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Joined: 2/8/2008
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You have touched on so many things here.... where to even begin??
No... love never dies. Sometimes it changes..... sometimes it grows cold but that which is true never dies, else it wasnt really love, ya know?
Your thoughts..... the reminders of what is real, what is important, are so appreciated.

A persons death... someone you love. Her presence, her love, your love for her always remain with you somehow. I am sure you are not failing her now..... for she likely knows the things in your heart. Still.... your friends advice lacked something. Yes...there are times with one who is dying that it is good to just enjoy each others company as you usually do. But one who is dying rarely wnats those close to pretend. You can be honest with her...... Be authentic..... tell her all that she has meant to you....tell her you dont really know what to say at those times that you really dont and are afraid to bring up what is uncomfortable. Feel free to talk about how you will miss her. Whatever you do, dont be afraid to be you and express what is in your heart. Remember she is going on a journey.... and when people pretend that she is not, is more their own discomfort rather than that of the one who is going down that path. Feel free to go on that journey with her and you will likely come away with another precious that you can pull out whenever the sadness and the loss returns.

As to the faith of those of us who claim it. You are right..... so many who claim it rarely do indeed possess it. How I know that I often dont really trust He whose words I know to be true. The words that we speak with our mouths so often dont penetrate our very hearts or the way we live our lives, do they??? And yes, you are right, if we dont love ourselves..... if there is no love coming up from within us.....then how can we offer love to another??

Just some thoughts in response to all that you wrote. Thanks again for what you shared.... the reminder to remember the joys and be thankful....... to take out our little pouch of precious stones eacn and every day.

Good words for me as well, as I grieve the loss of a relationship that I had placed hope in.
It is good to write , isnt it??
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