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Joined: 5/8/2008
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Op, I don't think it's nice to use the word "slut", I find it alittle sleezy and inappropriate. It's like when a woman classifies a guy as a "frog" or calling a guy "scrub" or someone who is alittle different a "freak" or "cheap ass" etc.

Also I agree with a statement above that said "What is sexy/beautiful is geared to ones perception. What one person finds sexy, another person may not."
Joined: 12/16/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/11/2008 7:20:21 PM
*giggling* i LOVE the power of words & their ability to invoke such strong responses...
which is why i shall now add the word 'slut' to my list of favorite words (somewhere on the list after the dreaded C-word, the most powerful of all words to use around women)

that aside... i think sexiness is a matter of proximity. sometimes the most innocuous people turn out to be very sexy up close & personal. they have that "it" factor.
the inverse can hold true also. one of my good friends is very hot, sexy-looking... and then the poor dear opens her mouth... *sigh*

while i see what you mean about Meg, she does have girl next door/your best friends sister sort of wholesome looks, perhaps in person she is sexy as hell. maybe she has that "it" factor.
The slut factor
Posted: 5/11/2008 8:40:26 PM
Sexy and slutty are two entirely different things. Back in the "When Harry Met Sally" days, I had a bit of a crush on Meg Ryan, or at least the characters she played. And it was precisely because she was so wholesome and bright and bubbly that made her sexy in my opinion. There's a lot of truth in that old saying about a woman being a lady on the street and a whore behind closed doors. Isn't that the ideal for most guys? And didn't that diner scene prove that her character in that movie was sexy as hell, while still being cute?

Yes, there is definitely a point where you look at a woman and you think, "Hey, I'd love to see her naked.", and that is a necessary part of the attraction. But if ALL you want to do is see her naked, she's nothing more than an object, and not a real person to you.
Joined: 12/14/2003
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/11/2008 10:21:30 PM
I know where ya come'n from OP.. but unfortunatley now a days everything has to be "Politicaly correct" next time you might wanna use the word Sex appeal that might go over a little more easy LOL... But yeah your Meg Ryan's your Sandra Bullock's do lack the sexual look of that of a Angelina Jolie or a Jessica Alba... Very attractive women but they just lack that sex appeal. But I think Ludacris says it best " We wanna lady in the street but a freak in the bed" YEEAAA LOL
Joined: 9/18/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/11/2008 10:58:35 PM
I think a woman can be sexy without being typically beautiful. Attitude, confidence, the ability to be herself can all be part of sexiness. But it all lies in the eye of the beholder.
Joined: 9/18/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/11/2008 11:11:22 PM
Why is that weird??? I think you know what you want. Cute vs sexy for you doesn't sound like a debate at all.
Joined: 2/27/2008
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/12/2008 10:06:44 AM
First of all there is no formula; everyone is different.
I'm attracted to a very sweet person. Meg Ryan is not for me but I like a sweet person. Kind of like a Mira Sorvigno or Sandra Bullock. It's a turn on for me to be with a very sweet girl.
Joined: 3/30/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/12/2008 10:14:41 AM
The word "slut" in and of itself has only a negative, judgmental connotation to it. Everyone here has a history - what is the cut off for being a slut? 5 partners, 10 partners, 20 partners or 100 partners. To me the word has more to say about the user of it than whom it is directed towards.
Joined: 5/8/2008
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/12/2008 6:53:03 PM
i think men want the "slut" woman, and i'm not saying someone who is promiscuous but who they want to do it with them. for most men, a woman who is cute, pretty, attractive is not good enough for alot of men. she has to have a factor of showing skin or something in her clothing style etc. to make men want to do it with her. hence, women who look nice, pretty, wear frilly clothes, etc. dont turn men on. men get turned on by the leather, showing skin, etc.

I agree that men get turned on by their being more skin showing. The more skin that shows the better. It seems that the cute, pretty, attractive with nice beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile is not enough for most men anymore, it used to be, but not anymore. Now it just seems it's all about perfection, and if you are not perfect then you are "not good enough" to even be dating. Sad but it seems that way. Offcourse for men, being attractive, and pretty, feminine (having a broud, womanly, big well defined chest/breasts) is still a requirment and part of the "package", it seems there always needs to be more and something new on the scene to promote more sex appeal and hormone rockin for the guys. After all one of the things that they say influences a mans penis size, is how often and how much he gets turned on by the opposite sex and especially his own lady.

However....I still don't like the word "slut" as it is derogatory.
Joined: 8/11/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/12/2008 10:49:43 PM
I love the word "SLUT" It is blantant female sexuality that cant be ignored.

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is sexual to the point of "slutty" and I can't think of much that is more appealing and gratifying than a "Slutty" woman who wants only you.

Guys dream of them and stick up the arse inhibited women hate them.
Joined: 12/30/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/13/2008 4:05:22 AM
You make the mistake of not looking close enough. Meg may look 'wholesome' most of the time, but I'm guessing if she was interested in a fellow, her expression and attitude would have him all warm and tingly. Smart guys don't fall for the fake puffed-up lips and the massive false eyelashes; they look for the look in the eyes. They look past the blatant and seek the subtle.

You're also mistaking makeup for appearance. Have a boo at some beauties sans the several hours of work:

My brother-in-law was acknowledged by every woman I know to be hawt. They were all falling over themselves to chat him up at my wedding. I later got to know one of his girlfriends. She said he was a dud in the sack. Moral of the story; you can't tell what a person's like between the sheets just by looks. People who are sexually secure don't feel they have to advertise their wares blatantly.
Joined: 4/14/2008
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/13/2008 9:28:02 AM
personally, i enjoy the slut factor, if you wanna call itthat.....belief most woman view the word "slut" negatively...i think its fun...and dana u look like fun.....your cute
Joined: 4/14/2008
Msg: 39
The slut factor
Posted: 5/13/2008 9:36:21 PM
well, honestly i hear it most by woman , when they refer to another females whos enjoying themselves or b) when theyre trying to justify there sexual habits/ sayimg" i just dont have sex. i need a commitment/relationship/love becaause im not a me that just makes medo a as for men using the word derogatorily , most use it in anger,, when theyre angry at there partners, or in there social lifes, when theyre trying to drive home a point. ive made a mistake once, saying that to my ex gf, but meant it in agood way..just came out bad..but couldnt unring that bell!!!
Joined: 8/11/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/13/2008 9:54:03 PM

Hmmmm Provocative, Seductive, erotic, alluring, tantalizing......OK...Slutty? Oh hell naw.....
Confused here.... I dont believe that any woman would find being called slutty a good thing.


Melody, your pictures are definately slutty.

And D@MN girl you do them fine! KUDOS!
Joined: 8/29/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/13/2008 10:28:17 PM
I think we're still in the double standard here; a slut, to me anyway, is just a woman who freely enjoys having sex, and will have sex with anyone (even someone elses partner) without caring one way or another. She just loves sex. Men that don't like 'sluts' are simply annoyed that there is a woman can act as a lot of men do, and more often if she is attractive. Women hate her because she offers free and easy sex to their partners, and they want to keep their partners under their own control, which women do by withholding sex; they lose that measure of control if he can get sex elsewhere easily.
Me. I love sluts. I think they are wonderful. We need more sluts in the world, it would make it a better, more enjoyable place to live.
Joined: 1/21/2006
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/14/2008 7:10:34 PM
meg ryan must be beside herself, not being able to make it in the porn industry. sob, everyone can't have everything. how sad for her.... .....she is now limited to quality men who "do it" with real live women versus their computer every night. poor poor meg. erotica versus porn. fine dining versus mc donald's. ladies, hand me the popcorn please!
Joined: 5/20/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/15/2008 6:11:52 AM
the slutter a woman is the better .
Joined: 6/27/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/21/2008 2:26:49 AM
listen to the catman! women were made for sex..the rest is all filler...but, being to bring out her primal nature is an art, and like all arts , it is an art to think of nothing..
Joined: 8/6/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/21/2008 6:25:41 AM
There is a difference between sex appeal and slut factor, sex appeal has to do with how the woman feels about herself and her sexuality, i.e. confidence, slut factor has to do with how someone dresses and feels about themselves - and its not usually confidence.
Joined: 2/9/2008
Msg: 50
The slut factor
Posted: 5/21/2008 8:14:15 AM
Why do guys have to degrade women who enjoy sex?
I guess it's obvious that guys who tell other guys that a woman is a "slut" are more concerned with how the guys feel about them than the woman they had sex with.
Does that mean the woman they call a "slut" might be a vicar (substitute) for the men he brags to about it?
Could this be covert homosexuality?

Joined: 4/14/2008
Msg: 51
The slut factor
Posted: 5/21/2008 11:10:16 AM
Well, I enjoy lots of sex, I wouldnt sleep around but I really enjoy touching, kissing,and everything about sex..Some women may be called "sluts" or Whores" is there a difference???
Joined: 5/20/2008
Msg: 53
The slut factor
Posted: 5/23/2008 7:28:36 PM
I agree that she is cute but not sexy. She could be sexy with different facial expressions, body language and clothing, but I've never seen her appear sexy. Sexy is about energy, attitude and dynamics. A woman's sexual confidence and desire, her sexual openness and eagerness, can be seen in her facial expressions, the way her body moves, and her voice and use of language. I don't know that such things necessarily convey that she's a slut. No doubt many believe it's bad to be a slut or to be with one. Whatever definition one applies to "slut" I think the issue here is about the sexuality the woman projects about herself. I also agree that being sexy and being beautiful are at least somewhat independent. Somewhat, because anyone feels more sexy when appearing more attractive than otherwise. We also tend to have more appealing facial expressions and body language when sexually aroused or sexually satisfied.
Joined: 9/11/2007
Msg: 60
The slut factor
Posted: 5/27/2008 5:42:50 PM
Most guys I know classify me as cute, to the point where I sort of hate the word because I've personally equated it with meaning they're going to think of me as a little sister.
I'm classified as sexy sometimes, when I'm not trying to be. Or beautiful. I sincerely hope nobody has ever classified me as slutty because I'm very hard to get.
Joined: 8/11/2007
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The slut factor
Posted: 5/28/2008 4:54:01 AM

Pony tail... not sexy. Pony tail is a big flag that says leave me alone I'm busy doing something.


I consider a pony tail as a handle.
Joined: 9/11/2007
Msg: 63
The slut factor
Posted: 5/28/2008 11:14:14 AM
Ponytail for me means, "leave me alone, I'm PMSing."

But I wear my hair in braids morning times, simply to avoid having my hair turn into tumbleweed from the wind.
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