temp, cough, congestion, runny nose. Teething= irritabilty. Likely she is have both at the same time. But if the doctor has checked her for a cold, and he says "no" , then there isnt any.
As a mother of four, and a nurse, I found the best treatment to be a bit of tylenol for the discomfort, and a cold wet washcloth, that she can chew on, kinds of numbs and helps get those little teeth through the gumline.
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